Joji – Slow Dancing in the Dark (Cover)

Joji – Slow Dancing in the Dark (Cover)

I don’t want a friend I want my life in two Waiting to get there Waiting for you When I’m around slow dancing in the dark Don’t follow me, you’ll end up in my arms You done made up your mind I don’t need anymore signs Can you? Can you? Give me reasons we should be complete You should be with him, I can’t compete You looked at me like I was someone else, oh well Can’t you see? I don’t wanna slow dance (I don’t wanna slow dance) In the dark, dark When you gotta run Just hear my voice in you (My voice in you) Shutting me out of you (shutting me out of you) Doing so great (So great, so great) You… Used to be the one to hold you when you fall Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I don’t fuck with your tone (I don’t fuck with your tone) I don’t wanna go home (I don’t wanna go home) Can it be one night? Can you? Can you? Give me reasons we should be complete You should be with him, I can’t compete You looked at me like I was someone else, oh well Can’t you see? I don’t wanna slow dance (I don’t want to slow dance) In the dark, dark x2 Hey, thanks for watching my video. Hope you liked it I recorded it with Simi while on the road on tour in the UK So it might be a little bit rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoyed it nevertheless I put it on Bandcamp so you can check that out. The link is in the description below Right now, I’m in Cambridge just about to do my last show of this UK tour then I’m going to spend some time at home with my cat who I love very much and then I’m off to America So, I’m so busy so much But hopefully I’ll still be able to do some like little Instagram live streams or something cool like that for you guys I hope that if you came to any of these shows, I hope you really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it so much It’s been a lot of fun Even though Simi wasn’t able to do this last cambridge show cuz she’s sick Please leave some love in the comments telling her to get better immediately. I’ll see you around. Thanks so much No Not Caveboi: Okay it’s not Thanks for watching NC: Do you have some first-class stamps? No, it’s not the post office! *Portal sounds*

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Joji – Slow Dancing in the Dark (Cover)

  1. Me UwU says:

    unholy screeching

    ahHhhhH I love Robin so muuuuuch!!! 🥰

  2. Lily Al-Bilali says:

    Dose anyone know what key this is?

  3. Hayden Dhane says:


  4. MrKaosGaming says:


  5. Abbey Santor says:

    You earned urself a new subscriber Your voice is beautiful👏🏻🤗

  6. blinkfilms1 says:

    idk what yall are on about this chils me out

  7. Merkeusy says:

    Stop making me cry at 11pm man

  8. Totoro :3 says:


    not even gay people:

    him: let's zoom in on that LGBT wrist band to let people know how gay I am."

  9. i promise I’m not bent says:

    had to come back after seeing this in recommendation, still made me cry ❤️

  10. Anna Nelson says:

    They have amazing voices and they're so talented,also the girl is pretty

  11. Miguel Alipio says:

    His voice goes with any song, amazing 😅❤

  12. its not sarah shut up says:

    yessss one of my fav songs covered by one of my fav artists

  13. Rich M23k says:

    Relationship goals right here

  14. Trash Boy says:

    Wow, just wow

  15. Delilah Music says:

    I got distracted by that rainbow thing on his wrist-

  16. P0PEYE says:

    What a wonderful voice and beautiful instruments, your voice made me cover this song…

  17. Ramen Rampage says:

    I really like yoi

  18. oh kay says:

    Ed Sheeran looks smaller
    I kinda love his new voice lol

  19. oh kay says:

    Whoa too much vibrato there buddy

  20. Kris Ives says:

    Straight up sounds like Shawn Mendes did a Joji cover

  21. Jakob McKee says:

    You're fucking crazy, I legit was telling my uncle the other day about how you and joji are my two all time favorite artists and just wow

  22. Rzy says:

    Those lo-fi s n a r e s soothes dem souls…

  23. Smoking Bear says:

    Ed Pression.

  24. sophie needs help says:

    I didnt know I needed this but I love it

  25. Kylee Jolley says:

    everyone else this song is depression
    Me: This song is depression relaxing

  26. Gaby delmar says:

    I gotta stop falling in love with these type of guys.

  27. Jp_Game 13 says:

    I keep remembering him back in the day bruh

  28. Batata Botato says:

    This is literally so relaxing and just sounds so pretty how do u guys feel hurt in the heart by this 😳

  29. Eve Thomas says:

    I just want him to upload the recording of him talking to his friend at the end. It’s so pure

  30. Lauren Queen says:


  31. ほビジュー says:

    you guys are pretty

  32. H4CK3R says:

    Sad u suck

  33. H4CK3R says:

    Dang my ear hurts

  34. Adriana Meals says:


  35. The Holy Given Cheeks says:

    The guitar sounds like the song king but the guitar is just in different tunes

  36. Marisa Hentry says:

    HOW? THIS IS SO ENCHANTING. ok first off. I LOVE JOJI. THANK U SO MUCH FOR MAKING SUCH A B E A U T I F U L COVER!!! u remind me of ed sheeran in the beginning, but thats it. after that…i just closed my eyes and let my heart wander and my ear tune in. this is unbelievably amazing. i love the accompaniment by the girl. both of you make a great duo!! LOTS OF LOVE💜💜💜💜

  37. Reupload Trailer says:

    i dont know. but i love you

  38. Ka Martins says:

    Uow! Love it! 🙂

  39. _Kendalmarie_ 07 says:

    chills. nothing more.

