Joannie Rochette [CAN] on her emotional Olympic bronze medal

Joannie Rochette [CAN] on her emotional Olympic bronze medal

My mom passed away two days before my
short program at the Olympics She had just arrived in Vancouver.
I was supposed to have dinner with her that night when i was pretty tired so I
pushed it back to the next night no matter how much we planned for those Olympics I could never have
planned at my mom would pass away it was a heart attack so it was a surprise to all of us I kind of told my coach and the skating Federation that I would do the competition probably 10 minutes
after I heard the news that my mom had passed away that was probably a little bit quick and
to be honest when I said it I didn”t even know if I could do it if I had it in but i knew that i wanted to try before
the first short program I felt like I was on the automatic pilot anything when i took my starting
position I had no more legs and i think the last thought that went through my mind
was oh my god how am I going to do this it’s like I don’t feel great at all.
But the music started and that’s great about finger skating. It’s a sport where it’s
easier to focus when we have the music to relate to so I think my body knew
every note of that music and just did the program by itself because I have no
memory of skating that short program I start to cry right away but I think it
was just the stress, the emotions and I was just so happy that I skated, but I didn’t
really remember how I skated that was the best that I could have done
that program and I was in third place and it was my my hardest program I knew my long program was a stronger
program for me so after that I realized Wow! I really still do have a chance to
be in the podium. That last one program really felt like the last three kilometres of a marathon, because I had nothing left in me and I felt it
towards the last minute and a half of my program i have no more legs but I think
I really gave everything I had I had visualized that moment for a long
time but with the people in there it felt so different the energy that was in that building
was just amazing it felt like home Holding that medal, I felt like the
little kid in kindergarten that would draw herself on the Olympic podium with medal around her neck and it was great
but then when I got out the ice it was just a little bit weird that the person who shared that dream with me
who had been along the way for all those years supporting me in the ups and downs that’s
what the person that I wanted to share that medal with to show it to her and
just felt really weird that she wasn’t there but I
knew she was somewhere watching In the gala I had dropped another program there. I was skating to James Bond’s “Die Another Day” and I thought that was really
inappropriate so actually what I did is I reused another routine that I had made
up for a friend that passed away after the 2006 Olympics, a song by Céline Dion
called “Vole” which means “to fly”. 🎜 Fly, fly little wing🎜 🎜 My sweet, my swallow🎜 🎜 Go off far, go off serenely🎜 🎜 There is nothing to hold you here🎜 🎜 Change worlds🎜 🎜 Fly, fly little sister🎜 It was great to skate that program for my
mom because it’s actually my mom who helped me think that music back in 2006
and she loved that program and it meant a lot to us really emotional, but it in a
positive way

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Joannie Rochette [CAN] on her emotional Olympic bronze medal

  1. Erick Webster says:

    How can this person deserve bronze medal?!! The judges are absolutely Canada-made. Look at her FS score, and look that boring performance again, it's just so ridiculous. Her triple Flip was two-footed and under-rotated( should be downgraded), her second triple Lutz was also under-rotated and has a shaky landing, and she missed her second double Axcel as well( not even doing a single!). That's not even all, she almost even falls during her step-sequence if u watch carefully, and her spins are so bad and pathetic, they don't even deserve level2! These audiences know nothing about figure-skating and it's so shameful she steal a medal from other beautiful ladies.

  2. Khanysha C says:

    This is why I don't think of her Bronze Medal as Bronze. I have always thought of it as Gold.

  3. jmaria168 says:

    Best tribute to her Mom. Best performance of a true athlete whose heart was grieving.

  4. Vijaya Babu says:


  5. Yuyu_43444 Fgyttrt says:

    روعه 😙

  6. Brahim Eddahaoui says:


  7. R K4 says:

    You make your Mom proud! Keep going!

  8. krishna chavan says:


  9. step_on_the_knee says:

    So brave of her! It's interesting to note that back in 2006, Joannie's soon-to-be stepdad passed away (either a few weeks or a few months) before he and Joannie's mother Therese were supposed to get married. Joannie chose her long program music for her 2006 Olympic debut because her mother would listen to that music selection as solace following her fiance's death.

  10. MJRM& agar says:

    ما دورين

  11. Squishyland says:

    Which country did she represent?

  12. blueberrie says:

    that made me cry…

  13. Love says:

    You just made me cry. A fellow Canadian my Canadian athlete. Truly you shown how we Canadians make ourself proud

  14. Natalia Pelizzon says:

    I didn't watch much from 2010 Olympic but the one thing I remember watching was Joannie, and I just cried now to see how strong she was! I can't think her mom could be more pround, she is an inspiration

  15. chanaW says:

    What a strong mind !!

