inline speed skating body weight transfert exercice (pascal briand vlog 216)

inline speed skating body weight transfert exercice (pascal briand vlog 216)

Antonio Breitenberg

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19 thoughts on “inline speed skating body weight transfert exercice (pascal briand vlog 216)

  1. thierry feutrier says:

    ouaiiiiissss, je suis le premier Like

  2. thierry feutrier says:

    alors on fait son kéké avec des roues de couleurs différentes par patin ? et en plus un profil elliptique différent ? Tuning is life hahaha

  3. thierry feutrier says:

    tip top pour des jeunes débutants : cours avec Briand Pascal !!! on en rêve

  4. STR Skating Academy says:


  5. pavan lanka says:

    pascal sir legs tell always something 😍👌🏼

  6. Justin Bi says:

    Good video as always!
    Which exercise would be the best for getting a longer push on a single leg?

  7. Joseph Maxime Bayemi says:

    Avec ce Tuto.Peut on ameliorer ses erreurs de poussées et croisées?

  8. Paul Drouin says:

    Pascal, your videos are sooo inspiring!! They make me want to skate;-)

  9. maaouy says:

    awesome master !

  10. Gerry Ouma says:

    Come down to Kenya too. You are welcome.

  11. Timothy Tjoen-Tak-Seu says:

    Can you do this
    with regular inline skates?

  12. Roller Skating Mumbai says:

    Pascal Rocks🤘 always such useful skating tips..I get better after each tutorial you release Pascal, thank you so much 😊


    When a you gonna come to MALINDI-KENYA?

  14. phillip welch says:

    Always learning, thank you both. Looking fit for the W/C. In the last car park session Sara skipped in a cross over, if it's possible, could she string 3 or 4 together in a future freeskate to help break it down, seems like a good way to get clear of trouble.

  15. Sara Ahmed says:

    Hi l am Sara and l am one of them and l miss you so much

  16. SKATE ROCK says:

    Awesome sir……

  17. Justin Bi says:

    Which wheels are that? Matter CHR? Also which matter wheels would you recommend for a marathon?

  18. David Gerescher says:

    Excellent!! Gave me some exercises to do. Thank you both.

  19. GreenTools NYC says:

    great exercise for my left over my right which im so not comfortable ever doing. So weird.

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