JAPAN Travel Guide: Budget Snow Trip | Little Grey Box

JAPAN Travel Guide: Budget Snow Trip | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys Phoebe here from Little
Grey Box now Matt and I are in Asahikawa here in Hokkaido as you can see it’s
snowing and it’s very cold now we arrived yesterday where we collected our
hire car and we figured out how to navigate the streets of Asahikawa on
our own for the very first time Alright this is our little whip look at it!
so cute little Suzuki so when we were looking for a car rental place
we looked at a few different places and we went with what was located where we wanted to
be but also most importantly what was cheapest and for us that was these guys
Times Car Rental, the next challenge is obviously figuring out how to drive on pure ice
it’s frozen solid what could go wrong? this has got a GPS but you guys
I’m really into this app called maps.me let me see if I can show you that..
what are you… what are you doing? You can use it offline you just download the
maps it’s free and it’s really really reliable so I just, well when I have Wi-Fi
I star places that I want to go and from there it’s really easy so we’re
just gonna maps.me to our hotel Sora E Hotel in Asahikawa this is
it you guys we are turning left onto the main street first time driving in
Japan on this kind of ice We’ve not crashed yet Look how high that is outside the car window Now today we are getting ready
to shred it bro we’re about to head up to Kamui Ski Links where we’re about to go
skiing and snowboarding my levels are down here I turn left and right
sometimes I stop Matt can actually shred it so this is gonna be fun we are going
there because one it is close by it’s about 45-50 minutes drive from where
we’re staying. Two, it’s meant to be cheap so that’s great and three it’s not
supposed to be crowded so tick tick tick I don’t know how good the different runs
are but we’re gonna figure that out as we go and tomorrow we might check out
somewhere else so let’s get in the car and get going and shred it man! shred life! shred it! I have one question for you
are you ready to shred it? yeah I’m ready to shred it I can see your breath inside the.. Oh my god! sick man! (music) all right so we have made a mistake we
found out that Kamui Ski Links opens at 9am so we assumed if we left by
8am that that would be plenty of time because it’s about an hour’s drive a
couple of things we got wrong we didn’t leave a 8am we theft at about 8:30am
and then I wouldn’t call it heavy traffic but I mean you do have to drive
slow there are a lot of traffic lights in the Asahikawa and it’s a very very
stop start drive and obviously you can’t just fang it you have to be so so
careful on these roads we’ll just figure it out we’re just gonna keep heading
that way and whatever time we get there we’ll just figure it out It’s an adventure Did you just contribute to the vlog update? That was my little bit strap yourselves in internet It took me 5 minutes to work
up the courage to say that and what you came up with in that
5 minutes was it’s an adventure anyway, back in my box Are you putting your hood up? Dude, where’s my car? I don’t know dude… where’s your car? this is amazing! look there’s barely any line
look at it moving! I’m moonwalking in that’s the
kind of day I’m having Alright so let me just quickly talk you through
the prices so for an adult per person one day full pass was Y3,100
five hours was Y2,900 and three hours, hold on… was Y2,600 so we’ve shown up about an hour
after opening we were trying to decide should we just do five hours but the difference
between five hours and full day was Y200 so I mean… pow is on…
full day pass absolutely essential we got that sorted you also have to pay a
500 yen deposit per person for your card, your lift pass card you get
that money back at the end when you return it now we’re sorting out some
gear hire alright, so it has taken us
all of maybe 10-15 minutes to organize our ski passes
and organize our gear hire the gear hire was five thousand dollars
no Y5,000 per person mine was skis, boots and poles.
Matt’s obviously was board and boots pretty affordable I think I’ve paid so much more in
places like New Zealand and stuff like that So I mean look behind me there’s not that
many people it was really easy to get sorted, our Japanese isn’t that good but
we’ve had no problems everyone’s understood us, everything has
been so easy this is just amazing Unlike other places we’ve visited
it is just so chill like getting on the Gondy there’s
no que there’s no rush just get on take your time it’s such a peaceful
ski experience which I’ve never had before, usually it’s mania (music) Little shredders bye! Shred it man! Shred it! I’ve made some friends
They’re children We’ve got a call going out
shred it I yell shred it, they yell shred it Shred it man! Shred it! Woooo! Shred it! Yeah! Shred…
Arigatou gozaimasu Shred it! see! When shredding it’s important to
keep your energy levels up I packed a nutritious snack of Choco Baby Choco Baby! They know what’s up (music) So we are all done that was an
incredible day at Kamui Ski Links I would absolutely recommend no lines, no lines for food, great food cheap food, cheap lift prices it’s unheard of It’s ridiculous quick gear rental incredible snow just great, lovely people too
yeah the people are hilarious everyone was so nice everyone was so nice
