INSANE Truck Sledding!

INSANE Truck Sledding!

this has been a great year, not only for
my YouTube channel but for most of the world. let’s start back in January
Trump was inaugurated, we had this guy and this thing. nothing really important
happened in February. coming in April there was United Airlines drama. moving
on we had the totally great invention of the fidget spinners and that pretty
much explains the whole month of May. in June the Western world heard a lot about
one particular phrase called the floor is lava. July there was that hot dog guy,
and in August there really wasn’t anything exciting, from there on the y ear
kind of quieted down so yeah I guess maybe we didn’t have the
best year in history, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a better 2018. so all
I can say for now is pretty simple, Happy New Year!

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “INSANE Truck Sledding!

  1. brianna marx says:

    Happy new year Ben

  2. 31savage hre says:

    sonq manes?

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