Inline skating technique: The target theory (Pascal Briand Vlog 11)

Inline skating technique: The target theory (Pascal Briand Vlog 11)

Antonio Breitenberg

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8 thoughts on “Inline skating technique: The target theory (Pascal Briand Vlog 11)

  1. EmiVlogs says:

    I listen chad talking about this theory too, I'm having a hard time accepting it haha, what do you think about low hips position, does it helps to give more pressure to the push? if not, why we are still trying to get low body position if it is not to push longer? and one more thing, taking an example, Bart Swings has a long or short push to you? thx for your answers

  2. Ilan Vardi says:

    Hello and thanks for you many instructive videos. It does not appear that you are aware of the scientific literature on skating technique which has mostly been done in the Netherlands. Here are some references.

    A student thesis that gives an overview of the basic results:

    Some scientific papers, where some of the authors were instrumental in the development of the clap skate:

    If I understand the science correctly, the most important point about the push is that only the horizontal (sideways) component of applied force leads to forward motion, the vertical component of applied force merely pushes the body upwards and does not contribute to propulsion. This means that, everything else being equal, the push is more efficient as leg lean angle increases. Experimental results from these papers show that faster skaters push later (so at a greater lean angle) than slower skaters who have a comparable total power output.

    This research was done for ice skating, but the same principles apply, except that ice skating has essentially infinite grip at all but the smallest lean angles, whereas for inline skating, grip decreases with lean angle.

    It appears to me that your concept of "pressure" is related to estimating the horizontal component of applied force.

    Best regards,


  3. Julio Maidanik says:

    Pascal your theory makes a lot of sense to me, it helped me understand what I need to try in order to improve my technique. Thank you

  4. Theepan says:

    clearly understood sir .!!
    and thanks to you sir cauz u have made a big efforts.!! in making a wonderful vlog.!

  5. Iván González says:

    I have to work this,xd. Trying hard but a I feel It's more difficult when you are tired. Thxs

  6. futurevision agency says:

    Thank you Sir, you really changed me totally, God bless you

  7. futurevision agency says:

    Me too, it helps me to change I am not long time a skater from before but I am at least on the best level by seeing all this videos of Pascal I selected him as my own Coach online coach. I hope to one time meet him personally. Stay blessed,

  8. futurevision agency says:

    I need to know how big and how large is the skating play ground? I mean the round place like skating stadium? Thank you

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