  16. ronaldo jardim martins says:

    i cried.

  17. Eleonora Schor says:

    You are simply amazing.

  18. preeti kaur says:

    one of the stongest person i have ever seen😭😭😭😭

  19. Sonique Cat says:

    Very touching story. And she seriously had absolutely beautiful costume.

  20. Oribu says:

    I want to be like her! She's amazing!

  21. Depressed Potato says:

    would you rather make money tomorrow, or go to a pizza party?

  22. Corinne Gray says:

    The only reason I believe she went out and skated was that in the back of her mind she was skating for her mum and in tribute of her and as she skated she connected with her mum because of how much input her mum had in her career

  23. Gwendolyn Sheperd says:

    I cried during this video bc she competed so well while grieving. it's so sad to have somebody passing away, especially if it's somebody as close as a mother. (at least I'm close with my mother). great respect to her and thoughts to her mother

  24. Brooke Yang says:

    this made me cry so much

  25. Annika Alicia says:

    I'm crying… ❤

  26. Hattie M. says:

    What is she doing now? Is she still skating professionally or coaching?

  27. Pudgy Pudge says:

    she only got that medal cause she was a Canadian and everybody was sorry for her loss.. otherwise – VERY OVERRATED and badly performed! Shame on you Canada and IOC. Corrupted structure

  28. JJ truth says:

    Story of the hometown girl doing well coming through delivering and seizing the moment. Lovely skater performing from the heart.

  29. Kit says:

    Who are the people who dislike these inspiring videos? I just wanna talk…

  30. sekyou son says:

    figure skate is a beautiful sport for the beautiful skaters,but the Russia is dirty肮脏sales汚いdreckig불결,and the Olympics,isu,is dirty肮脏sales汚いdreckig불결 too.

  31. Piper Downing says:

    Could you imagine getting off the podium and the one person you want to hug isn't there

  32. Judgy Judy says:

    This is amazing….And so sad her mom passed away… and a lot of pressure thinking and knowing her mom passed away. But this was an amazing routine.

  33. Arman Armin61 Arman Armin says:


  34. Yourgalilolxox Xox says:

    Your mum will look down at u and say I live you no matter what and every time you eat she will be there you rave woman ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. PrincessAlla2 PrincessAlla2 says:

    Heyy yhis was 7 years ago

  36. PrincessAlla2 PrincessAlla2 says:

    In 2010

  37. Sharon Gonzales says:

    POWERFUL and touching!!

  38. Drawing Donuts says:

    Moral of the story:believe in your self jump over the obstacles in life believe that you can jump even the most tall obstacles to be successful

  39. Stephen Powell says:

    Had me weeping for dear life watching this 😢😢😢😢 A Lovely Tribute here.Well done Joannie Rochette and Sorry for your loss😢

  40. Jerry Boyer says:

    It's so special to watch this again. I did see it when it happened and remember quite well…an awesome/special moment indeed!!

  41. frances Sheldrick says:

    Oh wow what an amazing lady very courageous. ❤️

  42. Terry Licia says:

    Respect, admiration, but most of all … love. Her mother was there, she was watching. I'm glad Joannie knows this, too. What an athlete! What a skater! What a woman!

  43. Under _water says:

    I am one of Yuna Kim’s fan but she(joannie) was amazing!

  44. Jake says:

    Remember this, stuff of legend really, nothing short of a performance for the ages.

  45. Esme Fa says:

    Very touching story. But sorry if I out of the topic, but anybody know whats the name of the song as the backsound?

  46. Diana Chapa says:

    I cried 😭❤️

  47. Dana Cernei says:

    i have her autograph on my skates and a picture with her! 😀

  48. 강서영 says:

    Respect her .like a drama ..

  49. Hannah Fitzgerald says:

    I figure skate 😜

  50. Fairly Vague says:

    Did the audience know that her Mum had just passed ?

  51. Luana La Mendola says:

    OMG das ist doch so so so so gut ist das doch toll

  52. shibesss 1 says:


  53. River Lewis says:

    Joannie's incredible courage and talent will never be forgotten, it will continue to inspire people to reach higher, to better themselves, and to honour their fellow human beings. If you disliked this video come say it to my face. Me and @Swagmasta Suga gonna "talk" to ya a little bit.

  54. raffa ojeda says:

    How difficult moments of her!! great athlete!!

  55. Sona Ghukasyan says:


  56. Asian_DIY RBLX says:

    Wow. She Deserves A Gold Instead Of A Bronze.

  57. Nair Alves da Silva says:


  58. Nair Alves da Silva says:

    Keth Urban sonebody likke you

  59. Khayra The Turtle says:

    Who else cried?

