Jens Marr, a German CNC Machinist who loves to surf talks about his move to Kaitaia, Northland.

Jens Marr, a German CNC Machinist who loves to surf talks about his move to Kaitaia, Northland.

Ahipara’s a small village. I knew right
from the beginning it’s not Auckland. If you really like to go shopping then Kaitaia is not – not the place to be. My name is Jens Marr, I’m from Germany.
Working now in Awanui, doing mainly design and CNC programming. New Zealand came to us more or less by Google Earth. As my hobby is surfing, I was always
searching for the perfect wave and saw those images from Ahipara, Shipwreck Bay, and how perfectly the wave is turning around. Ahipara is just right at the
beginning of Ninety Mile beach. New Zealand was always in my focus, but
never really thought about staying there. But after – after coming here and seeing how well it’s all going … yeah, good surf and then I just met the right people and
introduced me to the place I’m working now so, everything came really good together and I say yeah, New Zealand’s the place to stay. That’s how I met Ian first time, and just by had a look at what he’s doing here and he explained it to me, and then he’s showing me his CNC machine where the board gets cut. I’m used to use those machines because it was actually the stuff I did in Germany – CNC machine and using all those programs. He was trying it for more than
two years to getting someone and there was no one around here because no one
would like to come up from Auckland. Working up in Kaitaia, was nothing much around it … I first met Jens actually through a
mutual, ah- friend he had a fellow staying with him who was really up on CNC technology and plan drawing and, and had tool making skills, etc., That’s a sort of guy I’ve been looking for for the last 12 months or maybe longer… it does feel a bit like fate! and, and the thing is Jens was willing to
sort of work his way up to, you know which is what is now a very good job I was used to work with Office programs and I had the knowledge from CNC
programming back from Germany. Everything came together, and perfectly fits for that what Ian was looking for. Larisssa and Sunia – they ah, love um,
Clydesdales. So, here in New Zealand she was like, “Oh! Yeah! – that’s a nice place there for horse! – I’ll just…” – first thing she was trying to get was a horse! and, ah – my daughter as well, she loves animals anyway and she was getting more and more into it and now it’s – one of her main hobbies is horses It was hard for Larissa and school because in her age coming into a new class it’s, it’s not easy she, she had to leave all her friends I mean culture-wise it was new.
It’s not much in Ahipara really. The point of surfing – it’s the perfect location for me, because I
got the spot right down the beach, yeah … I got beach breaks, I got the reef break. That’s, that’s perfect – it’s a safe place that, in to surfing, was the perfect solution for us.

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