[JustBeJoyful JBJ] JBJ Sled Relay Race Ep.5

[Bonus Game: Luck, No Luck Sled Riding Relay] [3 persons teams: Taehyun x Sanggyun x Yongguk vs. Kenta x Hyunbin x Donghan] [Each person will choose a sled for the relay match] [The winning team will get a special gift at the debut showcase] JBJ sled relay! WOAH It sounds fun Let’s play rock paper scissors to choose our sleds Rock-Paper-Scissors [Taehyun, Kenta, Yongguk, Hyunbin, Donghan=Scissors vs. Sanggyun=Paper Unfair! You planned this! How can we plan this Again, again What again? Stop messing around~ Rock-Paper-Scissors (1st Yongguk 2nd Taehyun 3rd Hyunbin) (4th Donghan 5th Kenta 6th Sanggyun ) Starting with 1st place, pick your sled This one? Without any hesitation But it does look cool It looks so cool I have one that I like I’ll pick this one Because I think this is the one he likes Am I right? Just tell us that much You’re right… I’m right? Then I’ll take it I’ll choose this one I’ll choose this one So which one? Wait, wait I move this one like this? Yeah I pick this one That one? Then Sanggyun get this one [Kenta’s team first runner: Donghan’s bicycle sled] [Kenta’s team second runner: Kenta’s toy car sled] [Kenta’s team third runner: Hyunbin’s penguin sled] [Taehyun’s team first runner: Sanggyun’s wooden sled] [Taehyun’s team second runner: Taehyun’s cart sled] [Taehyun’s team third runner: Yongguk’s robot sled] [Race starts] I’m feeling nervous for no reason What if you lose to Sanggyun hyung Donghan, I’ll give to a last chance to switch cars Car? What car? You won’t regret it? I won’t I’ll do my best… Kenta, I am gonna win No, I’ll win Donghan is probably gonna be faster than Sanggyun anyway You don’t know that Kenta hyung! Fighting! Noh Taehyun! Get it together! [Sanggyun, are you crazy?] Of course I think Sanggyun hyung will lose Already? So fast! [Currently doing his best] Hurry! Hurry! [Forget it…] [Cheater Gyun’s choice] [Running with his feet] [Donghan turns the last corner] [Cheater Gyun catching up] Wow, a rider! Hurry! Hurry! What the, you can’t do that! It wouldn’t move, what am I supposed to do Wait, this is kinda hard… You can’t do that~ It wouldn’t move at all… [95 line Kenta and Sanggyun using the same strategy] [Neck and neck] Who is that? [Last runner Hyunbin starts out] [Hyung, don’t worry…] [Yongguk, I believe in you…] Let’s go! What the heck? Let’s go! [Huh?] Hey, where are you going! Hey! This one is the slowest! [The hyungs knocked down by the robot sled’s power] [I’m screwed] What the heck~ This looks the best but it’s the slowest He’s over there, there he is Hyunbin, where did you go~ Wow, first place I was expecting it to zoom off It’s slower than walking [Kenta can’t even breathe] Excuse me! Do your best to finish~ I cried…It’s too funny Even though Sanggyun hyung tried so hard It wouldn’t move at all, maybe about 5cm, seriously Wait, he will come soon [A sad penguin waiting] He’s coming! He’s coming! He’s fast! Faster than before! There’s someone behind pushing him [Still 5m from the finish line!] [Oh no] We were waiting for you [Hyunbin wins the last round] [Yongguk, you’ve worked hard coming this far~] You wanted to ride the robot? [Hyunbin trying out the robot sled] When I was trying to tag him over there Yongguk reached his arm back like “Hyung!” His face was like, “Hyung, it’s ok! I’ll win” But it didn’t even move forward You can see the track marks You’re today’s legend [An applause for the legend Yongguk and the robot]

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