Inline Skating in Hong Kong

Inline Skating in Hong Kong

welcome to Hong Kong maybe ola youtube, my name is Ricardo Lino and i am a wheel addict im right right now in lo wu train station in Shenzhen China I’m about to
cross to Hong Kong I have too much stuff with me so after my first video what I
tried to get in the skate park there was a few people that contacted me saying
you should come to Hong Kong well that was already the plan but I
couldn’t or I didn’t really want to say you started being in contact one of them
is from Brazil his name is Philippe de Vargas it is going to be waiting for me
on the other side so the next I would say two days are going to be fun gonna be my goodbye to China okay so I
was obviously in the wrong place I was in the place for locals and now have
been kind of lost I don’t even know if I have been through
customs or not I really don’t know okay so I still need to go through passport
control of China is just not not part of mainland it’s different for me which is
different that’s it I’m officially here jeez my friends this doesn’t happen the
group of guys from Hong Kong just ask me for my full name and these guys are
booking a hotel for me so I’m still waiting on Philippe you just think that
she’s a little bit ladies on the train and then suddenly they created a group
for me called Li no trip to Hong Kong and they just booked me in hotel I was
but they were going to help me like by staying at their place but these guys
are total legends I can’t even I don’t even know what to say once again to
everyone that watches my YouTube videos and to support whatever I do I can only
say thank you thank you guys so much it means so much to me ladies and
gentlemen mr. Philippe Vargas welcome to Hong Kong you guys have no idea just check this
out I don’t even know how much they pay for this but this thing in Hong Kong
it’s a fortune that’s all I can tell you thank you so so much I can’t really see
it here but it’s like I mean the island which is one of the most expensive what
is it can you explain us yeah Hong Kong like basically you have
Cowell is the continent part you have the island is quite expansive and you
have the New Territories is one like quite cheap place in Hong Kong it’s too
far as far from skate parks so here to have access to any skate park or
everything so they just booked a room for me and i–i which is the most
expensive part and it’s like this when in most of the places when you look
online you’ll find tiny places that are probably as big as that bad over there
so these guys are total legends it’s ok lino is basically our teachers for how
long have you been skating less than one year a complete one year in November we
all learn it to just get from firmly no YouTube channel me Michael we all learn
to skate from from your Tube channel just paying back no way I’m seriously so
grateful this is the reason I’m not doing this to get hotels but knowing
that people like you guys are learning from me it just means so much to me you
have no idea it’s so worth it now let’s go skate bling bling bling so yeah and I did it once I’m that’s right yeah I go behind you 3 2 1
go check who got here I’m Michael Young and
I’m a romantic you’re a total legend but I never met
these two before and I get here and I have a note I’ll put in my name thank
you so welcome we love you we love you know
in Hong Kong we have family thank you so much well thank you so much now let’s
see skate go there’s no close it like a legend I just found out
three wheels three guys three Trinity’s three different models it’s not like
this is like this there’s a lot of treason here so we’re living the war a
paradise it’s the end of it laughter right amount of people in this city it’s crazy
you have no idea it’s just like I know what I want to do it’s important for me
to get the right timing to do the trick so I you that was it well good I think not
perfect it’s not the easiest series of case I love it okay the sound now is really bad because
I run out of battery but you just got to this skate park which is apparently like
the Central Park from Hong Kong and Michael and Philippe called the it’s
kind of like a skate park they call a skate park to a school to a skate rink
so we’re about to to get to the biggest skate rink Hong Kong which is located
inside the biggest do actually really big this is a really
really big non going up way down I’ll be amazing if I would get there and some of
the best slalom skaters in the world will be there I would be amazing because
some of the advanced ones are really from here so to get here skates of course I’m going to some skate
classes going on check this there’s classes weed one two
three four five six seven eight nine I would say like about thirty kids are
just having skate classes check this like 30 kids in this class like speed
skating class and there’s like 30 or maybe 50 more here waiting Chinese Michael what were you just saying so
apparently speed skating here and stall them are really big because of what yeah
because people want to do more competitions you know basically they
want to train their kids to do sort of competitions that can give them
certificates or qualifications or you know later on because Hong Kong is
competitive okay so basically the kids are really really competitive and if
there’s no competition like urban skating there’s no competitions of urban
skating so attract the parents less I mean I speed skating and sometimes
slalom when you do competitions and when you do trainings and stuff you can get
yeah Harrison endorsed those sports more more than urban skating and aggressive
skating okay I got it I understand this kids a good check
these the fast I would say like from these thirty kids
I didn’t saw one single kid without like a low-carbon boot so
here is the future world champions of speed skating huh I know the taipei they
really good results every single year so i think as well i think there can you do
it in the combinations checker it there check is
okay I think yes the world really speed skating yeah it’s amazing
for him so we got a world champion here and this is where did you slalom and all
that same ring later in the day when the training is over and then people come
here to do slides and do slalom I can see the slide marks in the ground anyway
this might have been a bust here but at least you know speed skating happens in
Hong Kong and it’s in the exact same place where they practice slides and
slalom and other types of skating so here we go
I know that the sound is not the best but again the camera is charging so
we’re gonna end up this video right here so I hope you enjoyed this one if you
did enjoy this one and if you want to follow these adventure in Hong Kong you
know what you gotta do you gotta subscribe to the channel right
yeah it’s like if you the truth is if they click on the bell they’ll get
notifications every time I upload one of these so in their phone they know right
there’s a new Hong Kong video I clicked on the Bell long time ago I think we’re
doing what it’s the only permit created because they only took Jam I want to
watch TV the stereo don’t forget to like it and more important than anything do
you know what skating because it’s fun exactly cheers guys

