Jonas Brothers – Sucker

Jonas Brothers – Sucker

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers – Sucker

  1. sophiao lebron says:

    I went to ur consort last night it was amazing💕😍 btw it's Sophia not Sophiao

  2. sophiao lebron says:

    Kevin should have sang at the consort!!

  3. hennuF s'tI says:

    Im a sucker for school

  4. Anita Arokiaraj says:

    This song doesn't get out of my head

  5. Robotic says:

    This is so catchy and groovy and I can never not dance 😍

  6. 도도도 says:


  7. Brandon S says:

    Z U C C

  8. Anonymous Vambu says:

    Woooooooooooow check this out

  9. Beatrice says:

    The beginning is similar to an old song (about 2007-2011???) but I don't remember the name…

  10. Juliana Isabel Subia says:

    "Heat in December"

    cLiMate ChAngE iS In ThE HOuSe

  11. おぴるこ says:


  12. A.I._Ramen says:

    Priyanka's costume in this is still better than her look at the Met Gala.

  13. the rat obssessed person who likes memes says:

    1:38 that look. he's just a happy man who's married to love of his life and he's just cherishing her through his damn face

  14. András Alt says:

    Jó azene

  15. tj johnson says:

    Who else misses Camp Rock😅:👇🏿

  16. Richard Grécia says:

    Vim pelo melhores clipes do canal do alanzoka

  17. Puranjay Narula says:

    Sansa chilling in kingslanding after cersei and dany is dead😂

  18. Ariana Diaz says:


  19. Ariana Diaz says:

    son shets

  20. mitchie rainbow says:

    I love that everyone has fun in the music video 💖

  21. Maria says:


  22. Ba Whatever says:

    You are!!

  23. Magdalena says:

    SuperBand make great cover for this song You should watch 🙂

  24. Genesis Paola Zavala Lopez says:

    Holi jajaja

  25. shukezi says:


  26. Seth Ostrowski says:

    whos here from that meme video saying this whole song was plagiarized cuz its like pretty accurate

  27. Seema Singh says:

    Best song i love it

  28. Martin Solomon says:

    God loves His boys

  29. Neru Kadirova says:

    priyanka and nick❤❤❤

  30. Zeron Play says:


  31. Sara of Isla says:

    this song is so GOOD
    i made a cover of it, would love for you to give it a listen!

  32. Juan pablo Peña suarez says:

  33. Bramanandam Manavathi says:


  34. Jona Mobley says:


  35. しんのすけ says:


  36. G E N I U S S says:

    I know i am the only one here bcuz of the beat

  37. Nobita Channel says:

    Hello Bruno Daigo

  38. Chocolate Addict says:

    Genuinely my fave music video 😂😍

  39. Ferley Martinez says:

    Que buena canción 👏👏👍

  40. blackcat._.salem says:

    This is the first time I listen to this song lol

  41. Edna Mercedes Toca Salamanca says:

    Ama soker 4 yu

  42. Ayush Shrivastava says:

    Tu chodu ha😂🤣

  43. jasim OMG says:

    sucker like
    cool comment

  44. Yelyah PHMOVIE says:

    Sino nakakamiss ng kanta nila na when you look me in the eyes tapos yung S.O.S ?

    Hit Like and Comment 😂

  45. deryamss K.K says:


  46. Vojta Selix says:

    Sansa, are you mad?

  47. 500k subscribers without video says:

    I showed this to my girlfriend

    NOW SHE IS MY "EX" 😊😊

  48. Matthew Farrel Sianipar says:

    Who remember when Joe is a coach in The Voice (AU) 2018?

  49. Violeta Romero Trujillo says:

    Nick jonas is from jumaji😂

  50. Eric Schlautman says:

    Joe Jonas is the most attractive Jonas brother, prove me wrong.

