Joss’s First Day on the Cheer Team | Meet Joss Kendrick Stop Motion Ep. 3 | American Girl

Joss’s First Day on the Cheer Team | Meet Joss Kendrick Stop Motion Ep. 3 | American Girl

(upbeat music) – [Joss] Hmm. (water splashing) (upbeat music) Whoa. – OMG, you caught some major air. That was so cool! – Thanks. Dylan, please tell me you got that. – Chill sis, I got it. Way to shred. – I feel like I’m
getting closer to landing the front side air every day. – And now that you’re quitting cheer you’ll have even more time
to practice your surf tricks. – Yeah, totally. – Check out the new art
I made for the video. – Try new things, cool. What about trying new things like cheer? – No, I was thinking more like trying the front side air. – Oh, well you know, I did
try new things in cheer. – Like what, pom pom technique? – Go, fight, win! – More like go surf that wave! – [Both] Surf that wave, surf that wave, surf that wave, surf that wave! (mellow music) – I wonder if the girls
will even recognize you in that getup. – I barely recognize myself. This is a mistake, we should just go. – Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Didn’t you already email
coach Kara and tell her you’re joining the team? – Yeah, but– – But nothing Joss. You made a commitment and you should at least try before bailing. – I don’t think I can do this Liam. I feel so silly in this dumb bow. If anyone from the beach saw me I’d never hear the end of it. – Who cares what those posers think. Is this really about them or is it about what Sophia will think? – I haven’t told her I joined cheer yet. I feel like she’ll hate me. – Sophia is your surf sister,
she would never hate you. – I hope you’re right. – I know your surf
sister will stick by you. If you’re honest with her, that is. I’ll see you after practice. Go, show them what you’re made of. (car engine revving) – Joss! Joss, I’m so glad that
you’re joining the team. – Honestly, I don’t know about this Reina. I can’t even get the bow on right. – I felt the same way when I started. Here, let me help you. Come on, let’s go in
together, you can do this. (upbeat music) Oh, let me get that to Coach Kara for you. Coach! – Oh! Brooklyn, I’m so glad
you made the team too. – I know, I can’t believe we made it, especially with our dance moves. – My best friend gave me some
good advice about dancing. Fake it till you feel it. – I like that. I’ll keep that in mind
next time I practice. – I definitely didn’t think
you would make the cut. I mean, what’s a dirty surf
girl doing on the cheer team. – Mila, Joss tried out and
made the team just like you and she deserves your respect. Now apologize to your teammate. – Sorry. – First off, I would like to
give a big congratulations to our new members. (group cheering) – Just a sec, Joss you’ll have to remove that bracelet for practice. – But I can’t, Sophia and I never take off our surf sister bracelets. – Well, we don’t wear jewelry in cheer because someone could accidentally catch their hand or finger on it and we don’t want any injuries. Please put it away and
meet us at the trampoline. – Real cheerleaders know
the no jewelry rule. (upbeat music) – I can’t wait to see your
jumps on the trampoline. You have so many cool moves. – Thanks, they’re all the same tricks I wanna do on my surfboard. – Hey Joss?
– Yeah. – Can I ask you a personal question? – Of course. – How did you lose your hearing. – Oh, I didn’t lose my hearing, I was born deaf in my left ear. But I can hear some things in my right ear when I wear my hearing aid. – I see, hey, do you
think you could teach me some sign language? I really wanna learn. – Yeah, that would be fun. – Joss Kendrick, you’re up. (upbeat music) – [Girl] Way to go Joss! (Joss grunting) Whoa! – Whoa! Huh? My hearing aid, it fell out! Quick, help me find it. (dramatic music) I knew I never should have done this! I just wanted to do a front side air not to be a stupid cheerleader. This is all a big mistake! – [Girl] Oh my gosh, is she okay? – What just happened?
– Is she okay? – Is she okay?
– is everything okay? – [Girl] Did you hear
that, that was crazy. – Girls, head to the mat for tumbling. Joss, we need to talk for a minute. That must have been really scary, huh? And I’m sorry that happened. But being negative to
your teammates is not an appropriate way to
deal with frustration. – I didn’t mean to lose my temper. – I know that, but some of
the girls might feel hurt by what you said. Surfing, now that’s a solo sport, but cheer is about working together. Why don’t you come to open gym on Sunday and spend some time with your teammates. We can’t do our best unless
we all work together, okay. – Yes, Coach Kara. (waves splashing) – Hey girl, where have you been? I thought we were gonna
work on the video today. – I was at cheer practice. – But I thought you told the coach that you weren’t going to join. – I was going to, but then I– – So you lied to me. – No, I just didn’t tell you the truth. – Joss, that’s lying! – Yeah, I guess you’re right. – Why did you join? You don’t actually like cheer, do you? – No, I mean, yeah, sort of. I don’t know, I guess
I realized that cheer really could help me with my surf tricks. – I don’t see how waving pompoms
will help you shred better. – I told you, we don’t have pompoms. Team Shine is about
strength and flexibility. Remember that major air
that I got the other day? – Yeah, so what? – Well, I practiced that
on the trampoline at cheer, only I didn’t have to
worry about wiping out. It could seriously help me
nail the front side air. – The front side air isn’t the only reason we’re making our surf video, Joss. – I know that, I just think it could make our video stand out. – More than my art? – I didn’t say that. Look, Sophia, your art
will show Tina Hart that you’re all protecting
sea animals just like her. I just wanna prove that I
can do a front side air, just like Tina Hart
did when she was my age. – Okay, fine. At least tell me we’re still
on to work on the video Sunday. – Well actually, I have
cheer practice on Sunday. – What, how are we going
to finish this video if you’re practicing cheer all the time? – How about this, if I can’t
nail the front side air by next Saturday, then I’ll quit cheer and we’ll make our video without it, deal? – Deal.
– Great. Now, let’s get out there. (upbeat music) – Hi there, my name is Chelsea and today we will be learning how to
say bow in sign language since we learned about
the power of the bow. Here we go. Let’s see that again. That’s how you sign bow,
thanks for watching.

Antonio Breitenberg

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