Justin Bieber Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Play Hockey

Justin Bieber Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Play Hockey

-Hey, guys. I’m here
with Justin Bieber, and we’re gonna play
some hockey, or as they call it
in Canada…? -Hockey. -Really?
-Yeah. -Okay, let’s do this. Why do we need all this stuff?
This is the dumbest thing. -So, imagine a puck,
which is like really hard, you know, it’s like what
a puck is, right? [ Chuckles ] Why do you look at me
so dumb? -Who’s your favorite
hockey player? -Probably Alexander Nordique. -He’s cool? -No, I just made him up. He’s not really a player. ♪♪ There you go. You’re all
dressed up, ready to go? -Yeah.
Actually, I’m not kidding. I have to go to the bathroom. I really do. -So, you’re gonna push off
with your right and then push this way. This way. Do you feel like
you’re getting it? -Oh, yeah.
Don’t you feel like it? Oh, no. I think I’m getting it.
I get it now. It’s like pizza, French fries,
pizza, French fries. -No, that’s skiing. So that has nothing to —
You keep going backwards. I don’t know why
you keep going — -That’s so weird. -So, you’re gonna go
red line, stop, blue line, stop, red line, stop, all the way down. Then all the way back. So go ahead. Go. [ Laughter ] Red line. Yeah. Stop. Alright, come back
to the blue line. [ Laughs ] Alright, stop. Yep. Then you go all the way down. All the way down. Stand up. -Just pull me. [ Laughter ] -Whoo! We made it. So, you’re gonna go in and out
of the pylons, go outside, inside,
outside, inside, outside. You got this. -Easy peasy.
Here we go, dudes. Yo, dudes, what’s up? [ Laughter ] Alright, Wait. I have an idea.
I have an idea. -Okay.
-Can you just stand here for one second? -Inside, outside.
Inside, outside. Inside, outside. -So, I’m gonna show you how to
do a simple backhand shot. -Why don’t we do
backhand shots and backhanded compliments,
okay? -Sure. Why not?
Have you lost weight? You look a lot better than
the last time I seen you. -I really like your mustache. I love that it’s not
quite skeevy. Alright, it’s shootout time. This is our goalie Rob.
We have five pucks. Whoever gets the most in wins. We’re going head-to-head,
stick-to-stick. -Don’t say that. -Head-to-head
or stick-to-stick? -Neither. [ Whistle blows ] [ Buzzer ] -Here comes the Irishman.
Here we go. Alright.
Ee-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo. Stay up, Jimmy.
Stay up and — Yeah! Oh, well… What you got, Justin? [ Buzzer ] Oh, my gosh. We’re rolling? Oh, we cut.
You’re over there. Cut. God dang it!
I still can’t score. Good luck. Oh! [ Laughs ] That’s gonna haunt
your dreams. ♪ Baby ♪ ♪ Shark doo-doo, doo-doo,
doo-doo ♪ ♪ Baby shark, doo-doo,
doo-doo, doo-doo ♪ ♪ Baby shark ♪ Baby shark! [ Whistle blows ] [ Buzzer ] Oh, my gosh! Oh! [ Laughs ] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
You are so good. -♪ O Canada ♪ ♪ Our home and native land ♪ ♪ True patriot love ♪ ♪ In all thy sons command ♪ -You are the best,
Justin Bieber! [ Cheers and applause ]

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Play Hockey

  1. Gabrielle Ross says:

    I can't wait to watch the full show.

  2. GoldenJaguar says:

    “who’s your favorite hockey player?”

    “probably Alexander Nordique”

    “he’s cool”

    “i just made him up”

    this is how boys talk to their crushes thinking they got game💀💀

  3. Flatheads Rebuked says:

    Jimmy: Head to head, stick to stick.

    Justin don’t say that.

    Me: Did some tip action just happen?

