K2 Womens Vavavoom Snowboard 2012

K2 Womens Vavavoom Snowboard 2012

Hello, it’s Matt Guf here for The House Snowboard
Shop, and this is the Ladies Specific Vavavoom. It is a freestyle dream machine. You can get
revved and ready on this thing, and you can make the whole mountain your park with it.
It has the jib rocker baseline technology. 80 percent of the board’s base is going to
be flat, 20 percent of the board’s base is going to be rocker. It also has the jib-tip,
it’s great for those jibbers at heart out there. The jib-tip allows you to ride this
board 5 centimeters smaller than you normally would. It still has the same effective edge
as a normal board, but the nose and the tail have been reduced in size. That’s a good thing.
It does have a twin hyper-progressive shape, so the nose and the tail are going to be the
same shape, and the side-cut radius is actually going to be hyper-progressive. So that means
it’s going to be stable at high speeds and smooth at low speeds. It has a centered stance,
of course, and it has the women’s specific rhythm core. It’s a little bit lighter weight
woods that cause for a nice smooth flex. It has Biax Fiberglass that sandwiches the rhythm
core. The Fiberglass strands run in two different directions, at 90 degrees and at 0 degrees.
The base is the 2000 extruded base. It’s going to be very low maintenance, it’s going to
absorb wax well. It’s going to stay fast all season long and going to be very, very durable.
The edges are beveled at 3 degrees, or the base edge is beveled at 3 degrees. You won’t
catch up on rails, on wood, on basically ice or snow, or anywhere with these 3 degree base
bevels. Again, this is the Ladies Vavavoom, or the VVV or V with a 3 thing on top. Ladies,
check it out, it’s going to be a rad board for you.

Antonio Breitenberg

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