  40. Anissa Guerrero says:


  41. Anissa Guerrero says:

    So beautiful !

  42. Q̶o̶D says:

    Simi's glissandos in this are on point 👌

  43. yellowbreadtrucks says:


  44. fery sagala says:

    Sounds like shawn mandes

  45. Earl Pineda says:

    I think this is a little bit higher than the original. Still 👍👍👍

  46. V F says:

    c'est si beau

  47. Ana Araujo says:


  48. Cole Onufrak says:

    If you play the beginning faster it sounds like the stranger things theme

  49. YOUNGDLIST 1v1 says:

    love your guitar

  50. Nerdybreadroll says:

    0:35 you know, I realllllllly like that ribbon 👀👀👀

  51. Mr. Nobody says:

    Literally everyone: depression has entered the chat
    Me: happy crying
    This song just gives me a feeling of nostalgia but a happy nostalgia. Like something bad happened but for a reason. 🙂

  52. Meme Finn says:

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. MarcGM says:

    Good cover

  54. Emo*AttiC* Eyes says:

    Omg Robin this is so BEAUTIFUL :O this is so goooood!

  55. Qůáçķź OwQ says:

    I Love It 💕👌

  56. Howling At The Earth says:

    I’ve been in love with this song and want to cover it so bad but this is amazing! 😭

  57. Madi Bartlett says:

    this needs to go on Spotify ASAP

  58. Eternal Rainbowz says:

    The Stratocastor headstock looks strange on the steel string acoustic, very nice cover thought!

  59. un known says:

    I love you!!!

  60. Sofian Moharrir says:

    ed sheeran super saijan

  61. Alex 死 says:

    I cri happy now


    This is beautiful

  63. Haley Wilson says:

    this is ear food

  64. crazyArmy 30 says:

    that rainbow bracellet though…..

  65. laura olive says:

    I love u

  66. ZomCrafts says:

    You look like Ed Sheeran

  67. Beta Ace says:

    every time i end up getting new feelings for someone when it ain’t gonna work out, i come here

  68. Jarrett Soriano says:

    Yall some depressed mother fuckers… I'm having a great time here 😂😂😂

  69. No Body says:


  70. Jazming Wadley says:

    he's so cute

  71. Kadyona Marie says:

    i wish this was on a music platform

  72. Laura Nguyen says:

    I love all of your song I love your voice❤️🙂

  73. joji covers says:

    could people check out my first cover 😖

  74. pan pan says:


  75. jomica says:

    i dont want a friend, i want my life with you <3

  76. ANIME PHSYCHO says:

    In the darkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkzkk,kk,k,kkkzkkskmsk……….

  77. Jun Ortega says:

    It’s crazy how big he got! I love you :(((

  78. nicolas augusto lessa says:

    Cadê os BR dessa porra🇧🇷

  79. • V W • says:


  80. Taroll says:

    I'm going to hate the day tik tok finds this

  81. stephanie r. says:

    I’m crying so hard .

  82. Ashlan C says:

    Boy pablo

  83. Alessandra Pando says:

    We have the same guitar!!!

  84. emmett Brady says:

    My favorite song by my favorite artist 😍

  85. ßrändön ßütler—Lewis says:

    The perfect mashup doesn’t exis-

  86. ßrändön ßütler—Lewis says:


  87. H2O Velixion2 says:

    2019 ?

  88. Idalia Jimenez says:


  89. Faith Hill says:

    Everyone: hes depressed
    Me: OmG hEs An aDoRabLe liTtLe mArShmAlLow

  90. Samariya Marie says:

    Holy shit bro…


  91. uwu sign says:

    Yessssss I LOVE this song and I’m so glad you did it ahh

  92. Hisham Baharin says:

    I don't have depression anymore, it killed it self

  93. Skylar Nguyen says:

    To the person I like,

    Thanks for being so caring with me
    I loved the day you sung this song to me and played the guitar, it was amazing to me

    I wish I could tell you how I feel, but I can’t. I hope you see this, Long

  94. Alex Sax says:

    check out my sax cover!

  95. Belks Buy says:

    he’s so pretty

  96. •Limelights• •Why Don't We• fan says:

    Okay, so u and chloe just got recommended on my recommendations with the same cover and in the same time, it such a coincidence!?!?

  97. Communist Conner says:


  98. Communist Conner says:

    Thought you were in a train station lmao

  99. Spamilton_uwu says:

    Omg you both did so good ahhhh this came out really nice and relaxing 💖💖

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