Keep the LINE Mixtape –  The Warmup

Keep the LINE Mixtape – The Warmup

Warning! These stunts were performed by professional skiers. Do not try to imitate this! LINE Skis’ Training Camp July, 2018 Coach: Keep The LINE, we are motivated Athletes: Keep The LINE, we are motivated Coach: This Summer we go skiing Athletes: This summer we go skiing Come on! Move your a**! You are nothing more than a bunch of soft eggs! I want to see you sweat like real men! Let’s go! Faster !! Ladame you’re late! COME ON! GO GO GO !!! Coach: I am very proud of you! You’ve entered this camp as huge pieces of cow dung and you’re still a huge bunch of idiots. But, despite everything, you are allowed to pursue your skiing passions for this season Athletes: Coach, thank you Coach! Coach: I wish you luck! Coach, thank you Coach! Hi guys! It’s Leo, I hope everything is alright with you ?! Sorry that I could not come to La Bresse with you, but I prepared the show and I know you will not be bored! It seems you are the kings of speed? Who will be the fastest? As the big winner of yesterday’s Switch race, I have a challenge for Toufik (Theo CP). “A human tail tap”. Thanks guys, that was cool! Until tomorrow! After that you will honor the traditions. I have a mission for you Tom, you will become a rock star! A great Vokuhila haircut! There is nothing better! I saved the best for the end, for you Bulbi (Tim Baud). You have to find the phone number of a girl and take her on a sled ride. Yo Anne !? It’s Tim, we met earlier. How about a little round eeehhh? Some Toboganning? Yes, some sledding! Call me back! Yo folks, we’ll just start … It’s a kicker! I am ready! Before you arrive, you jump! Kids you are going skiing! Show us your excitement! Let’s make the third episode of Keep the Line! You will only have one ski! FAST, you will be fast Let’s Go! Yeah! Going steady, steady! Oulala, going so fast! Romain Lambert with his Snowblades NEW WORLD RECORD SPEED SKIING ON SNOWBLADES 76.22mph. Yeaaaah! We are waiting for Quentin who is super motivated to hold the switch-skiing record. The target is 131 km/h (81,40 mph) 126 km/h (78mph) needs to go faster. We need latex! Let’s get down to business They call me Flash McQueen! His position is very perfect. Ok, I think he has good speed Oulala, he’s going very fast. He is close to the finish, and … 138,62 km/h (86 mph) NEW SWITCH SKIING SPEED WORLD RECORD So this is a World Record? Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Do you like bonfires? Angry Woman: ENOUGH NOW! You’re leaving the grounds now, or I’m calling the police, okay ?! Yes, you can laugh, laugh! I’m just doing my job, miss! Lake Annecy July 2019 Yeah Taillefer!! Not so bad here, right everyone? Totally! So nice that we can finally chill. No snow, no damn coach. Just the lake. It’s been too long. Did you see when the coach yells? He has such a big vein on his cheek, it is really scary. Coach: A bunch of fat, lazy asses! What are you doing there!? We have to produce the second season! Start, we start again. There is a lot to do !!! You are a zero. You are also a zero. You, you are fired. Rougeot, get back here!

Antonio Breitenberg

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19 thoughts on “Keep the LINE Mixtape – The Warmup

  1. SZM says:

    That’s fairly badass

  2. AlekzMRT says:

    Great vid, keep it up!!

  3. Kevin Bonstar says:

    Absolute gold🔥

  4. Downtime Media says:

    If only I spoke French

  5. Jeff Walker says:

    These guys are having fun haha

  6. Anastasia Brovkina says:

    My second language has come in handy, finally.

  7. EA Ski & Snowboard says:

    This is amazing

  8. Noah Hoefer says:

    Didn’t understand a word and that shit was still fire

  9. Probably says:

    This is absolutely killer, also if you don't speak french just use subtitles

  10. Gangplank says:

    PSA: there is english subtitles

  11. Jay says:

    This edit is so unique and I fucking love it!

  12. bouyo63 says:

    Vous êtes des grand barjot, continuez ….

  13. noah dommaschk says:


  14. Brian W says:

    gonna guess it was the ASAP Ferg track that was entirely not appropriate given the age range of probable viewers

  15. WET Nowtik says:

    Lourd cette épisode 🤘🏻.
    PS : RIP les semelles mais bon le fun avant tout 🤟🏻🤩

  16. Franco Balzani says:

    Capo Leo!

  17. stoy kerk says:

    English subtitles on if you wanna know what the heck they’re talking about.

  18. Swift SwIpEr says:

    ASAP ferg✅✅😀😀😀

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