Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino and
we´re wheel adddicts so today me and Zayn have 2 news for you
the first news which is good and bad is probably one of the last videos that
we’re gonna do with this guy at least in the next few months maybe years because
this guy is moving to the UK but before he moves we’re gonna make this video
last time that he downhill it was 15 I’m now 37 yeah but it’s like when you were
15 when you went downhill you had no idea what you were doing and so what I’m
gonna do today is I’m gonna make a downhill basics video so if you want to
start going down hills there’s some things that you need to know so it’s
right now 6:52 and we’re eating a long hill it’s not
really known hill from Cape Town it’s called Signal Hill it’s a long hill but
it’s not too steep not too fast but fast enough for your first downhill 20 years
later you ready for this and because we’re doing something that
protection is really really important here’s the protections that st. brought
with him for his first downhill these are shin guards like if you’re
gonna fall on our shins anyway talking about protection the most important
thing the most important rule when you’re going downhill is to never do it
alone so you don’t want to go by yourself you
never know what’s going to happen also when you’re going downhill usually
you want to have a safety car especially if you’re going in an open road like
we’re going today so basically what we’re gonna do
there’s one guy going down and the other one is driving the car behind we can
also put a camera but the main reason why we do it is for safety also imagine
if you’re going like two down three or four kilometers downhill if you need to
go hop hill every single time it’s important to have someone driving behind
you and that will allow you to make more runs and let’s not forget that if you
get super tired it also gets dangerous now protection wise we’re talking about
gear the most important piece of protection that you need when you’re
going down is this helmet and helmets you can use a few different ones you can
who use an open-face helmet just like this one which it’s not the safest but
at the same time it protects the most important part which is your head of
course you can always fall in your face but
for that you can use this is a full face helmet and the reason why you use the
full face helmet well basically there’s two main reason it’s more safe and as
you can see it’s more safe and other than that it’s also more aerodynamic and
when you when you go downhill when you go real fast every little detail count
and every little thing will make you go faster this it’s supposed to cut the
wind better than an open-faced helmet other than that there’s more protections
that you need and then the second one which is really really important is the
way you protect your hands you can protect your hands with these these are
like some in new wrist guards but you can use any other wrist guards as long
as you feel your wrist is protected and you need this plastic protection or
metal or whatever or you can also use some downhill specific protection this
one is made of leather it has like a sliding puck which I still don’t know
how to use it but it saves me if I go really really fast this can save me so
gloves are the second for some people even more important but in my opinion
they are the second most important piece of protection that you can use other
than that kneepads help elbow pads help some people even use
those shorts with foam or whatever you call it it’s called crash pads some
people even use protections in their back I guess it’s up to what you feel
safe and what you feel that you can move with now skate wise what do you want to
use when you’re going downhill you might have seen that a lot of people use five
wheel skates when they go down or something like these or something like this the reason why you
use the five wheel skates is longer frame lower to the ground then if you
use like a 3-1 25 and when it’s lower to the ground it’s also more stable and
because you have five wheels you have more grip is this the only setup that
you can use for downhill no I keep saying it depends on the downhill that
you’re doing if you’re doing something with like not that banty like something
more like straight like straight lines you can use a three 125 if it’s a long
frame it’s gonna be stable enough of course if it’s higher if it’s a taller
skate it’s not as stable as a lower frame but it can also give you more
speed if you have bigger wheels but then if you need to turn if you do need to do
any tight turns that’s when you need these the five wheels will give you a
lot more grip and that grip is going to be needed so five wheels more grip four
wheels more grip than three you can even use it you can even do it with two if
you want but good luck on those turns first question usually ease how do I
slow down so there’s a few different ways to slow down easiest way or the
most common way it’s carving so basically it’s instead of going in a
straight line if you go something like this guy did you do something like that that is
going to slow you down then there’s also a few other ways to stop and those are
other techniques that you can use from other types of skating something like
the T stop yeah and make it be stopped t stop is
something like this check this that will reduce the speed
when you’re going now let’s see what Zen got here wait wait wait wait wait is it
the best no kills your wheels yes but it is what it is and sometimes you don’t
feel comfortable with other types of stop such as it looks like then that was
actually good it was his first time on the 5 x 80 millimeters that’s good so now you know what protections to use
and how to slow down there’s also another way for you to slow down which
is called the air break basically you might have seen when people go down they
use aerodynamic technique I can say it it’s called the tuck and the tuck can be
done in more kind of there’s this is more than one different tuck basically
there’s the tuck with both legs and there’s the tuck with one foot in front
of the other you might have seen both of them but if you’re going in that
position it’s actually a lot faster than if you just escaped like normally so
basically if you’re going in that tucked position when it’s just open when it
just stand up and open something like that that will make you stop Zayn is
going to show it for us come on then show me the hair break in front of me
boom every ah the biggest if you’re going slow you
don’t really feel it but if you’re going real fast
you’ll feel a huge difference because the wind just gonna make you reduce
speed yeah that’s for sure then now let’s go to the Tuck what is
the tuk-tuk is something like an aerodynamic position that you get to go
faster so you need to think of your body in a way that is going to cut the wind
so the old tuk like a lot of people call it used to be something like this you
put both legs parallel and then with your ends you try to cut the wind and
you need to think that you’re your helper body needs to be as parallel to
the ground as possible because if I’m gonna go like this my chest is going to
to be air breaking you don’t want that so
something like these some people can go lower and some people say that if you go
lower to the ground you have more control I guess it depends on everyone
and also it depends on your flexibility not everyone has the same flexibility
not everyone can do the same with your body and not everyone feel safe the same
way with skates so it’s up to what you feel comfortable but you should know
