“Jalama Beach County Park” CA.- Surfing

“Jalama Beach County Park” CA.- Surfing

Welcome to Jalama Beach County Park Here on a mid Sept morning about 8:15 a.m we arrive with ENE offshore winds Air temperatures this day at sunrise had low 50’s with an afternoon high briefly hitting 70 degrees as the wind turned back onshore cooling the beach quickly! The water temperature was on the cool side about 56 degrees This is the north peak of the campground, it can get very good although it backs off a lot, the waves here get much punchier straight out or even a bit to the south end There really was not much swell this day, all areas south of here almost 300 miles to San Diego were only about 1-2 max 3 foot faces best areas.. Most times in this area during good size swells it gets too big for most surfing abilities, and paddle outs can be on the very difficult side- Spring and especially Fall seem to be the best time of year to surf Jalama with fair weather conditions Normally offshore winds are common at sunrise, but then can turn quickly onshore after about 10 a.m Summer time can be foggy a lot early morning with a calm to slightly onshore flow, turning hard onshore clearing skies afternoon- great for windsurfing! Winter time the best shaped waves are at the next break about 1/2 mile to the south “Tarantula’s” The bottom is mostly sand, there maybe a few large rocks mostly covered underneath some times exposed a little.. Some kelp will break off mainly from offshore and areas south where there is more of a rock bottom and float around here in the water… SSW SW swells 195-240 degree angles are best with a little W 270 to WNW combos to help peak up the lines a little and give this beach break some shape! Medium to high tides are good and bring more of the juice closer to shore, also helps break up the walls Lower tides the waves can break pretty far outside making it seem a little more sketchy out there, as with open waters Great Whites and other large fish will be cruising!! This wave here has some WNW swell to it producing a semi long tapered right line, also slightly breaking on the next sandbar outside- Day parking and overnight camping available year round with a fee. Also cabins with heating along with amenities can make for a very comfortable stay! Other popular activities include Windsurfing, Kite flying, Shoreline fishing, Relaxing in the sun, Picnics, and Rockhounding

Antonio Breitenberg

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43 thoughts on ““Jalama Beach County Park” CA.- Surfing

  1. Rexstick Adventures says:

    Nice vid and cool.pics, just was thinking about different cool moments of being around the California beaches thanks for the moment!!! I'll be back again

  2. Rosie Rose says:

    Wow the waves are very high. Awesome surfing, great photos and footage. thanks for sharing. Watched in full, liked and commented. 👍👍👍 Have a great weekend, my friend. hugssss, Rosie 🌹🌹🌹

  3. Antonis Diakakis says:

    Look at them waves! 🌊

  4. rocktruckrob says:

    I would be afraid of surfing over somebody…. ahahahaha….nice vid….# iamacreator from James live,….support….cheers be safe be kind

  5. George Kelting says:

    Great surf spot and hang out all day in1972.

  6. Irada Kitchen says:

    Very relaxing! Waves are beautiful! Awesome video!:)

  7. MrColdwatercanyon says:

    It's a cool spot not to much locals BS

  8. Another WorldView Is Possible says:

    Why surf the creek mouth in front of the camp?

    Itz usually bigger and better at the nearby reef breaks – just a short walk down the beach.

    On a real swell… those spots get big and hairy… like a certain type of spider.

  9. Hit4Hit tv. says:

    what day did you shoot this? usually you have the swell in the description .

  10. HungryTrophyTrooper says:

    wow great vid, showin support my friend!!

  11. Ouzo Lou Garage says:

    Nice waves and the sound of them are relaxing .

  12. Hang With The Bangs says:

    those are some great waves!

  13. Pusa Studios says:

    Love coming to your channel as it is like taking a mini vacation 🙂 Thank you so much for being there for us and hope we are making a difference for you as well. Cheers and all the best

  14. Goat Man says:

    Omg i would love to visit 🌊

  15. djcrimmy says:

    i grew up in bakersfield so no surfing for me but i used to tear it up on a skate board

  16. Quartz Cowboy says:

    You ever surf La Push in Washington? That is where I like to surf, great vids bro!

  17. Northern Mike says:

    Good content👍
    I saw you on I AM A CREATOR. I am here to show some YT support. Hopefully you can support back.

  18. Simple Tech tip says:

    Ocean is so amazing, supporting with W L red B

  19. Reviewing Playing & More RPM says:

    Love this when I'm playing poker…

  20. Benjamin Chavez says:

    I love the beach, Pacific Ocean is my favorite because reminds me of my childhood.

  21. DifferingLikes says:

    Beautiful and relaxing. Saw you at James, hit the red button, view, and share on twitter

  22. Crafts كرافتس says:

    You have a great channel
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  23. Pusa Studios says:

    I feel sooooooooooooo relaxed right now lol

  24. Greek Orthodox Vlogger says:

    Great video, i like old school vhs camera videos! visit me too

  25. KaheemMini says:

    I am a supporting you with love and respect, can you please support me.

  26. Blake SD says:

    Always keep up with what you love with a SMILE 🙂

  27. Lord Dagger says:

    Nice video, dropped a like.

  28. Brother Dunne says:

    Living in central Ontario, didn't have much opportunities to learn to surf, but the draw was always there, now when we visit Costa Rica I can't wait to hit the waves. Beautiful breaks there, here to add support to a fellow creator1165

  29. Josie Gonzalez says:

    Wow beautiful 😍😍 i wish i could surf! Pretty beach!! New subscriber here!! Will support you from now & on🤙🏼 great vibes btw

  30. D. Alex Hutchinson says:

    Fucking closeouts..

  31. Cup Of Spring says:

    Nice beach.

  32. madmaxmedia says:

    Some nice rides, and thanks for posting the detailed spot report!!

  33. Lynda's House of Chill says:

    showing support! great vid!

  34. The Lady Borgia says:

    HENRY!!!! How are you!? I just found a message from you in the old messaging system and wrote you back! I am SO excited to see this video! I am originally from Santa Barbara, CA and with my Grandparents living in Lompoc I swam at Jalama Beach all the time!!!! There are SO many WONDERFUL memories here!!!!! I am saving this in a special playlist to go back and watch again of special places I love that I find videos about! I live near NYC, though still near the beach lol, and don't get back very often so these are a wonderful treat to get to see home and places I know so well and have such happy memories there with family! THANK YOU!!!

  35. Rodney Haltom says:

    you make the best adventure videos for the surfer who wants to see what a place is really like! Good Job Man!


    What kind of toaster did you use to shoot the video, my friend wants to know

  37. Michael Muñoz says:

    Preferred T-Point. Worth the walk (or parking ticket).

  38. Jackson Smith says:

    One of my favorite places to bodyboard as a kid. Blown out everywhere else, this place would be on! Thanks for posting.

  39. Ron Coulombe says:

    You still have skills old man! Great to see you out there!

  40. Zach Newsom says:

    You knew better than to video at T's 🤣

  41. mrquizical says:

    It is a goofy foot's paradise, but you better know how to surf.  It can be brutal.  That is an understatement.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. mrquizical says:

    Nice guitar by the way. I just wanted to tell you.  Thank You.

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    T Shirts beach and surf merch available for this channel.
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