Inside The Play | Lizotte’s First NHL Goal

Inside The Play | Lizotte’s First NHL Goal

– [Announcer] Kulak absorbs
the check from Lizotte. Coughs up the puck. Grundstrom’s pass, knocked down. Wagner’s shot, swatting at it Lizotte. They score! Blake Lizotte’s first NHL goal! – Blake, I’ll start with you. How much did the time and score affect your approach to this one shift? – Yeah, that was a time in the
game where we needed a goal. Down two in an away barn,
I think that’s a big goal. I think you could play
with a little more energy knowing you need a goal. I think Wags and I both
feed off that energy, so, yeah, that was kind
of the mindset then. – Looking back at that game, and you know right from the start we run the forecheck hard. Other than that, that whole
game we were aggressive and we were playing the way we needed to and that’s what created
the chances for us. – Because you’ve been around
previous to this year? – [Austin] Yeah. – Is that a little bit more aggressive, like three guys below the hash marks? – [Ausin] Yeah.
– [Jim] Than in the past? – Yeah, well the last
year we didn’t play that, basically a 1-2-2 almost,
number one, two on two. Now it’s let’s get in there
and basically go get the puck, so the system’s changed a lot and I think’s it’s helped
out the team in a lot of ways of playing with more
speed and more confidence. You know, it gives us the freedom to have the puck and make plays. Grundy has so many options. He has me, he has Walks, he can
throw it back down to Blake. He can, you know, throw it at the net, which I think he was trying to do there and it bounced off a guy,
but there’s so many options for him with that new system that we play. – You wanna be aggressive, but you end up backing off here, right? ‘Cause you gotta– – I can’t dive in.
– You gotta get some space there, right? – No, yeah, well they got three full, but I still can’t dive in. – But the best way to get
a stoppage or a face-off is to put the puck in the net, right? – [Austin] Right, exactly.
– [Blake] Exactly. – Face-off at center ice.
– Saves me the back check. (laughing) – First career goal, I know it might, game related what was the first thing that went through your mind? – Game related, is now we got a game. I think, you know, it kind
of energized the team. And I go, we got a couple minutes left here to make a push. It didn’t really hit
me ’til after the game. I was like, aw that’s your first goal. I was like, that’s pretty cool. As you know, my dad
passed away when I was 14, so I think that was something for sure. I write M-L on my stick
and the camera happened, right after I scored,
happened to catch the M-L on my tape and I got quite a few pictures from friends and family
after saying, you know, he definitely saw that one. And yeah, that was a special one for sure. – You were aware right away
that it’s Blake’s first goal. – Oh yeah. If we go to the inside of the net angle I pulled a nasty toe drag, dude.
(Blake laughs) Of the puck going into the net. Right here, watch the toe
drag, watch the toe drag. Sneak! (all laughing and cheering) Skill guy. – [Blake] Atta way Wags. – You know I’m happy to grab that for him and hopefully, well I know,
it’ll be hangin’ on your wall for the rest of your life
and you’ll always look at it and remember that game, so
I’m happy that you got it and I got to be a part of it. – [Announcer] Kulak absorbs
the check from Lizotte. Coughs up the puck. Grundstrom’s pass, knocked down. Wagner’s shot, swatting at it Lizotte. They score! Blake Lizotte’s first NHL goal!

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. mrkoala95 says:

    Man that bit about blakes dad hit me hard, I didn't even know. I love Lizzo so much, his energy and passion on the ice is a coach and fans dream. Please keep him around so theres a chance his energy rubs off on the rest of our guys!!

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