KIZER trimax frames review Olá youtube, my name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel Addict ahah, I´m Ricardo Lino this is Deco and today I´m going to make a review about the TRIMAX am I in focus?should be. so the TRIMAX frame from kizer basically the TRIMAX frame is a frame that allow you to skate the 3 times 110 mm wheels something like this 110 mm wheels from undercover and they fit perfect on those frames but you can also with 105 , 100 and off course you can go a little bit smaller which i haven’t tried. for me out of realizing the 100 millimeters it will work the best that’s for the type of skating that I want to do with this frame so basically the TRIMAX frame it’s the from what i know it’s the first UFS the first UFS triskating frame which means that you can put this every aggressive skate boot ,if they have the UFS system so if you have a old pair of Salomons . Ops i made a video about salomons before if you have some razors skates sebas skates, rollerblade , USD like this ones you can put this the TRIMAX frame one thing. if you´re going to be riding a tall frame like this you want a supportive boot , so i would say usually a little bit if you can choose a boot a little bit taller and hard boot or something like this, which is stable enough it’s going to work better than super low boot so, over here I have a pair of Carbons carbons franky morales but i end up choosing the sway cause its like a hard boot and it’s a little bit higher boot, so I think it’s a more supportive boot then the franky morales, at least for this frames. A lot of people with compare this to something like these these are powerblading frames this are the kizer advance that allows you to put 80 millimeter wheels is on the level these are the level 3 i think and they allow you to put 72 millimeter wheels this, the TRIMAX like i told you before you can go up to 110 if If you compare that one time to 80 mm wheel..frame the difference it’s not that big the difference is not that big of course the wheel the wheels will stick a lot more we just make you skate a little bit higher to the ground which for some things work really good in my opinion I like the tall not that I like to taller frame but i like being higher to the ground when it comes to slide and that’s how I have the most fun on this skates i would say like sliding with these skates just work the first thing is, because you´re sliding on three wheels it’s one less wheel … sliding in the ground which means less surface sliding, which makes it easier to start sliding, then because you taller , because higher to the ground you can lean more without being scared of your boot touch that would happen a little bit with frames like 80 meters but the boot is still wide, usually aggressive skate you have this plates and these plates would easy , if this would be the ground, this plates would easily touch the ground when you try to slide, parallel slides or any unity slides when the plastic touches, when the plastic of the boot touches the, the ground a lot of times slips out and then you end up falling so that’s one of the main advantages in my opinion for this, also something that you should know is lets see if i can show you on this wheel, the wheel is like down this one , this one is also down and this one is up which means that all these wheels, have rocker washers, which means that you can pull you wheels all down all up or you can play with these rockers right now I have the two rear wheels down and this front will rockered like rockered up which means that usually when i slide I go more on the back two wheels so like I told you before even less surface touching the ground which makes it easy to slide if you ask me if you have more control well, more wheels will give you more control, control while sliding but to start sliding, you can go from the front to the back two wheels and that will make it a lot easier to turn and at the same time to slide like I told you people ask me but are you gonna grind in those things? how you even grind with these things? well it’s possible all these makio and fishbrains and souls and soul based tricks those are easy , those are just like any aggressive skate well not really the same right you’ve been doing the makio trick that’s an easy one but if you want to like a topside trick you usually need to bent a lot more but that’s common sense right taller frame you need to do a proper top sides if you want to the top sides they are totally doable and I would say it has to do with your skill if you can do like your top side like proper topside you’ll be doing topsides these no problem obviouslly you won´t be able to hold a fishbrain as long as you would be doing on a smaller frame with 55 millimeter wheels so for that is the little bit different but was completely different is when you do people call them grind block-based tricks like a frontside and royale and unity anything that has to do with sliding in between wheels, thats when these skates are completely different and the truth is thats when the fun starts for me you usually slide right here where you have the middle wheel .on this ones that’s not really doable .right ? can you slide here ? I don’t think so, so you´re going to if you want to do grind block slides you gonna be doing between the first two wheels and the back two wheels if you have bigger wheels like the 110 you have a reduced space here which means that its going to be easier for you to get stuck while grinding on coping on on a ledge but its still doable is always up to the way that , if you look here if you lean your skate to the side there’s more than space for you to grind here, off course if you skate goes flat if you try to grind something with your foot like this you will get stuck but if you go on the corner of the frame you’ll be able to grind, smaller wheels will give you more room for that, I haven’t tried with 90 millimeters some people ask me if you could use it yes you can use 90 , you can even use 80 if you want i wouldn’t , cause then you lose the the main thing of these frames which is skating with big wheels being able to just roll through everything but again that’s my opinion you can go probably you can even put 60 millimeters wheels if you want just try it, but i want to see it if you do it please show me, i would love too see you skating with 60 millimeter wheels on this I i wouldn’t say its the best but its totally doable, when it comes to grinds, like I told you it’s fun it’s completely different you always going to be all the corners of the frame, you can´t slide with your feet flat like you would be able to to do on a regular aggressive skate, small frame but it’s fun just the amount of speed and the way you can mix sliding , wheel slides to the proper grind slides or coping or edge slides, it makes it just a different experience and as the Freestyle skater it’s fun but if you’re looking for some frames just put on your aggressive skates and if your boot UFS just to roll around, this is the perfect thing is like this is amazing it if you just want to roll around if you’re like a city like Barcelona, if you’re going to Barcelona a lot of people just get from place to place but sometimes most of you don’t even love you don’t have two pairs of skates like one pair of freeskates and one pair of aggressive skates one set of this frames would completely would work, would just be perfect , so you just change the frames and then you just roll around if you just go for distance you put all the wheels down and then they want to be as nervous but if you want do tricks then you can play a little bit rockers something really cool that found out the other day is you can change the frame without needing to take off any other wheel which needs from here I can just get the screw , the tool needs to be little bit sideways but it works i can i can take the frames, i can take my frames out without needing to take the front on the back wheel and that is actually pretty cool makes it a lot faster, so if i need to change this frame for a smaller frame and just go and do some grinds, some whatever stuff that I want that’s the way … and that’s it i’m going to show you some tricks that i did with these over the last few days I’ve been having lots of fun with these , so i would totally tell you to try them they come as the frame only or you can buy the pack that comes with I think it’s powerslide infinity 110 milimeter wheels so these are the two options that you can buy this frame and and if you ask me again they work , you try them out and let me know how they work for you ok if there’s anything else I can help you if you have any other questions man i got these frames here I got some other boots where i can try them on I’m more than happy to answer your questions we’re done for today i hope you enjoyed this video and if your not subcribing to the channel now is the time to do it there’s something somewhere below the video just saying SUBSCRIBE click on it i’ll be doing more of these videos, hope you enjoyed this one …. see you soon

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