  60. Christiana Morris says:

    The Holy Spirit enabled her God bless her

  61. LoveMe,com says:

    I’m sure that even though her mother is in the other world already, her mother is still proud of her. Despite the circumstances she experienced, she still won the bronze medal and she really deserves to win.

  62. Hayley H. says:

    So proud of you Joannie Rochette.

  63. 라인강 says:

    안타깝게도 현역으로 뛰기엔 이미 좀 늙어보인다.

  64. jason carli says:

    Unreal. Absolutely amazing. God bless.

  65. Poollycolor says:

    such a strong woman

  66. OOF says:

    This is horrible 😭❤️

  67. chelsm90 says:

    I was in Vancouver with friend who was just driving me around we got to our hotel and that was the first thing he read and told me i just heard the last name and was freaking out, such a crazy and SAD, of course, thing to happen

  68. Muhammad Waris says:


    sq wuydi
    C x

  69. Aaron Lee says:

    Her mom performed her last duty on Earth…..her spirit kept her going….and the ascended when she got her medal

  70. James says:

    This was perhaps the most memorable moment of the 2010 Olympics !

  71. Shelby Van niekerk says:

    stay strong and you are so stunning x

  72. Ayes Keles says:

    You’d rather skate than go and see your momma

  73. angeltheya12 says:

    I remember watching this. I didn't know her mama passed away but i was tearing up at the end cause it was so emotional. Now it makes all sense. She's amazing…

  74. Dana Cernei says:

    Not only is she a really good athlete, but also an amazing person. Meating her in real life was amazing.

  75. Callie E says:

    these olympian’s dream of competing at the olympics & being able to share the experience with the ones they love, the fact that she was on home soil & lost arguably the most important person there for her is absolutely gut wrenching.

  76. The Fozzy Bear says:

    The most courageous skate ever.

  77. Richard Corkum says:

    A Strong and Free Canadian

  78. ako tairi says:

    Jeezus, seeing your mum right there sharing a personal moment of encouragement, then she's gone. There'll be a raincheck on that missed dinner for sure, within the great dinning hall in the sky.

  79. Kevin Barton says:

    I love Joannie Rochette all the time. She is the most beautiful figure skater with beautiful legs.

  80. Rani Selvi Sundaram says:

    For me She Won GOLD. Her mother gave her Powers to win Medal and to compete the Olympic Games

  81. Anna Pinkos says:

    I figure skate and this is very touchy me because my moms helps me with everything I do for my skating. So… if my mother died the day before I would get on the ice for the Olympics, I would be bulging my eyes out as I got on to the ice… I would be saying a prayer that would keep me from getting injured and for my mum to be watching and cheering me on from heaven. I probably wouldn’t want to skate but I kn w that it would be for my own good and this would be me and my mums dream FINALY comming true. Admit it.. sometimes you wish your mom would just go away. But then when she died you wished that you would have never wished that she would just go away. Always love your mother because you know that sooner or later she will be gone.

  82. Linda Thrall says:

    A very beautiful tribute to her Mom may it be the very best

  83. Nestor Nisperos says:

    Another hottie. SEXINESS IN MOTION. 😃L😃O😃L😃 AWWWWW. HA HA HA

  84. sandstorm 1968 vaught says:

    and the sympathy medal goes to…

  85. G & L Crew says:

    I love her but im just wandering is she canadian or french

  86. elliot linnington says:

    Hand me the tissues

  87. fuscia says:

    I remember how this made me cry, OMG

  88. shyan sonnenburg says:

    I liked the video and it is sad very sad

  89. Kasvini Muniandy says:

    It is a very emotional sharing. Thank you, Joannie Rochette.

  90. Submarine says:

    What was the song in the background?

  91. 412Flame says:

    This performance is inspiring once and for all, it is such a beautiful skate especially when you lost your mother during Vancouver Olympics, thank you for the most inspiring Performances of the brave.

  92. Francesca Sassu says:

    Un vero atleta gareggia sempre. Un'eroina… 🤗

  93. azim mustafa says:

    Is she french?!

  94. music loversaxgirl says:

    I have no real idea how she managed to do this. I lost my mom young and the grief is pretty severe. What a champion, what courage. She made all of Canada so proud.

  95. Jon Valente says:

    I love this woman. She us so graceful in her skating and so spiritual and strong.

  96. Tiann N. Chong says:

    wow her French (or is it Quebecois?) accent is quite prominent

  97. grapefruit grapefruit says:

    actually Silver😘

  98. opticalriot says:

    i want an investigation…

  99. Adryan Felipe says:


  100. spandau says:

    She didn't deserve that bronze at all

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