Kickin’ it With Club Sports: Women’s Soccer

Kickin’ it With Club Sports: Women’s Soccer

I’m Riley Delbin and today we’re kicking
it with women’s club soccer. Hey everyone. I’m here with the Women’s Club soccer
team co-presidents, Ally Hendricks and Sam Farmer. Um, so tell us a little bit
about the women’s club soccer team. We play in the uh women’s league for– it’s called like
the W-Mask and it’s all throughout the Midwest. We play mostly in Michigan and
then two out of conference games we get to travel a bit usually have about half
home games half away. Um so I know this sounds kind of silly to a lot of people
are pretty familiar with soccer but will you just tell us like the basic rules
for those maybe who haven’t played before or anything that might be
different at the college level? You can’t use your hands so. We play um 11 V 11, so a full-sized field about 120 yards 30-minute halves — 45 when we are in season yeah. Depending on– like spring games whatever and then indoors a little different but yeah our fall is like
yeah so 40 45 minute. So fall it’s 45 minute halves. So you guys are traveling and competing
in the fall? Yes. Our spring season is just we play in an indoor league up in
Maumee and then we just kind of do this pickups every now and then see how many girls can come out. We mostly ask that people send us emails if they’re
interested. Anybody is more than welcome to come and drop in and play with us in
the spring so usually we’re at most of the involvement fairs, campus fest you
can always find us at a table there and we always have little flyers and emails
so it’s easier to reach us so we have like a Twitter and an Instagram and all that and Facebook
so we post a lot about games and whatnot Okay cool.
Do you know your handles off the top of your head? I wanna say bgwclubsoccer yeah okay. Okay, easy enough. What is your favorite thing about being a part of the
team? I think my favorite thing about being a part of this team is like it’s
super fun and it’s like the sport that I feel like all of us have like loved
forever. Yeah sure. Exactly what she said. It just still helps
to maintain– it’s more competitive than intramurals, and it made soccer fun again
you know? Yeah. So thank you so much for having us and talking to me, answering
some questions. So are you guys willing to show me a few moves for a little bit? Of course. Absolutely.
All right sounds good

Antonio Breitenberg

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