Introduction to Glide SURF

Introduction to Glide SURF

Here we are to talk about the Glide SURF NeilPryde foils. We have 3 options which gives you variety whether you want bigger waves, smaller waves or if you are a beginner and just want to try foiling for the first time. we have all the options. The Glide Large comes with 2 back wings and the reason why we give you 2 wings: On a bigger wing, there is more drag but it’s nice and slow, very stable very safe. The smaller back wing is going to be a little bit of a faster cadence a little less drag, a little more efficient through the water. If you are a big person, take the large. If you are of an average weight and height, go with the medium size. and the small Glide Surf obviously offers a little more performance. So what’s amazing about these Glide SURF NeilPryde foils is this thicker leading edge. What this gives you is High lift, lots of stability and a very safe, easy to foil wing. What’s super unique about our foils is the very simple system to interchange your wings. You just have 3 bolts. You can change any wing, back wing or front wing. You can trim your back wing whether you want high, more stable lift or if you want a little bit of a faster inertia or a faster cadence. You can literally modify your foil to the perfect weight whether it’s riding waves, pumping across flat water or just getting out and learning to foil for the first time. The NeilPryde SURF Foils come with a plate system as well as a deep-tuttle option and a powerbox option. And that’s it, simple as that, NeilPryde foils. Greatest foils on the market right now.

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “Introduction to Glide SURF

  1. SupHut says:

    Great movie !

  2. Lean macht TV says:

    i really love NeilPryde Stuff & Videos. I really want a full RS:X Gear, because i windsurfed Mistral OneDesign back in the days… But its hard to get RS:X here in Germany.

  3. Clube do Vento - Sup - Kite - Wind says:

    Em breve, disponível no Clube do Vento, tanto para aluguel como para venda.

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