Ireland’s Matchmaker Has Made Love Connections for 50 Years

Ireland’s Matchmaker Has Made Love Connections for 50 Years

(light melodic music) – [Narrator] In beautiful County Clare in the verdant southwest of Ireland, there is a man, a farmer, a local legend, a man who provides a very special service. – That woman wants someone
that looks like Donald Trump. (laughing) – [Narrator] Like I said, it’s special. – [Announcer] This “Great Big
Story” is inspired by Genesis. (cheerful melodic music) – [Narrator] Matchmakers
have been helping couples in Ireland since ancient times and this guy is one of the last. ♪ I went into an ale
house I used to frequent ♪ – [Narrator] Today the
matchmaking tradition has evolved, many matches are made at a
festival in nearby Lisdoonvarna; every year the festival
attracts thousands of people and lasts 24 days; Willie is
at the heart of the event, and to him, human contact is everything. – Oh!
– Let’s do it! – Let’s do it. – [Narrator] This is
Willie’s daughter, Elisha; she’s a matchmaker as well. ♪ No never no more ♪ – That’s the “Wild Rover” now. (cheerful melodic music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Ireland’s Matchmaker Has Made Love Connections for 50 Years

  1. Adrian Medrano says:

    Yo you guys drop videos everyday holy shit

  2. dinker says:

    Those horses are so beautiful

  3. Ibraheem Talha says:

    I thought this video is about handmade matches (like you know, the one you light up)

  4. Kenneth Brown says:

    There's hope for us single people

  5. Ragnarok k says:


  6. Thane Grace says:

    How does Willie feel about boys looking for husbands? Or girls looking for wives 😅 asking for a friend

  7. Painted Pony says:

    I think what we're all left wondering after that is… Just how many nice donkeys does he have at his house and how nice are they?! 02:30

  8. Yubi K. says:

    This is sweet.

  9. moon book says:

    Wtf I just got an ad for this YouTube channel when I want to watch them

  10. 123 xyz says:

    As an Irish person I’m like , why are there subtitles?

  11. Jen says:

    Carpool to Ireland anyone?

  12. ButterToast says:

    When i read the title, I actually thought he made matches, like the type for lighting fires. And brought couples together as a side hussle.

  13. Shinobi says:

    Irish rural places, Europe's rural places look so beautiful and quiet that it makes me wonder why on earth would anyone wanna leave them in the first place!

  14. khushboo sirova says:

    me being typical started reading subtext as soon they appeared then 2 sec later i realised he is speaking english only

  15. Vash ily says:

    Omg i want to be a match maker

  16. Dairokuten Maou says:

    I NEED to meet this man 😭

  17. VegasGirl35 says:

    Willie and his daughter should transcribe the contents of that book before the paper disintegrates. Those old records are such a treasure.

  18. Samuel Adewole says:

    No nay never, never no more. Will I play the wild rover, no never no more.

  19. Melissa Nicola says:

    Why do yee say “eye-er-Land” like sure it’s not that hard to say Ireland

  20. Atara Harrari says:

    Too bad I can’t have him help me… not cuz I don’t live in Ireland it’s cuz I am a lesbian lmao 😂

  21. Dewa Eryadi says:

    1:45 dang… she's hot

  22. whatever why says:

    Dang good thing to know so I don’t go through embarrassment

  23. fazz says:

    I wonder if he does gay couples

  24. Gold says:

    There are wild pony’s ….
    And they have a fairy matchmaker !
    Castles too

  25. Seth Goodwin says:

    I don't think this was done well. They didn't even ask him to comment about matching non cisgender or heterosexual people. That's kind of important when it comes to love and sexuality.

  26. Nichole Angela says:

    Dude before the video played I got an add for this channel

  27. TudorCinema says:

    Maybe this guy can help incels!

  28. Ashling O'Toole says:

    But can he get me a rich farmer from Kerry with good road frontage? Asking for me mam on behalf of myself

  29. Jessica Strom says:

    Can I hire him from Texas… only slightly kidding lol

  30. Jeff Pape says:

    I’ve driven through this town haha. What a legend.

  31. Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd Nasir says:

    First the Blarney Stone, now this Book; those Irish never ceases to surprise me. But if it works… LET ME TOUCH IT!!!

  32. AppleZEN says:

    The classic dating app

  33. mingzybaby says:

    The magic book should go on a world tour so more people can touch it and be touched by its magic!

  34. evanrfox says:

    Could this guy come to the US….

  35. Naruto X Hinata says:

    🧡❤️💜💛💚💙 awww

  36. Bernardo Martinez says:

    I thought that it meant that he made handmade matches or something (as in the ones you light a fire with)

  37. Bernardo Martinez says:

    I got an add for “Great Big Story” before watching this Great Big Story video… hmmm

  38. Dank ln Donutz says:

    I need you rn😂

  39. Ayelen013 says:

    when I read the little I thought 'why the fuck would a manufacturer of matches make love connections'

  40. I can do no nothing says:

    Jowable, Kim Molina here u go

  41. TheSans Nerd says:

    Getting a Great Big Story ad on this video?

