Inline skating is the answer for the Cape Town Gang Problem

Wow good good good I don’t have me the
middle funny is very fascinating to see the young children is quick to grow not
to join a conspiracy this thing happening in this pattern that is going
to make every you must come and join a ola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and a wheel
addict it’s Sunday morning winter in South Africa
and I know that for some of you hearing about winter in Africa doesn’t seem like
it’s a real thing and at the same time when I mean it’s
winter and it’s cold it’s not even that cold compared to maybe most of the
places where my viewers are we have it’s about 1213 degrees but you know what I’m
sick my throat hurts my family can’t come today
even if we’re doing these family things this family thing on Sundays but Jalen
she’s been a little bit sick and we don’t want her to get a little bit more
sick so just going for a quick sesh in a new park in Cape Town called Woodstock
so I’m I think I’m gonna meet a few guys at least those USD kids Michael Elijah
might be there so I’m gonna hope that I don’t get more sick after this one but
for all of you guys I hope you enjoyed this one see you at the park curious fact you know that in South
Africa they call the traffic lights robots and I think it’s not my Sunday I
hope it’s not gonna rain because check that so we’ll see let’s hope it doesn’t rain
kind of tried to make a quick stop there’s on the way to the skate park
there’s the Portuguese bakery it doesn’t really have a native Portuguese name
it’s called Broadway and I’m just gonna stop for kind of a Portuguese breakfast
I’ve been trying to be on a diet so I think I wanna break it now
Broadway that it is the Portuguese bakery it’s
called Broadway on the other side of the road and it’s closed
little practice for me no Portuguese breakfast for me at Broadway I’ll get
something else somewhere else feels like I’m driving into the cloud I just hope
it’s not ready so much darker here I really feel like
it’s gonna write a I’ve done that lodge I’ve done it in one of the videos I’ve
dropped that ledge I just hope I find the park I know that it’s somewhere
around here so basically this Woodstock zone it’s outside the city center of
Cape Town and from what I know a few years ago used to be dangerous not in a
bad way it was just like it was a little bit torture and then a few years ago a
lot of hipsters start moving into this area of the city and making it like a
trendy area but Cape Town is becoming a little bit more and more dangerous so
right now I don’t even know if I would feel safe here
it’s kind of like it’s a safe zone and I know the lower you go because it’s like
super close to the mountain the lower you go the more dangerous it is so I’m
going higher and higher now I’m going up so it should be safer and I should get
robbed or anything like that at this time of the day but it can always happen
it’s just that’s one of the things about South
Africa it’s always a little bit in unpredictable so let me just see if I
find the parts no way the park is right there you see
that there’s a little garden in there and I think the park is right there and
checking the window these are drops it’s starting to rain as
I’m arriving to the skate park while there’s people living my State
Park dear if it’s really raining or not but
I’ll show you this kid fuck how is it there it had been raining or
what yeah I think it’s coming now – he’s getting up
I just hope it’s not raining yeah okay I’m gonna take your advice I’m gonna put
my skates okay I got my roller skates on any clothes but usually it was open
wasn’t it do you need to jump I’ll just go through the door
and honey give a bad example in his videos but it started to rain
dude there’s a lot of people who live here dude I wanted to skate so bad but I
don’t think this rain is gonna let us catch huh okay we don’t have a lot of
time like you said right shake is gonna get it back
Vicky still sleeping sleeping yeah Hey good just just got here first be rough this is going to be a hard fuck okay huh
let me try one trick in a film it it’s all good it’s just so weird I would
love to do the 180 into the store a real mo Fisher real movie sure you never see
the Rams until a few months ago look at this guy now they’re talking right here I like it I think usage there’s a proper
schedule good morning and it’s actually the first time I see some vagrants feel
sorry for them but this is not really acceptable simply because tomorrow we
get here then it’s going to be like four five shots the next day is six the next
day seven eight nine and then it’s gonna be four like around and then what what
what do you think they could stay if it wasn’t here well I’m not saying that
advance there’s just I see what’s gonna happen
yeah you know it’s sad yeah it’s too much poverty in South Africa Kate I
don’t know it was great Sofia my choice that is cool Jackie I said a problem before you guys
got you you know what it just did it’s like a lot of people started skating all
over the world kids come to the park they have no skates they have no
skateboard and there’s someone that lets them to skateboard I never know we may
be a Olympian champions in 2024 now that skateboarding is on the edge kid you
can’t be a they can be a my skating on Ethan champion buddy can you see exactly
good kid you chose the right sport you need to see those two champs those are
the ones you need to see you seeing is believing seeing is believing
hearing it no evidence seeing is believing
that’s awesome is just say the best thing what that’s how we got the GoPro CEO it’s
been it’s been a while it is the roller dancing queen you’ll see bling skates
blingy blingy set guiding good legend out of the way your star go again show
me your star ghost are you gonna become a world champion in parallel
nope never oh good good good a little they’re good Oh and that’s it the sound might sound a
little bit worst I’m on my phone I’m about to leave the park as you can see
the park is right there if you can see it just got in the car and that’s it I
hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video well you know what
to do you can give me some thumbs up if you like it you can give me thumbs down
if you didn’t Oh bah it’s just wait you can give me thumbs up
if you like it it can give you thumbs down if you didn’t but if you didn’t
like it well let me know what you didn’t like about this video and I can try to
change on the next one other than that if you’re not subscribing to the channel
you should usually these videos on Sundays are with my family but my
daughter wasn’t in the best condition for this video today so she couldn’t
come to these weekend my wife I’d stay with her but maybe next week it’s gonna
be a family video other than that what I always say is just don’t forget why we
all started skating and that is because it’s fun she’s guys and see you soon

Antonio Breitenberg

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