“Indian Tech Support” | Russell Peters – Almost Famous

“Indian Tech Support” | Russell Peters – Almost Famous

Anything Indian people can do I can’t do I’m always impressed whenever you do something intelligent like computers. I’m shit on a computer I’m not good… Are you good on a computer, Edward? You’re Chinese, you better be going computer you You f*cking making them all day the least you could do is be good on them. I mean Well you work with a computer for a living yeah, so yeah What do you prefer a PC or a Mac? I prefer PC. PC, right. That’s how you know you’re good on a computer. People don’t believe me when I say I’m not good on a computer. Like, “You’re an Indian.” “Supposed to be good on the computer.” An Indian guy going he’s not good on a computer is like a black guy going, “I ain’t got no rhythm.” PC. That’s that’s that’s the show-off. You know that’s a “Ya, I know how to get on a computer and avoid diseases.” I use a Mac because Mac’s are stupid people friendly. I am a stupid people. The real reason I use the Mac is because I go to a lot of questionable websites Look, what I’m trying to tell you is If you’re going to surf porn on a mac. Surfing porn on a mac is like having sex with a condom on. You know, you’re like, “I don’t care what she has.” “Hehehehehehehehe” “I’m not gonna get anything.” Surfing porn on a PC is like raw doggin a hooker, you know? “Oh my god, it feels good but I’m scared.” “I’m so scared.” “Oh my god it burns when I download.” You know the worst day in my life is the worst day in My life is when I have a problem with my laptop and I have to call the 1-800 number on the back of it I don’t care that. They’ve outsourced the call to India that actually makes me happy Part that bothers means that that guy in India knows who I am I call up. I’m like ”Yeah I have a problem my laptop.” “Okay sir. and your good name?” I’m like ”I’m sorry?” “Your good name.” My good name? What is that, my password? You want my password? “No No, sir. Your good name. Your good name.” “F*ck, the f*ck is my good name?” “Sir, your surname, your family name.” Oh, so why don’t you say so? Uh, Peters. “Okay. And your *jibberish*” What’s that? “Your *jibberish*” I… I don’t have a forest name, no. Enchanted? I suppose if I was in the forest my name would be lost. What are you asking me right now? “No no, sir. Your first name…your first name.” What the f*ck is my *jibberish* What is that? Slow it down buddy. “Okay sir, your fir… ” That’s the same f*cking thing. “Sir the name you use on a daily basis.” Oh. haha, Sorry, man. Russell. “Okay. Haaa!” “No Wayyyyyyyyyyy.” “Is it really you?” I’m all proud. I’m like, yes yes, it is. He goes: “Well well well…” “…all those jokes you made, huh?” “Now who needs help, huh?” “Okay, bastard. Here’s what we’re going to do.” “I am going to mirror your computer.” You’re going to what? “Mirror your computer.” You’re going to mirror my computer? What does that mean? I’m going to gain full access to your laptop… remotely.” Oh really, and how do you think that and then I just see the mouse moving around on my screen? I’m like what the hell happened. He goes. I have gained full access to your laptop “Let’s quickly go through your history.” You know what let’s not go through my history, how about that? “Well well well… Lusty Grandmas.” It was a pop-up. “I’m sure it popped up just fine, huh?” “‘Seems to pop up 3-4 times a day!”

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on ““Indian Tech Support” | Russell Peters – Almost Famous

  1. AnyRussian says:

    Not bad Russell, not bad =)

  2. Ganesh Gaitonde says:

    Trust me, as an Indian I am sick of them too huh.

  3. cleo7282 says:

    He's such a misogynist

  4. PI2019-007 says:

    Boring AF …..needs to get new content.

  5. Gihan Vlogs says:

    Subscribe to Gihan Vlogs

  6. Chiemeka Nwogu says:


  7. Shubham Manna says:

    He really nailed the Indian English accent 😂

  8. Joyful Baby says:

    Indian and Porn are inseparable just like Tom and Jerry. 🤭

  9. Rashid Khan says:

    Believe I worked for a tech process and Americans are so funny ..they are super dumb .and don't wanna use their brain ..this is my experience…I am an Indian but I have put on North American acccent

  10. D K says:



  11. Dave Saenz says:

    It's funny how they used words like , "T for Tumeric, A for alpha, G for ginger, K for kamasutra, lol

  12. Srinath Obeysekara says:

    the day his children watch this sort of videos on youtube hmm

  13. Bharth Yadav says:

    Lusty grandma lol

  14. Lusty Grandmas 💻👙😂

  15. The Great Gatsby says:

    If you are using pc you must be good at computers.
    Meanwhile Ubuntu users : Am I a joke to you.

  16. D V says:

    Russel Peters, comedy legends

  17. GrApEs KaMei says:

    "Ownage pranks"??

