Keanu Reeves on running, surfing, and skydiving in Point Break

Keanu Reeves on running, surfing, and skydiving in Point Break

Kathryn pushed everyone on the picture She wanted to put the audience there like what you’re reacting to in terms of
the intimacy, the presentness that audience feels in that chase sequence…
They used a tool which hadn’t really been used much at the time which was
called a PogoCam SteadiCam of course had been used for a while but this was like Pogo Cam so it was like a snorkel lens and then rolling film — but
it was just so that they could keep up because she wanted it at pace. You know oftentimes you’ll see people running in movies and it’s like, they’re running, you know,
they got to pretend to run, but like the background’s kind of going and she didn’t want that. She wanted people surfing, driving, flipping and running. And she really pushed the cinematographer and the crews. Like all the time, you know, like “Let’s go!” It’s amazing — It’s always lovely to see
Patrick Swayze. And he was really cool to me. You know he had such a great support,
being such an experienced action actor — and actor. He was really like, “Come on, Reeves! Let’s go!” I mean he was jumping out I mean he was jumping of airplanes, you know, during the course… I mean, because if you recall the picture You know at the end you see him doing
flips in the sky — and he really was Bodhi. He ended up getting all of the
guys who were part of the team — the bank robbers — and they were jumping out
of airplanes. So eventual ly the film company gave them a cease-and-desist order because Swayze had over 30 jumps while he’s making the movie! You know all the time I run into people
who are like “Point Break!” and I’m like Yeah it’s great. And they’re
like “Yeah, yeah, yeah, but that’s not what I meant!” And I’m like okay, what do you mean? “I started jumping out of airplanes because of Point Break.” “I started surfing because of Point Break.” You know, it really
changed people’s lives just like it did mine.

Antonio Breitenberg

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14 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves on running, surfing, and skydiving in Point Break

  1. Sergio Valencia says:

    keanu reeves excelente actor veo sus peliculas siempre

  2. bursaliid says:

    I can't wait to work with him ONE DAY! he's very talented

  3. leja basmayor says:

    He is very good at chasing…lol….a super runner😃😃😃😃

  4. Chad Bonsack says:

    one of my favorites

  5. Saff Michael says:

    Keanu is just a guy you root for. Such a decent, kind, & humble guy, you just hope his life is awesome.

  6. Nathan Matusek says:

    Keanu seems really cool.

  7. Ascanet says:

    time to rewatch point break

  8. jelardo says:

    Point break is possibly my favourite film ever.

  9. Mud Bug says:

    Keanu didn't really say how it changed his life

  10. djguy100 says:

    What dumb ass hollywood executive thought "I know, lets remake point break" The original is a brilliant movie and is an absolute classic. The remake was a modern piece of shit, all style and no substance.

  11. Lurgs says:

    Great find this. Patrick Swayze really was Bodhi. Of course Keanu never actually did any sky diving but never mind. Still the greatest movie of all time, hence my YouTube Profile Graphic.

  12. enoki says:

    Love you to the moon and back Keanu

  13. BoingTarash1960s says:

    Simply one of the coolest actors and films ever.

  14. Maverick says:

    Point Break is definitely my favorite Keanu Reeves Movie !!!

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