  4. Wanda Klotz says:

    As a Canadian I must say very impressive Justin🤾‍♂️

  5. Omer Farooq says:

    Yummy sucks! Sorry just wanna make sure Justin knows how much that shit stinks

  6. Ms Naida Co21 says:

    Happy to see JB

  7. MamaBoots1111 says:

    The Rangers must be so proud….lol 🏒

  8. Shaun L says:

    Um where’s the Jordan Binnington surprise appearance?…

  9. Chris Crepeau says:

    Whoever thinks he's good doesn't know hockey. Kid is a glorified bender with absolute trash skating mechanics.

  10. Philippe says:

    God damn it, he sang the "politically correct/Justin Trudeau approved national anthem… 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Katie Stewart says:

    Justin at 3:20

  12. Psycho Musician says:

    Score 0-3

  13. HarrysSin 1 says:

    "just pull me"

  14. bratprince11 says:

    Bieber rocking the Auston Matthews stache

  15. Shaw Farrow says:

    I see Justin being the owner of his own Hockey team one day!

  16. Bieber Pejoor says:


  17. henriquecarteado says:

    Indeed he is

  18. Joory Hassan says:

    We love justin bieber so much

  19. Edward Cullen says:

    I laughed the whole time and he really is the best now you guys should watch James Corden he’s gonna be on for a whole week… WHOS excited cause I know I am 😁😝

  20. Mark Davis says:

    He’s still a bitch

  21. Exploring with serenity says:

    Omg Jimmy is so me at this point. I cant skate and i always fall lol. I laughed so hard when he just crawled to the blue line and told Justin just pull me 😂😂 so funny. I would say the same i yoo am also irish XD.

  22. Dennis Tokay says:

    His mustache looks good

  23. Des says:

    TOO CUTE👍🤗🖤

  24. Ng K says:

    JB is good at many things, gifted!

  25. DRAGO 1024 says:

    You play hockey with hand

  26. MuFu says:

    Of all people to teach u hockey u get Justin Bieber….. The tonight Show steadily declining

  27. Hang Chay says:

    He looks like a piercing shop owner in a mall

  28. Marlena Pitts says:

    Let go of the stache bro

  29. Random Videos says:

    Was waiting for the end to see if justin sang the Canadian national anthem right or not haha

  30. Ms. Kathleen says:

    Justin Bieber has a beautiful voice and can sing any song with grace…except somehow “O, Canada”. 😂

  31. Niilo Airas says:

    Bieber can't even skate that well… Real hockey fans agree.

  32. Niilo Airas says:

    Or even shoot

  33. grace paige says:

    Lately i feel like I'm getting to know Justin better and that he is such a great human being💚

  34. Marjorie Portee says:

    Is that really u Justin? U are great, I did no know this side of u keep it up,love u .

  35. Brittney Foster says:

    I hope binner is watching the shootout and taking notes lol

  36. Sam Corso says:

    People who dont play hockey have no idea how horrible bieber is and he challenged and NHL goalie to a shootout lmao!!

  37. Весёлый друг says:


  38. sbelair22 says:

    I need more of this!

  39. Весёлый друг says:

    Зерикпей жаз деп атасынбы?😮

  40. Весёлый друг says:


  41. Danny Ortega says:

    Dude looks like a washed up porn star.

  42. Bruce Vrodoor says:

    Beibers only got the mustache because Matthews has one

  43. WanderingOldSoul says:

    I must applaud him knowing he has lupus and how much energy it must take to do things like this now! Happy to see he's doing well though

  44. Juan Gomez says:

    Justin looks like a fucken pedophile

  45. A YouTube Guy says:

    lol seen a meme abouts biebs new look
    "he looks like a guy doing roofing and disappears after u hand him his check" something like that 😂

  46. Haya Waleed says:

    Lmao 😂

  47. die_sammy 1107 says:

    Easy peasy,here we go, dudes😂

  48. Ricky Vall3y Reid says:

    Justin was singing the national anthem like he’s not a singer in real life lol

  49. David Lee says:

    That mamba shirt

  50. Thomas Bryant says:

    Where is the Binnington vs. Bieber matchup I was promised??

  51. Fiona Draco says:

    I know he can sing better than that!