  18. Sonoma Wine Tour Drivers says:

    Peter from India..nicest guy in the world….worked at the Santa Rosa Valero gas station until he won the lottery a few weeks ago….last I heard he has a nineteen year old American girlfriend….true story

  19. Mobile Gamer says:


  20. DarkstarAndrew01 says:

    OMG you are funny, thank you for making me laugh. <3

  21. Jasen Tan says:

    This fucking indian is overrated, mocking people like his better than them. Fuck You!

  22. Shine the Light says:

    A total misconception that black people have rhythm.

  23. Botros Ojeil says:

    " omg it burns when I download "

  24. Lee Steal says:

    The best tech support I've had is from India. They are the reason I am so good with the computer now.

  25. Anro Posey says:

    He had a bulge when he was talking about mac

  26. Clifford J. Summers Sr. says:

    On a conference call, a co-worker kept asking about "daily variables" … after numerous times asking about "daily variables" with no answer, she made a note on her screen (that she was sharing) … "deliverables" … the modules in the program we were talking about.

  27. IA IK says:

    Indian tech support a contradiction in terms.

  28. Ananya Roy says:

    Watching him with a straight face and it's finally making sense as to why he's "almost" famous.

  29. Kari kalan says:

    த்தா உன் டைமிங்க அடிச்சக்கவே முடியாது பீட்டர்சிங் மாமு….நீ கலக்குயா…!!!

  30. i'm meet says:

    maz jobrani is better than him

  31. Hicham says:

    So Russel Peters is indian name?!

  32. jrelated1 says:

    Anyone whos called Xbox live customer support knows the pain….

  33. fahad khan says:

    Indian spks much better and clearer English than Americans.. mind u

  34. Walter 777 Smith says:

    I love him . I just had a customer from India he was so funny and cool guy. But still I love Indian accent it's funny and cool .

  35. FurryFace says:

    a Forest name would be enchanting , lol

  36. DEEJAY PRINCE says:

    Fucking 🐐

  37. I love kwek kwek says:

    he's funny, but he uses his comedy act discriminating people…

  38. AllGeeksTV says:

    Ye UP Bihar wale aise English bolte hai aur poore india ki bejjati krte hai

  39. YouTube Reviews says:

    Insta @lookingattoys for your good name sign

  40. LogicalNotes says:

    More racism

  41. Jack Ridge says:


  42. samson chitalu says:

    This jokes is very similar to that old Trevor Noah hospital joke

  43. Allen McKinney says:

    I saw an Indian man in a Subway once with full Indian head dress and he was on the phone with tech support and I can hear the tech guy speaking perfect American but the Indian guy couldn't understand him. I laughed and thought karma bitch. Lol

  44. aarontwenty7 says:

    9 times out of 10 Indian tech support is a scam so as soon as I hear that accent I’m like nope

  45. Ansh Shetty says:

    Indians Roasting Indians is just so good… It's 🔥

  46. Kenneth Krueger says:

    you should review this before posting it to your family and friends…it is not about the indian guy helping with computer issues…ot is about watching porn on a macintosh.

  47. E.Sledge 213 says:

    Indian people smells like onion.

  48. Just a Bard says:

    Are we going to tell him that people write viruses for iOS too?

  49. freaker126 says:

    anyone else checking out lusty grandmas?

  50. Joan Pashinsky-Greve says:

    Holy f—- tard I was on customer support for cablevision and got outsourced to freakin India they put me threw hell just to reboot my password for my computer all I can say is I threw my phone across the room because I was so frustrated and confused on top of there accent I’m from the 🇺🇸 why why why must these customer support be outsourced by the end of it all you want to go on a rampage somewhere freakin A


    I love India love people this ‘all those jokes you made, huh? Who needs help now?’ made me laugh 😂

  52. houston34 says:

    now im gonna go check out lusty grandmas on my unprotected android thank you very much, this.is.even crazier than rawdog a hooker

  53. Infinite Being says:

    I'm Indian and m not offended.
    I enjoyed it

  54. Thierry Kaya says:

    Asking an Indian guy if he is good at computers it is like asking a black guy if he is good at rhythms?
    What the f !?#!ck!
    If a caucasian stand-up comedian was ushering these same words on stage he would be virtually
    pilloried on every medias for the rest of his career but a Canadian-born citizen raised Catholic that
    'looks' Indian' makes lazy 'jokes' by stereotyping Indian and 'Black'(whatever it means) cultures is
    acclaimed, because his ethnical background is "dad was from Bombay" ?
    Russell Peters you should stick to what you know as a Canadian instead of polluting shamelessly
    the world with your ignorance masquerading as humour.
    You are a token talentless 'artist' who has found his audience among all the xenophobic and self-hatred
    minorities who can't find any grace in their own heritage and are too cowardly to embrace who they are
    and where they come from.

  55. Mr Sam says:

    Son:Dad! I want to be a break dancer!

    Dad:Dance on your break.

  56. 冯mandy says:

    Hahahahaha 😂

  57. Yao Xue says:

    That’s exactly what Indians do when you don’t understand what they say, they just keep saying the same thing in exact same way and hoping you may figure it out eventually.

