hey guys it’s me Tiago French line skater
and welcome to my new video today we’ll be at low in Paris
I would like to pull judge not between any video last week I was very sick
except really I’ve had a rough transition from to gate 16 to 17 I was
always sick over and over again it was tired and you can see the last
videos of me oh I’m sorry for my voice I’m still fit
you can whether I was doing my best to keep making videos even if I was sick
but last week was hardcore and during this time my youtube friends kept making
videos about nice game guys you made me want to go outside so bad when I was
sick it was horrible but yeah I’m back I’m feeling better now so yeah I’m just
cruising around I thought I’d go from knuckled underbelly to the Louisville on
inline skate today was a great day for inline skating because West sunny yeah
and if you’re wondering no it’s gonna snow here we it’s very rare to have to
go here Eric’s place I’m going to the Louvre is a very known spot for French
freestyling I’m scared a lot of amazing freestyling and skaters go there to do
amazing tricks and I’ve made some amazing friends there and I’m happy to
say I’ve met some of you there too it’s a way the magical moment to me I
feel very happy to see you in real life and the skate of you
but yeah what people tell me in real life is show I thought you were taller
yeah imma sure dude but do my videos really make me look
taller cuz if it’s the case hey skinny Dean berries can sometimes be tricky
because of a cobblestone like we are everywhere you are always surrounded by
cobblestone you have the small one and sometimes you have the Jumbo cobblestone
from the den but just want to sketch in this case I want to see you in bed
these ones are rough but we are used to them now but rolling over cobblestones
is aggressive skates is a nightmare and then everything went skating in
Paris it’s like there is a lot of people but if this is the fun part because you
can just slalom between people I have a question for you guys do you prefer to
skate on the road or on sidewalks I prefer to skate inside the walls for
two reasons the first because there are people I need some friends to skate
around them and second I almost got arrested by the police one day because
of a skinny end of the road and I don’t want to be yelled at again so yeah tell
me what you prefer I find it funny how it looks like I know where I’m going I
have a rough idea of where Louisville is compared to not for them but I don’t
know actually what roads to take to go there I decided to improve my skating
style by taking the hip-hop dancing lessons a friend of my just gave me my
first dates and lesson and it was quite difficult then singing makes you think
about your body in a different way and I liked it I always can see it but my
entire body is in pain come back today too much people on the sidewalk I have
to slow down here okay this is a familiar role I know
where I am now and the Louisville is not that far I arrived too early today so there is no
one skating here plus there’s more skaters during weekend it’s okay I can
still train here a little bit hello no problem you have the tray never progress I’ll never forget this day all right time to leave now
I’ll take the subway a little bit venez uber Assam landscape now it’s way colder
outside and my body is still in vain watch me swallow it’s supercool that I cannot feel my
fingers anymore look at me so tired I am so tired my
body is hurting me so bad the dance lesson was pretty rough as I can see
guys I really hope you enjoyed this episode if you watch my landscape flows
like this one please tell me oh and don’t forget to watch my dope skate
video the next episode is coming mid-february
thank you so much for watching you guys are awesome see you in the next episode

Antonio Breitenberg

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