Antonio Breitenberg

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41 thoughts on “Inline Skating in Hong Kong

  1. skater boi says:

    Scrolling through the comments but there's none 😭😥

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  3. KarloJCA says:

    Nice!! Hong Kong looks like an awesome city to cruise on triskates. Lucky guys getting to meet Ricardo Lino! Keep enjoying your trip and keep it up with your great videos Ricardo!! 😊

  4. Pratalax says:

    Wallride paradise looks awesome!! Love that as a form for a park.

  5. youth skating team says:

    Awesome video Lino ☯️☮🤙👍

  6. Ninja says:

    this guys the real mvps

  7. Povilas Jušinslas says:

    you my teacher as well 🙂

  8. DovahBearu says:

    Hey Ricardo, i have a big problem with my skates regarding the comfort. So I bought them at the beggining of summer and they were a bit stiff and wierd for like the first week. After that they were perfect, no pain and super comfortable BUT 2-3 weeks ago my feet started to really hurt after like 20 min of skating and I mean they REALY hurt like I have some kind of chains wraped arround my feet. What should I do? I stopped skating since then just because of that and after I watch a video of yours I just wanna go outside and skate!!!
    I'm sorry i posted this here but you never did the Q&A or I did not manage to catch it. Hope you read this and have fun on your trip!

  9. B.B., K and I says:

    Welcome 😀

  10. Andras Fancsali says:

    Lino could you tell me please what wheels are you using in this video!?

  11. Daniel Frank says:

    Which Skates did you use in this video and wich are your Favorit skates?

  12. Stanley Yung says:

    I grow up in the first skatepark that u went. That was where I learned how to skate rails!!!!

  13. MissMerc007 says:

    Great smiles. Great HK hospitality. Thank you skate crew for getting Lino a hotel and showing him around.

  14. David Dunne Art says:

    Legend !!!

  15. Ganesh Mahajan says:

    Wow, any plan to come to Taipei, Taiwan ?

  16. Deez Skates says:

    Another great video! Love your stuff as always bro! I know it's not as cool as Hong Kong, but if you ever want to visit Dallas Tx let me know. Me and my boys will put you up as well!

  17. Scuba Tuga says:

    Tas a curtir 'a brava!!! se quiseres vir a NYC avisa:)

  18. Pelao Fernández says:

    You deserved man!!! One day in Chile…one day

  19. Michael Yeung says:

    I would say I must have watched 90% of your videos (if not all), and it's such an amazing feeling to see you in person, skate around, and learn a trick! YOU, are legend, love you so much for all the efforts in helping the inline skating industry. Once again, welcome to Hong Kong!

  20. Somboon Sukserm says:

    I’m learning from you too Creo Lino.thank you very much.:)

  21. hwwong says:

    Hi Lino, welcome to Hong Kong! I watched most of your videos and I'm surprised to see you skating in my city! Could you tell me where the first park you skated in the video is? Too bad that i don't know that as a Hong Kong-er. Where is your next stop then?

  22. Commuter Mike says:

    Man! That is mad love and respect from those guys. Super dope friends you have out there. Can't wait for more from your travels Rico!

  23. superiuxn0va says:

    ayyyyyyyy props to Felipe, Michael!!! you guys made this trip awesome!! this the thing about us skaters, our community around the world is friendly, we understand each other. Lino, you have no idea during rush hours man, in asia , and hong kong particularly, crazy.
    loook at alll the minionsss !!

  24. RebelChumps says:

    You still in hk? I am blading today. I don’t know these guys they seem to big wheel riders never seen at any of the skateparks , I know most local skaters, you should totally have hanged out with Alan from o22y skate shop instead to be honest he is the OG blader in HK promoting the sports for years and years. A bit of a missed opertunety to be honest

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    Welcome to Hong Kong Lino!!!

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    I like this video.❤❤👍👍😀😀

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    Great video! As always!

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    Cool it look like a banked track in some part

  29. Ari R says:

    This is cool. Might be stopping in HK for a holiday. I'm a beginner but seeing the vibe makees me want to skate there.

  30. Ari R says:

    Can you also do a video on how to film while skating? Tried to use a selfie stick but dont know how to get it as good as you do!

  31. Yo! says:

    Nice episode 🙂

  32. Child OfGod says:

    Woowww…. i can relate to your hosts there, you are alive and have made impacts in our life

  33. WHITTYskater says:

    Looked awesome!

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    Cuando uno hace algo sin esperar nada a cambio….

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    That Swell over there have seen a thing or two

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    Good to see the Love for skating is being spread throughout your vids!! Awesome the guys booked the hotel!

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    Excellent!Nice scene in Hong Kong.

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    Great video!

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    Hello! May I know which park did you go? I live in Hong Kong and I didn't know such places existed!!

  41. Joy Roy says:

    This is joy,from Bangladesh & I like Ricardo lino verry much…..he is my dream for skating…..

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