  58. Coco P says:

    😅😅🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣😅😅😂😂😂🤣.. lusty grandmas!!!!😂😂🤣🤣😭

  59. hAsTi nAzArI says:

    God touched me___

  60. Rick Sanchez C137 says:

    “Oh my god it burns when I download!”

  61. Satyajeet Dharmadhikari says:

    This isn't true

  62. Stoners Opinion says:

    Bramptons finest

  63. Shan Iqbal Adviser says:

    he must be from Kerla 😀 hahahahahahhahahahah 😀 hahahahah they try to become british people… or american.

  64. SNEHA GUPTA says:

    Indian accent is of like…The same no. of types as the no. of languages…He is using the "Generic-what-white-people-think-Indian-accent-is"

  65. Kuldeep Singh Rathore says:

    I love Macs because they are stupid people friendly 😂😂😂

  66. Alisha Cardona says:

    0:00 bill Cosby much

  67. ShadowFlame says:

    forest name killed me. now I want to have a forest name

  68. Bloody Shrine says:

    It does feel very invasive that computer mirroring stuff.

  69. Dodi Busu says:

    I have same situation when in dubai.. Calling hsbc

  70. rahul john says:

    Whatta dirty moron you are, fuckin chooth.. U know we don't speak in dat fashion.. Rutted Peter's …

  71. rahul john says:

    Just checked n never do an statement on this you MF'r… Dirtiest spunk, on earth …

  72. Miras Z says:

    wlecomme too triiii howw can I help you 🤣🤪

  73. WiFi Energy says:

    Indians good for shaking their heads the way they talk.. broke job market rate because they accept cheap salary very cheap salary MBA Dictorate phd

  74. Prasad Varigonda says:

    He is exaggerating the Indian accent .Anyways understood that its for fun 😀

  75. mypeeperhurts says:

    Ok now let's go through your history lol…..!

  76. Jasbir Fr says:

    Donald trump wants to paint the white house.. He calls for quotation.. Chinese guy quoted 3 million. European guy quoted 7 million..
    Indian guy quoted 10 million..
    Trump asked chinese guy.."..how did u quote 3 million..?" Chinese guy replied .. "1 million for paint 1 million for labour 1 million profit.." Trump asked european guy.. He replied-".. 3 million for paint 2 million for labour 2 million profit.."
    Trump asked Indian guy.. He replied.. .."..4 million for you.. 3 million for me.. .. .. and we will give 3 million to the chinese guy and ask him to paint..!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Indian got the contract ! 👍

  77. AREclipse says:

    All those Jokes u made ha 😜🤣

  78. 1joshjosh1 says:

    I'm so sick of this guy.
    1.3 billion of them(and counting) and we are supposed to think they're cute still.

  79. Nisha Jassal says:

    I worked in a London hotel with a girl called Bianca. We had to call tech support and of course we were directed to a call centre in India. When the IT guy asked for her name she said Bianca. And he said oh Prianka! 🤣🤣 and she’s like no it’s Bianca!

  80. kow wei sion says:


  81. Joseph Ibarra says:

    I had no idea lusty grandmas was a real website

  82. LOGANX GAMING says:

    You are racist man

  83. Jew world order says:

    Russell is the funniest

  84. Taqo Karajani says:

    Why do people watch him when they can’t get a fucking joke
    Everyone is so sensitive these days ffs

  85. sid john says:

    this guy sucks….prefer fluffy to him.

  86. Charles Lacson says:

    Jokoy or Russell?

  87. The Pokemon Gifter says:


  88. MithilanchalGroup says:


  89. Ros Ulep says:

    Russell peters still the number one in standup comedy, im a filipino and im suppose to be a jokoy girl, but this guy is legend.

  90. Sanju Thinks says:

    No Indians dont speak like this way…this is stéréotype

  91. funny maker boy says:

    Really indian accent like this no.

  92. sexavet abdullayev says:

    😀 lusty grandmas 😀

  93. Lalita Sircar says:

    Before opening your mouth just educate yourself if you speak on Indian …. the people are more cultured and educated….

  94. Spifflorde says:

    Hahahahaha 😂🤣🤣😂😭😂😭🤣

  95. Pijo Master says:

    Did he just say " your FOREST name" ? 😂😂😂😂

  96. Y P says:

    This shit was… HILARIOUS!!

  97. Flora Nogales says:

    our french tech support is in morrocco.i called up once and ended up in mohammedia,a city i'd stayed in for months and ended up talking to a guy i had become friends whith through my husband's family.he fixed the issue straight away.the only time morrocan tech support actually got something fixed.

  98. 0plp0 says:

    Better surf porn on PC with Linux.

  99. Jason Hernandez says:

    Someone please do an animated reenactment of this, it would be so hilarious 😂

  100. Mad9977 Productions says:

    "i don't have a forest name" lol

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