Josh & Blue’s VLOG! 📹 Ep 4: Soccer Tricks, Gopher Game & Color Song! 🎨 Nick Jr.

Josh & Blue’s VLOG! 📹 Ep 4: Soccer Tricks, Gopher Game & Color Song! 🎨 Nick Jr.

Oh, we’re live, we’re live! Hey everyone, it’s Josh and… [barking] And we got so much
great mail this week, we wanted to share some of it with you. Yeah, what she said. You just got an e-mail! Bye-bye! We just got an e-mail! ♪ We just got an e-mail ♪ ♪ We just got an e-mail ♪ ♪ We just got an e-mail ♪ ♪ I wonder who it’s from ♪ It’s an e-mail from our friends. Hi, Josh and Blue.
I’m going to show you a soccer trick. [music playing] Bye, Josh and Blue! Do you wanna play a game with us?
You do? Great! Are you ready to play, Blue? Awesome. We think Gopher is going to pop up
right here by this bush. Gopher. Look, there! Oh! That way! [screaming] Josh, he keeps fooling us. Now wait a second. This gopher is pretty smart. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a pattern
to where he’s popping up. – A pattern?
– Yep. This gopher might just be…
a master mind. Let’s figure out his pattern. Ooh, where’s Gopher? Flowers! There! Car! [screaming] Next to me, look! So, what is the same about… The flowers, the car, and Shovel? Hm… Are they all the same size? No. No, OK.
Hm, well… Are they all the same color? Yes! Yes, they are all yellow! OK, so… If Gopher is popping up next to
yellow things each time, where will he pop up next? The yellow ball! That yellow ball, right! Come on, shh! – Gotcha, hey!
– We found you! Good job. We did it, we did it!
Oh yeah, we did it! We did it, oh yeah! We are so excited to share some
of our favorite music with you. You ready, Blue?
Ok, we’re ready. ♪ Colors mix above my head
(Colors mix above my head) ♪ ♪ Orange made with yellow and red
(Orange made with yellow and red) ♪ ♪ Chartreuse ♪ ♪ A color I had not seen ♪ ♪ Looks to me like yellowish green ♪ ♪ If we want violet
We know just what to do ♪ ♪ Just mix our two friends
Purple and blue ♪ ♪ Just mix our two friends
Purple and blue ♪ ♪ Mix blue and yellow
And they’re suddenly green ♪ ♪ And blue and green make aquamarine ♪ ♪ Colors bright, colors bold ♪ ♪ Carnelian, magenta, marigold ♪ ♪ It’s so amazing when
You stop and stare ♪ ♪ Colors, colors everywhere ♪ ♪ Colors, colors everywhere ♪ ♪ Colors, colors everywhere ♪ That was great! Thank you for joining us.
We’ll see you again soon. Thanks for watching. [barking] Come play with me and my puppy Blue
in Blue’s Clues and You, on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day.

Antonio Breitenberg

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33 thoughts on “Josh & Blue’s VLOG! 📹 Ep 4: Soccer Tricks, Gopher Game & Color Song! 🎨 Nick Jr.

  1. Nicolas Soto 3 2004 says:

    Happy 2020 Nick Jr,!!!

  2. Queen Lateshia Jitsu Blue'sCluesAndYouFans says:

    Happy 1st Friday New Year Josh & Blue Can't Wait For New Episode Next Friday!!!

  3. Rasaun Trotter says:

    I can't for next Friday for new episode of blues clues and you

  4. Phương Lâm TV says:

    I love you nick jr

  5. Ty Roberts says:

    blues clues is back and better then ever

  6. Roblox King says:

    Hi, Josh and Blue! I'm can't wait to have another playdate with you! ; )

  7. Jay Cheese says:

    Sup Josh

  8. AMM Trackernardo says:

    The soccer email probably means that they are remaking the Blues Backyard Game Bonanza episode from the late Steve episode era

  9. Keren Barnetson says:

    I love u blues clues so much more and I love show too 🐶💜💓💜

  10. Strict Headmare says:

    No Blues Clues and You on Friday’s stop show something else on Friday’s.Not Just Blues Clues and You every Friday.

  11. Vivian Mireles says:


  12. Anastasia LaGuardia says:

    3:30 I just love Joshy’s air-drumming!

  13. Razzle Toys TV says:

    Blue 💙💙

  14. Eman 120212 says:

    💙Hi Blue💙 🐶

  15. Jennifer Manning says:

    This is soooooo awesome. Can't wait to see new episodes

  16. Gabriel Ray says:

    i Hope There's a New Blue's Clues & You Coming Next Friday So That i Don't Wanna Miss it, i Love Blue and Josh So Much! 💙🐶🐾😍🥰

  17. Snow Snow says:

    Best video

  18. Lisa Cogar says:

    Are the old Nick Jr shows gonna get rebooted

  19. Caio Martins says:

    Vai ter o filme da patrulha canina super filhotes 2 por favor Nick Junior

  20. Qkids gameplay says:

    Fun video, very entertaining 👍👍👍

  21. Claw Stick says:

    You’ve got some soccer skills there little boy 👍⚽️ let’s play soccer!

  22. Anime Peaks says:

    That's so Gundam!

  23. tangran says:

    Awesome soccer skills Jake!

  24. the reading unicorn says:

    Happy New Year! Love Blue!🐾💙

  25. pgj1997 says:

    0:15 An eeeeeee-maaaaaaaail

  26. Christopher Gomez says:

    that was lame with the soccer ball trick

  27. Dedos Del Medio says:

    Who else can do soccer tricks like that little boy in the video9?)

  28. Baby Studio says:

    very great video

  29. M. Nourishad says:

    This is adorable especially the colors song

  30. Lee Morgan The smash bros King says:

    I wish blues clues and you did a dream episode so josh can help sleeping beauty’s dream plus I like that monster the trees and the fence, and I also wish they made animal behavior, what is blue afraid of?, prehistoric blue and a snowy day

  31. Cody Marks says:


  32. Tracy Martin says:

    What episode is the soccer email on and when is the colors everywhere episode coming on?

  33. Anastasia LaGuardia says:

    3:25 That “we did it” part reminds me of Dora the Explorer!

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