Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m
a wheel addict I’m on my way to work skating and I while i was skating guys thinking I’m
skating some 125mm what I was thinking I know what are the
fastest was in the market but do you know what are the fastest out there?? so
what I thought is, why don’t I go to my office and when I get there
I show you the matter 125 wheels they’re really expensive if you just
look at the money of course but I’m going to show you the technology behind
those wheels and why they cost what they do so stay there I’m gonna need to stop
here. why dont wheels come with brakes ? so stay there and once I get to my office I’m
going to show you the wheels okay I’m also trying to make a test here which is I
got two microphones on me I have one which is recording from my phone and
it’s a lapel mic and the other one is just from the GoPro I want you to tell
me which one has the better sound while I do this
so right now right now now you’re listening to the lapel mic on the phone
recording from the phone and right now you’re listening to the GoPro with an external dji microphone the one that you could fit on the Osmo I
don’t have any osmo but the guys at orms which is the camera shop in Cape Town
we’re kind enough to give me this little mic , it cost like 5 dollars so, thank you
guys thank you ORMS and please tell me what’s sounds better the lapel mic which is
the rode smartlav plus which is like a mic for phones or the GoPro with the DJI
external one I’m sorry there are no helmet today I really forgot the helmets
video but still I thought you would like the a little bit of fast skating and
because I’m on the fastest part of my skate job here you go enjoy is be more a reflective topic almost
there today so I’ve got my outfit and I told you I’m going to talk to you about
the fastest wheel on the market and they are the matter 125
these will used to come in two different options I like some old set of metal
wheels and I just went and cut why did I cut them well because I wanted to show
you what’s inside these wheels and what makes these wheels that much better or
which makes these wheels faster so the first thing that you need to know about
these wheels the matter 125 is they have a huge score because they have a huge
core what do you look in a fast wheel there’s two things that you want the
wheel to be you want the wheel to be this so there’s a lot more power
transfer when you push when is the next rally you want all your power to go into
the ground you also want the wheel to as much rebound as possible so that’s why
I’m going to show you the previous version of these wheels and what they
put on all the newer wheel so in the older versions you see the wheel just
like this you see this old Savior thing I Kalitta will and I saw this this is
the older version is the matter 125 LTE limited edition all the new ones they
come you see this black thing drive in there this little black thing it’s what
matter called an insert and the insert is a piece of rubber that goes all
around the wheel on the inside as you can see here they’re like an insert like
a ring in between the up and the rolling surface the role in gear tank which is
little bouncy ball those things that is throw in the ground
those possible so it’s something like that but they couldn’t put that material
in the outside because it wouldn’t roll as fast as these ones basically makes
the wheel ever lot more rebound and why do you want the rebound on will why do
you want the wheel to have that much rebound so you can bar it this way
imagine while we’re rolling in the ground the ground is usually not as
smooth as we wish so there’s always like little is little
bit rough so the hood the wheel goes like this going up and up and up
now imagine if you’re going forward what do you think the rebound will throw your
wheels so it’s something like yourself up up up and we stopping each the ground
because the wheel is rolling forwards the rebound will throw the wheels that
way these would mean that every time is just from rolling the rebound
I agreed a super high rebound wheel especially if it has that insert that I
just told you will roll a lot faster and then of course when you do that try when
you do that push when you push super strong a high rebound wheel will also
make you benefit more and yet that’s why these will cost around 200 yes that’s
why these girls cost around 200 euros for a set of six wheels but let me tell
you that’s the reason why I didn’t get these ones which are really good these
are asbestos fuels that you’ll ever find yes they could be cheaper maybe as
someone would buy them I would love them to be cheaper but at someone who have
them I can tell you 200 euros it’s well worth for these wheels so if you in the
market for wheel for marathon of course it’s not the only reason but there needs
to be a lot of tax just like this to make someone like Bart strings go like
56 minutes on a mass in a medicine that you can never done a medicine
if America is 42:42 Keynes 125 I think that is something I just bar shrinks
building 56 minutes that means that it goes over 45 games per hour
yeah it goes around 45 case per hour so make yourself a favor and get a set of
factors how can enjoy this video if you did don’t forget to subscribe to the
channel and give me some thumbs up and if you didn’t like it give me some
thumbs up but let me know why I didn’t like this video that’s it for today and
let’s just not forget why we all started skating because it’s fun
chill guys see you soon I’m just editing this video and I just thought I can’t
wait to put the wheels on and go for some downhill the dog

Antonio Breitenberg

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