this is the regular the old tuck something like this again don’t forget
that these needs to go as parallel as possible to the ground
now the new-school talk which comes from skateboarding from longboard whatever
it’s something like this and why do you do it well if you look at my legs when I
do the old tuck I have two points cutting the wind basically both legs are
going to be against the wind they’re stopping me but if I do the new tuck the
front leg is covering the back one so instead of having two wind breaks or two
yeah two points breaking me with the wind – wind breaks
I don’t worry instead of having two instead of having two wind breaks if I
do the new track I also have one only then of course there’s also less wheels
rolling on the floor that can make me go faster in my opinion for me it’s easier
to get parallel to the ground with my upper body but at the same time it’s a
lot more tiring and a lot less stable so start with the old-school tuck and then
the more comfortable do you get then you can get to the new-school tuck if you
want to say it ok now what can we do what should we do now
Zane what wheels do you think would be the best for downhill softer heart I
reckon it depends on heart is gonna be a high running speed mm-hmm and softer is
gonna be a low rolling speed maybe you’ll get a bit more grip it depends on
what you yeah so basically there’s something really important a lot of
times people think the hardness of the wheels will give you more grip not
necessarily not necessarily it has to do with the compound of the wheel so you
need to look at the wheel as you can hold together of speed grip and sliding
capability capability something like that so most of the times the artist
wheels make it harder for you to slide and I know that most of the people think
that this doesn’t make sense and a lot of people think air but if it’s harder
it’s gonna be easier to slide not necessarily it has to do more with the
compound of the wheel then with the hardness of the wheel the thing is
usually with the softer will when you slide it’s more stable so the wheel is
soft yes it’s sitting the wheel the wheels last last time but when it slides
it’s like smooth like butter easier if you get like super hard wheels what
happens is that there is no idea and that doesn’t give you control you don’t
want that so it’s hard to explain what I can tell you is these wheels work both
of these these are the power slide spinner 85 and these ones are the
undercover chameleon 90 millimeters 86a they are completely different compounds
but both of them works for sliding if I will be using some other wheels I don’t
know like I said before it just depends on the compound so now let’s do our
first seals let’s put let’s gear up with protections should I do it first I want
to do it first I think you can do it first really
important when it comes to speed and aerodynamic is the clothes that you get
usually if you have something like super baggy it’s going to be
less aerodynamic and make you go slower so you might have seen if you look at
real downhill videos or competitions you’ll see people using a lot of these
something like lycra whatever that is this one is not really like but it’s
something that that something that looks like lycra also some people use leather
like leather is usually really good for aerodynamic and it will also protect you
so if you use any leather suits usually you don’t need to use like knee pads or
something like that on top of it but I guess it depends on you and today
it’s like a chilled heel so Zen is going to be using jeans and jeans is actually
like one of the best options that you can have especially when you’re starting
we’re not expecting to fall when you don’t when you go downhill you don’t
expect to fall but in case it happens jeans is one of the best protections if
you don’t have any like leather suit or something like that these that I got it
might be the worst option so it’s faster if I like if I want to go faster if I
take the shorts out and if I just go with that it’s going to be faster than
the jeans but at the same time for sure not as protective now so let’s do the
same good luck Hey I felt amazing then you good yeah it’s
Zane’s first day downhill so still a little bit scared you can sit as someone
was driving the safety car the most important thing is to make sure that if
there’s a car coming behind we tell them why we are here so they need to
understand there’s the skin in front of us for Zane it’s important that it keeps
the psy.d side of the road the one that I’m driving cuz I can give him
protection on my side of the road but if he goes to the other side and I can do
anything obviously if it’s a straight heel you can actually look and you can
see if there’s other cars coming here let’s do this get it and brake is going for it get it saying so the
thing here is for me sometimes it’s it’s kind of scary that you go really really
close but at the speed that it is going if something goes wrong it will slide
too it’s if something goes wrong before some reason it falls it’s way more
efficient for me in the car to stop than for him so basically what happens is I
can always stop if I’m paying attention so probably filming or doing what I’m
doing right now it’s something that you should be doing we started skating around seven right
now it’s about 9:30 and traffic is picking up so it’s becoming a lot more
dangerous so it’s time for us to stop as you might have seen these old video I
keep talking about safety because Daniel can actually be really really fun and
it’s something that you can do for as long as you want
don’t forget like helmet gloves are really really important make sure that
you don’t do it alone and you have a safety car it’s like also really really
important try to avoid picking hours of traffic and then also be smart because
once your legs start getting tired it’s time to stop and my legs are fucked on
yeah you just it’s it’s really especially when it’s a long hill it’s
come it’s a real like burner so you might not see it in the videos but when
you go down long heels your legs stop responding and if you do it once two
three times it’s sometimes just it’s hard because here you want to do it but
you really need to stop it otherwise it’s not safe anymore so that’s what
we’re gonna do no that’s it we’re gonna end up this video right here we have the
best city in the world right behind this camera right now we have lots of fun and
I think that’s the most important thing so I hope
it’s downhill ramp skating free skating whatever you want to call it the most
important thing is that you have fun there’s a few things that you should
know on each type of skating that will make it safer and probably F more fun so
that’s it yeah I’m just saying like you were saying about regardless of what you
do I’m generally an aggressive skater and this is my first time in a long time
doing some downhill it’s a lot of fun all types of skating are enjoyable so
whatever you do have fun guys that’s it hope you enjoy this video if you did
enjoyed this video don’t forget to give us some thumbs up if you don’t like it
thumbs down but let let us know why what did we do wrong here we’re trying to
make you better at something so anyway if you don’t like it give me thumbs down
but if you did like it subscribe to the channel maybe subscribe to the channel
if you don’t like it either maybe the next one you’re gonna like other than
that other than that just never forget why we all started skating because it’s
fun cheers guys

Antonio Breitenberg

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