  42. Alby Y says:

    So he gets them drunk?

  43. Marky Mark says:

    He is awesome..the world needs more people like him here in America.

  44. Amanda Vassiliadis says:


  45. Fajar Setiawan says:

    'til I see this video, I still thought matchmaker as a person who makes matchsticks. You know, like The Little Match Girl.

  46. matthew mccarty says:

    I guess it doesn't work for gay people… lol

  47. Bakahoe _Katsushit says:

    I got a great big story ad

  48. Violet Rose says:

    الخاطبة الأيرلندي

  49. Granny G says:

    General interests & hobbies: sex , fishing, golf , riding (horse)

  50. Granny G says:

    Awh Willie

  51. KarMa CañQuints says:

    At first, I thought it was a cow. But it's a horse. K. Bye.

  52. GEORGE HIZON says:

    I would want to meet this Mr. Matchmaker.

  53. Priscilla says:

    Why the fuck would you want some one who looks like Donald Trump? 😩😂

  54. Socah Divah says:

    I've been Guinness for years and still single

  55. V3c70r says:

    I love these videos but did I really just get a great big story ad before a great big story video?

  56. Shikha Rawat says:

    Time to get my ass over there

  57. almira siskartika says:


  58. anthony gumbo says:

    Drunk in loveeeeee

  59. Synta Lina says:

    I have to go to Ireland and meet him to solve my case and see if it it works 🤗

  60. cranky old teenager says:

    L O L

  61. R. Westbrook says:

    That could’ve been an hour long doco and i wouldve loved every minute

  62. Kami Chan says:

    So maybe my soulmate could be in Ireland and only Willie knows him lol

  63. bentang lazuar says:

    Damn I thought it was watchmaker

  64. Reema Ameer says:

    2:20 yer shit outta luck, Willie. Everrybody is soberr on coffee nowr.
    3:43 my good God that's a beauty

  65. Sir M. says:

    He sounds like Mimir in GOW4

  66. Dawood Haroon says:

    Give me the book. No matter how you get it. Smuggle it,steal it, I don't care, just get me the fookin book.. Six months??? Gheez.

  67. shirahime23 says:

    Bless your heart, Willie. You're able to connect hearts because your heart is as big and as green as the fields of County Clare. What you do and who you are makes me so proud to be Irish. 🙂

  68. sttrayybullett says:

    I thought the title said Watchmaker so needless to say I was fucking surprised when he wasn’t a watchmaker

  69. Uneti Tree says:

    I need to book a flight in ireland

  70. Suba Shuba says:

    Sana ol

  71. Margarbie Adams says:

    May I touch your book please sir lol.

  72. Anna Nowak says:

    The Matchmaker 1997 ( Milo O'Shea )😌

  73. 21whichiswhich says:

    I should seek his help I'm single for almost a decade. Lol

  74. Shaddy says:

    Tell him to come to India😅😁😎😂

  75. Esmé says:

    It’s a shame he is the last.

  76. jennifer williams says:


  77. Kimberly Hernandez says:

    2:18 he’s so beautiful

  78. Kay2be2mr says:

    Help me Willie!!!

  79. Passport DIY says:

    At least he's a good match maker, the south Asian match makers I am stuck with are making a mess!

  80. Tsetsi says:

    This woman wants someone who looks like Donald Trump

  81. Ernest Borres says:

    Despite the staaggering popularity of Matchmaking apps. None of them gets the beauty and warmth of a traditional matchmaking.

  82. MAnout - kiD iN ! says:

    Aye i can understand this Irish guy

  83. John L says:

    I read the title as, "Ireland's Matchmaker Has Made Love for 50 Years." (Y)

  84. A A says:

    *books a flight to Ireland after video *

  85. Holy Atheist says:

    Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match!

  86. Yu Iko says:

    Is the daughter looking for a match, cuz you know…

    Her dad can totally match her with someone!

  87. Always Expose the Foreheads says:

    Ayyy maybe he can help a sister out.

  88. Néstor Abreu Jiménez says:

    Ireland, the land of love and rain

  89. L W says:

    Im coming to Ireland 😤

  90. Ishrat Rahman says:

    Simply lovely

  91. Rum Nas says:

    We need this in America instead of Tinder/bumble/etc.

  92. B Martinez says:

    Irish matchmaking: get'em boozy & handsy

  93. Rita Tran says:

    Can he come to the US? I’ll pay for the ticket.

  94. Joshima M says:

    This is chaos magic. If you believe youre practicing magic, you make the magic happen.

  95. Dyl Pickle says:

    Awww I'm so happy people like this still exist❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍

  96. Dontaskmeanyquestions says:

    I need his contact ASAP

  97. OG Fight night says:

    So people have to touch the book get drunk and feel like their in love and it works? Hmm nice

  98. Erin McCoy says:

    If she wants a man that looks like Donald trump, he has a cow ready.

  99. Marc3lina 1969 says:

    I want him to love match me😍

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