  51. licorne du ciel says:

    J'ai que 13 ans est je vous adores😍 vous êtes mon groupe de music préféré c'est grâce au films camp rock que je vous connais surtout ne changer rien je suis votre plus grande fan 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  52. Angie kat says:

    La canción muy buenaaaa me encanta y el vídeo …. Mmm a mi parecer noo 😉

  53. life style says:

    I am addicted to this song ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖

  54. Paulo Hirae says:

    Jonas brothers Very god

  55. Nikky Adeyemo says:

    Wait a min that guy is fromjumaji

  56. Adrianna G says:

    Sucker bro

  57. Markeyse Bartee says:

    This is not the real song

  58. Markeyse Bartee says:

    The person who sings this song is a girl

  59. Stolen Bread says:

    Best vibes

  60. Tatiana Sosa says:

    Jonas Brothers me encantan sus canciones

  61. Mini Cyrus Cyrus says:

    I’m a sucker for you

  62. XimenE Piña says:

    ya se puede veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr

  63. Galuh Puspita says:

    Family fun day so happy people

  64. Trap says:

    I searched

  65. susamskruth s says:

    Any Indians here

  66. Yamilet Soto says:

    Everyone Hears voices diffrent

    Me ….

  67. stephan godsaviour says:

    Did I really spot sophie turner?

  68. Eric Bruyn says:

    The cover version of Courtney Hadwin is 10 times better, belief me!!!!!

  69. Het Badhuis Javaplein says:


  70. Sururu says:

    За корги лайк 👍🏻🐕🐶

  71. gewinnste says:

    The director of this video deserves a high profile medal

  72. Elizabeth PenaMaslow says:

    From 2013 where they didn't release music to now with this song being NOMINATED TODAY (11.20.19) WITH A 2020 GRAMMY…..COMMENT A MORE ICONIC COMEBACK OF 2K19….I'M WAITING 🤷‍♀️

  73. Emily McMartin says:

    I feel like sucker should of been nominated more times for a Grammy but congratulations Sucker 😭♥️♥️ my proud heart ❤️

  74. valeria robles says:

    Hello music

  75. saltyfish123 2nd channel says:

    Am my girlfriend's sucker xd

  76. SONI SHUBHAM says:

    In video maximum shots cover by Nick-Priyanka 🇱🇷🇮🇳

  77. Bobbytheman98 says:

    Who’s here after the Grammy nom announcement??

  78. Andrea Benfield says:


  79. Pajicka forever says:

    Somebody in november

  80. Rai Uchiha says:

    Knight Velasquez ♥️

  81. Ruby Garcia says:

    The best song in the world it me ruby Garcia the biggest fan

  82. Rafiabuttful says:

    Crap video

  83. valeria robles says:

    Music heay

  84. Grecia HB says:

    Quien iba a pensar que unos meses después de su regreso estarían nominados al Grammy con esta increíble canción ❤️

  85. Emz LadyBrit says:

    Im here after #ChasingHappiness

  86. Rick Loya says:


  87. Sarah Turner says:

    Anyone giggling about the suds on Joes head? Just me? Ok then…

  88. Cameron says:

    1:53 joe married a man lol

  89. Yeri loves Naomi says:

    que pedo con Joe amarrado

  90. KLove Reactions says:

    Congrats to my boys on the Grammy Nomination!!!! Been a long time coming!!! I will love you forever🥰🥰🥰😍!!!!

  91. Hiida Ziipao says:

    Saw this on Sophie insta story came here to check out now Iam already obsessed to this song.

  92. Giovanna De la Torre says:


  93. Jaqueline Lezard says:

    1:49 bless you….

  94. Hernando Martinez says:

    Level 001 Part C ♣️
    (Season 01) ♣️
    2000 (00 Zombies) ⬜ (🌪️)
    2001 (01 Zombie) ♣️
    2002 (02 Zombies) 🌀
    2003 (03 Zombies) 🐠
    2004 (04 Zombies) 🐸
    2005 (05 Zombies) 👙
    2006 (06 Zombies) 🍎
    2007 (07 Zombies) 🎃 (🌪️)
    2008 (08 Zombies) 🐻
    2009 (09 Zombies) 🚨.
    To be continued next time. 🎳
    EST 11/🌪️/19/2010s. ⭐

  95. Guy Buy says:

    Aren't they just amazing? Comment if yes

  96. sun sut says:

    Jonas brothers r back.priyanka chopra's power made this song u p.c

  97. Red Lopez says:

    “Im feeling the heat in December”

    Australia: well hello there

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