inline skating basic for technique on dryland (pascal briand vlog 218)

inline skating basic for technique on dryland (pascal briand vlog 218)

Antonio Breitenberg

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14 thoughts on “inline skating basic for technique on dryland (pascal briand vlog 218)

  1. Sreekanth Madana says:

    Good movement workout…I hope very useful this video

  2. Sreekanth Madana says:

    Thanks for your uploading valuable video

  3. thierry feutrier says:

    rrrhhaaa ! on a pas du tout la même approche didactique ; mais je ne suis pas Ch du M de roller, donc…

  4. pavan lanka says:

    practice practice practice practice practice practice practice
    man like pascal

  5. Arina Thomsen says:

    Great class! Thank you for sharing. Are you traveling again? Where was it filmed?

  6. Soufiene Work says:

    C'est quoi la musique svp ?

  7. James Horne says:

    Terrific. Really useful exercises and very well explained. Kudos to your class in the video. They are working really hard.

  8. Rebecca Mandelos says:

    You are a very good instructor/coach ! You break up all the movement and explain it so well.Can you make a video, for a totally beginner ? (Learning to skate).

  9. Edward Taylor says:

    very very useful thank you!!

  10. Santhosh Venugopal says:

    Thank you. My Daughter is 9 Years. What should be the minimum time this routine needs to be done on a daily basis.

  11. 郭Ming says:

    thank you very much, a very useful video~

  12. Tom Eck says:

    Thanks for in-deep explanations of fine points. Somehow I never thought you can overdo this thing and aimed always getting max out of fall. What I heard here is that maybe smaller but continuous, stable propelling will be better then huge leaps becouse it will tire you less. It makes sense. Thanks.

  13. Craig Kensington says:

    love your workout.
    so much new information.

  14. Marco Garavelli says:

    Hi Pascal. May I ask you a question: I have a main problem in Skating posture given by the conformation of my legs. In fact, since I have duck feet, forcing them to stay parallel while skating causes my knees to turn some degrees on the inner side, therefore the push is probably not as effective as it should be. I’m 53 years old so I doubt there’s any chance to correct anatomically this problem (I also have crooked horseman legs). Anyway do you have any suggestion on how to better adapt my posture to compensate this anatomical issue?

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