Iwi, DOC decide on burial of stranded whale

Iwi, DOC decide on burial of stranded whale

A large whale has died today
near Dargaville. The 10-metre whale was
seen stranded this morning, about eight kilometres south
of Baylys Beach entrance between Mahuta and Glinks Gully. Reporter Whatitiri Te Wake
was present on the beach as the stranded whale died, Whati what are the latest details? Good afternoon. I’m here at DOC offices at Te Kauri in Dargaville, Northland. Local iwi Te Roroa and Te Uri o Hau
are here as are council and DOC
to discuss what will happen next following the beaching of a whale
at Ripiroa. This whale was stranded and isolated
this morning and death followed. This morning a revered denizen
of the deep passed away. The whale died on Ripiroa. It’s a sad time for us. When help eventually arrived
to attempt a rescue or assist, rough sea conditions hampered
all efforts as the carcass rolled violently
through the waves. Te Roroa are no strangers
to whale strandings along this piece of coast. They say that there are positives
in working collaboratively together with local council and the
Department of Conservation. DOC says the goal now for them
is to run tests so they can determine
why the whale beached. The iwi have discussed
and expressed they want to bury the whale
by the sea. No date has been set yet
as to when the whale will be buried. DOC, however, do want
to run some examinations on the whale
before it is laid to rest. Thank you for the update, Whatitiri Te Wake. That’s Whatitiri Te Wake
live from Dargaville.

Antonio Breitenberg

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