Kara Lang – Olympic Soccer Player Says She Doesn’t Miss Dairy At All

(calm piano music) – I hate the idea of young
kids watching the Olympics, watching their heroes, and in between the competitions being fed misinformation and lies telling them that in order to get there they have to drink milk. The ads that you see during the Olympics created by the dairy industry
to promote drinking milk to me are sad and disappointing. My name is Kara Lang Romero
and my sport is soccer. Probably the first major
career highlight would be playing in the Women’s World Cup in 2003. It was huge for me because I knew it was all over ESPN. That’s so memorable for me because we made it to the semi-finals and we ended up losing
in the last few minutes of the game of the semi-finals, but I just remember
feeling so close to going to the World Cup finals
at such a young age, was my motivation going forward for the rest of my career basically. I never forgot that moment. I grew up drinking cow’s milk. I come from a family of dairy farmers. You would think it
would’ve been hard for me to turn my back on it when I realized that it wasn’t the best thing for me, but once I stopped I didn’t miss it all. The biggest way that I
saw my performance change when I dropped dairy was in my recovery. I knew I felt like I had a lot of energy, but I think the biggest moment for me of validation was probably when I had a massage therapist who worked on me everyday for years before I cut out milk and then for years afterwards as well, and she said that she
could notice a difference just when she was treating me. She said there was less gunk for her to work through to get to my muscles and
to get my body flushed. Cow’s milk I think of something that’s for baby cows and this idea has never been more evident to me than after giving birth and
nursing my own child and having this perfect food that is meant for him
exactly, specifically him, not just any baby but this baby. I think I would wanna tell future potential Olympians that they should try something
other than cow’s milk, that it’s not necessary. In fact, ditching it
would actually help them. Switch for good means
for you, for your health, for the planet, for the animals. It means so many things to me. I made the switch for good. (piano music)

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