Inline Skating – First Time Forward Stair Ride

Today when i went skating i had one objectve:
Learn to forward stair ride. I heard that backward stair ride is easier
but i’m really not good at backward skating, i barelly can do it, so i was not going to
roll down the stairs doing something i can’t even do on the flat ground. So, the day before i watched Bill Stopard’s
video on stair ride, and two videos of Shawn from Shop Task, i’ll put the links in the
description… and i tried to keep everything they said in mind while i tried. I scouted a stair case before hand, a few
days before, actually several weeks before, and i’m heading there right now. I wanted a three stair for my first try but
i couldn’t find a good one, so i’ll settle for the 5 one i found. It’s very nice to learn, it has wide steps
and is a very wide stair case. I’m getting there, i’m skating a little slow
because i don’t really trust the terrain in there, but i’m getting there and i’ll show
you guys the stairs. I’ll explain a few things i tried doing that
neither Bill or Shawn said in their videos, but i though it helped me try to get the stair
ride. So, i got there finally and this is the stair
case, as you guys can see it is very big so i can aproach it at an angle, instead of head-on
wich is one of the things Shawn said. So, i was really afraid of falling and breaking
my neck, so instead of going straight down the stairs i tried to climb one step, and
going down, two steps and going down, three steps and going down, four stepes and going
down and then finally the whole stair. I did it without the camera first because
it was one less thing for me to worry about, having to carry the camera, so, since this
stair is very wide i can easily do it, right, climb the steps and slowly go down, so this
is something that really did help me not only to start to get the movement with a shorter
stair, but also to lose the fear of the stair, right, after you o it a couple of times you
go: ‘Well, ok, i didn’t fall, i didn’t break any bones or anything, so i think i can go
one step higher” and that is exactly what i did. Just four steps one more time just to, be
sure and then i’ll drop the camera again and go from the top. So, very shallow angle as you guys can see
my left foot was going first and then the other, that made me trip a little bit, but
i did not fall. Okay, camera back in my hand, i think it is
easier to see because the bench where i put the camera is a little far. Here we go… i’m a little nervous but i get
a really nice, shallow angle.. and it works fine, for my surprise actually, i really tought
i was gonna fall, at least the first time. Climbing the stairs i find way easier than
going down, i had done that a before a few times, not really a big problem. Okay, so, i did that a couple times, i don’t
know how many times, but i definetly did not put all of the times i did it here in the
video and i tried to slowly, gradually, increase the speed in which i aproach the stairs and
closing the angle to eventually attack the stairs head-on. So, since this was really the first time i
was doing that i did not acomplish this goal, to take it head-on, as you guys can see i
almost fell here tring to get it from the other side… And then, on the closest to a head-on i tried
doing… I hit the ground. No biggie, just scrapped my leg a little bit,
but nothing major. At this point i was already tired i had gone
up and down those stairs quite a few times so i decided to call it a day and i can practice
it again another day. It was the first day, i didn’t really expect
it to be perfect right from the start but, well, actually quite surprised i only fell
once and didn’t really hurt too much… well, i’m surprised AND happy. So, thats it, there is a little itty bitty-flow
here at the end, just me going back to where i parked my car. Thanks guys for watching, if anyone has any
tips on stair riding or in other skating related thing i’ll be happy to hear and thank you so
much for watching. I, hopefully will keep making these videos
if you guys enjoy it please consider subscribing to the channel, i’ll try to post reasonably
often, i can’t really promise anything for now, but i’ll try my best. Thanks again, Bye bye!

Antonio Breitenberg

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