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Hi everybody,
my name is Nick Pescetto my job and also
my biggest passion is to chase adventure
around the world. Today I am
here in Munich and I am going to experience one of the coolest things
about the city. I am going to meet up
with Tao, he’s one of the most
legendary figures of the surfing community and I can’t wait
to meet him. – What’s up, dude? – Great to see you, man – I’d like to hug you
but I’d get wet. – I have just been waiting
for you, let’s go. – I can’t wait to see you,
I am excited. When did you actually start? It was like 15 years ago, the first wave
was in the ocean, and then I realize I can
just go surf here in the city. How was it at the beginning? At the beginning
it was just like a cold pool, and it always felt
like it was uncrowded. But nowadays if you
look over here it is super crowded. How do you feel
about the waves? Honestly, I am struggling
a little bit, I did not expect it
to be so different. In twenty years
I’ll be like you. Just a few thousands
more tries. Let’s try one together! I might fall, dude.
I might fall. Alright, let’t do it! How would you describe
the river surfing community? I think it is a really supportive,
close community. It is just great
to have it, you know. Before work you just go
for a little of surf. It just feels
like an adventure. Right now I am about to meet
the twins Julian and Alina, who are known in the community
for night surfing. – Hey guys! – Hey man! – How are you doing man? – I am good. Nice to meet you. How is the river man? I feel like you can practice
all year around, and also by night. Is that what you do usually? Yes, when I teached
Alina to surf that’s why we went at night, because I was really protective, especially because
she is my smaller sister, even if it is just
like 8 seconds. I am not smaller! For us in Munich
is amazing. You go for a surf
in a land of city. I can’t believe the river surfing
in the city, that I’ve just done, it was a crazy experience. I can’t wait for the next adventure. It is going to be crazy.

Antonio Breitenberg

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