to us it felt like people looking out for us in fact Matt’s coming back tomorrow
yeah I’m gonna come back.. he was gonna go Furano but… no this is great look at this….oh my god
that light… wow so guys now today’s the day
that we’re doing our YouTube live actually tonight so by
the time you guys watch this the live will have already happened but for us it’s
happening tonight so what we’re going to do now is drive back to where we’re
staying I do want to show you I was staying because it’s awesome but first we’re going
to go to the supermarket and stock up on some local food that we can try on camera for you
guys.. ah yeah then we’re gonna… that’s just pointed at my mouth and then we’re gonna get all
set up for our YouTube live! we have to do something about the way
we look like because it’s out of control alright so we want to show you guys
where we were staying here in the Asahikawa because before we booked
this we were having a really rough time all the hotels were way too expensive
and the Airbnb’s honestly looked a bit depressing this place is called Sora E
that’s SORA and then the letter E Hotel Asahikawa and it is the best I highly
recommend so this place is huge and spacious which if you’ve been to Japan
know that that is very unusual so we’ve got our beds the twin bed situation it’s
just part of Japan culture we’ve got a huge wardrobe we’ve got this lounging
area so you’re not just confined to the bed put your feet up we’ve got a heater
we’ve got a TV there’s no English channels so we haven’t watched it but
we’ve just been watching stuff online anyway we’ve got a little breakfast bar here
where you can sit to eat we’ve got this huge kitchen, little
bathroom it’s not little by Japanese standards we’ve got a washing machines so we’ve
been able to do all our laundry we’ve got our basin and all of this there’s a bath
tub perfect for soaking after a big day of skiing or snowboarding separate shower
which is incredible and the toilet is out there this place is huge it is
amazing the Wi-Fi has been a little bit patchy but we’ve gotten there in the end
I highly recommend it is worth getting out of town to stay here so we did our YouTube live
and I think it went really really well, we were both a little bit
nervous but yeah you guys watched it and you asked lots of questions and it felt
really natural and I just think it went really well, so we might do
some more of those from different destinations as we travel but now I am so tired after all that skiing and then talking on the internet I just
have to go to sleep I am just exhausted Good morning you guys Matt and I are
having it separate days today this is something we do from time to time when
we travel because we don’t always like the same stuff, so Matt likes to do
really like physically strenuous activities like climbing mountains
and I’m just not up for it My day started by sitting down with some coffee
and some toast to write my weekly blog post The Week That Was or TW as we call it
now I am walking to the train station because I am going horse riding I’m so excited to do this I am NOT going to lie the station is not what I expected I was
expecting something a lot bigger than that Oh No the train is coming but it’s
coming from that direction that can’t be right
oh my god why is it beeping do i panic and get on it I was picked up by a lovely lovely lady
down at the train station I just signed my phone’s given the information had a
quick brush up on how to get in the saddle I didn’t really need it it’s just
a humble brag day about you I think it’s important to follow all safety
instructions and now we’re just gonna have a warm-up in the round pin here
it’s a little bit hot solo vlogging all of this I’m going to do my best but I’m
really sorry if their kind of jumps in what’s happening Oh
oh my gosh I’m so happy this is like my happy place it’s just because the guides
take the camera off you which is safety first that is a good decision
the snow is like touching the bottom of your feet that’s how high it is and it
was just so peaceful out there and lucky for me I think my guides are introverts
– they just respect the peace and quiet we had the nicest time you are coming
out here I highly recommend how was your day yeah we were really craving pizza we being
crabby Pisa for a couple of days we either look Beach at home so we decide
we treat ourselves to a trip to Pizza Hut
and we got there and it was around $38 from 38 per pizza I can’t pay $40 for
one pizza so he said we’re coming to you alright guys so just like that at time
and the Sony Kawa has come to an end we got a really good night’s sleep last
night after you obey look at that oh my goodness we gotta see this Suns coming
through here what wow if this place is absolutely beautiful and not only is it
beautiful there is great food there’s great skiing this great snowboarding
great outdoor activities it is stunning in the winter it’s just incredible
and that the people here are so lovely we feel like we’ve really connected with
the people of Japan we have so many good experiences all right because that is it
from us I hope you’ve enjoyed this video that if you don’t already be sure to
subscribe and say hello in the comments below have a great weekend and I will
talk to you next week love you you

Antonio Breitenberg

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