  52. sany says:

    Damn Justin can play

  53. Chasith Udagedara says:

    Lets play hockey

  54. gi822 says:

    Justin looking like an 80’s pornstar with that mustache

  55. Hugh Tahoob says:

    I thought Fallon could at least get a glide in didnt think he be this bad

  56. LOST SOUL says:

    We called it Ice hockey.

  57. Qi Wan says:

    justin bieber is so kind , if i were him i’m gonna give a hard push to jimmy as he doesn’t know how to stop

  58. John Edward Jones says:

    Love it. So funny.

  59. Stuart Wayne says:

    Beebs is actually a pretty decent hockey player. Better than I expected I must admit.

  60. avidadolares says:

    This bit had 1 too many people. Bieber needs to be benched.

  61. Lucas Castilho says:

    That's really good😂😂😂

  62. Abbera Ahmed says:

    NEED MORE CONTENT <3 this was funny and cute

  63. Max Mayer says:

    wtf, he's good at everything?

  64. Psalm Baldemoro says:

    Who hates Justin Bieber?

  65. erin corinne says:

    Now we know why justin rented out the rink

  66. Adua Bekodel says:

    A cheap version of Conan's field-trip playing ice-h.

  67. Siraj Soomro says:

    Justin can play very well. i wish i could play Ice hockey!

  68. Karma SSherpa says:


  69. Paula Smith says:

    Can’t wait to see the shootout between Binnington and Bieber

  70. Karma SSherpa says:

    He is multitalented guy

  71. j2rizzo says:

    Justin Bieber is soooo cute

  72. Bobby Gutierrez says:

    Nell need to 1v1 Justin Bieber lmaooo

  73. yunita raa says:

    Justin is good at everything this is insane

  74. Arthur C says:

    This perfectly describes how NY Rangers look on the ice. Couldn't imagine a better example. 😂😂😂😂😂

  75. THE GUY says:

    Am I the only one or he looks like Alejandro Aranda here 🙄

  76. Kal mohyiddin says:

    check out my cover of habitual!!

  77. Jaime Fookin Lannister says:

    Way to ruins your blades at the end there

  78. Noledad77 says:

    How is he a singer and can't sing "O, Canada!" on key?

  79. Jack Gonser says:

    You can tell they are actually good friends by the high pitched silent laugh they do 😂

  80. Katie M says:

    This is why people have family issues people too caught up in other celebrities lives that they don’t pay attention to their own families sad

  81. Not your typical weeab says:

    Justin Bieber grew up to be canadian Trevor from gta v.

  82. OnePath says:

    this bit reminds me Conan remotes.. it was FUNNY

  83. K It says:

    He looks like Steven Shapiro more & more (YouTube prankster).

  84. M Shann says:

    😳😳😳I’m impressed the biebs can skate

  85. Lou H says:

    Are they high? 🙄

  86. Mad Firefly says:

    Justin should totally be in the NHL.

  87. Fraser McArthur says:

    Either Jimmy is that bad or just the greatest actor.

  88. WhereMyChicken says:

    Dumb bit.

  89. V-Jose Playing Card Deck Reviews says:

    Wait but who taught Justin how to play hockey? lol

  90. Joe Hoe says:

    Kudos to Biebs for playing ice hockey. I'm no fan of his music, but playing ice hockey is pretty cool.

  91. Andy Gonzalez says:

    Just to give you an idea how hard is it to skate in hockey skates pro figure skaters look like Bambi on ice when they first try to skate with them.

  92. Charlie says:

    People will bad mouth hockey when it's clearly the most difficult sport overall. It moves faster than any sport, you use a stick to control the puck (not your hands or feet), it's full contact, and you have to do it on skates, which are basically two knives strapped to your feet. Greatest and most difficult sport ever.

  93. sasmit arunav says:

    just in time for jimmy's show

  94. sasmit arunav says:

    ice hockey i see donkey

  95. Mo Hawk says:

    Jimmy is the fakest dick in showbiz..

  96. sasmit arunav says:

    baby shark bay shah bark

  97. I am Belieber says:

    I think Justin can play in NHL 😉. Can't stop watching this video 😂❤❤

  98. Lizz Keiper says:

    Jimmy <3

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