In-Line Skating Basics for Beginners | Rollerblading

In-Line Skating Basics for Beginners | Rollerblading

Hi, I’m Tim Phang. I’m 23 years old. I’ve been skating for about 12 years. I’m from Arlington, Virginia which is right
outside of Washington, D.C. I’m now sponsored by Universal Skate Design,
and I’m going to be talking to you about rollerblading. When you first start out skating you’re going
to want to learn how to stand up comfortably on your skates. If you haven’t stood on skates before you
should probably use a handrail or have a friend with you so you can put your hand on they’re
shoulder; they can help make sure that you’re comfortable. After you’re able to stand then you should
learn to skate forwards and backwards. I recommend doing it in a place where you’re
sure that you’re not going to be interfered with by other people. So if you have a driveway or if there’s a
parking lot around where you’re sure you’ll be safe. After you’ve learned how to skate forwards
you should practice skating backwards, turning around, turning left and right; eventually
work your way up to a crossover. After you’ve mastered these basics you can
make your way to some place like a skate park where there’s obstacles for you to skate. Learn how to do some simple grinds and some
simple airs, forwards and backwards, you can learn to spin and spin onto grinds. Then of course you can always step up to larger
obstacles once you’ve learned the basic tricks.

Antonio Breitenberg

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36 thoughts on “In-Line Skating Basics for Beginners | Rollerblading

  1. xXDemonFoxXx9 says:

    so yeah i can skate (both on ice and on roller blades) i just wanted to know if skating in aggressive inline skates is the same as skating with roller hockey skates. Do i have to find my balance all over again with the aggressive skates or no?

  2. Jasper demeester says:

    heh, that very basic:)

  3. bob lolagy says:

    Whats skates should i get im a begginer and im 13 and nothing over the price of £130 i need help!!!!!!

  4. stefaaaaan says:

    I think for you the rollerblade dt5

  5. Skullface745 (Not Active) says:

    try sports direct search mens roller skates and find the air walks they are half price and are £40 find your size they work pretty well

  6. stefanc93 says:

    hey man i really do not recommend airwalk stuff as suggested else where. A good pair is what i had, Alchemy pure air they are £99 and I got mine from Hard-Core Hobbies, they are a standard frame but a nice ride and great padding and shock absorbers a little heavy but trust me that is actually good.

  7. Catt Weir says:

    anyone know if i can change plastic wheels for rubber ones? the boots i have are so rubbish but can't afford to buy good ones

  8. InsaneMukaka says:

    Hey my name is tampon and in order to skate you need to learn to skate. Good luck .

  9. grobber13 says:

    this was shit

  10. Kasper says:

    this was nice

  11. Smoth says:

    This isn't basics, this is goofy stunt stuff. why not make a video showing the proper moving, and stopping techniques. after that the kids can learn to stunt.

  12. Shabashaly says:

    Tim Phang sucks in his how to videos he just tells you these are the things you need to learn without explaning anything like how do you crossover or what is a crossover

  13. syed saad says:

    you better make efficient vidios. 

  14. Sree Mani says:


  15. Jason9Avila says:

    I still dont know what I need for inline skating… Can any one tell me a recommended brand of skates that are durable and efficient. Ju know the basics to start, how to skate backwards stops and maintenance of my skates….etc

  16. Bobo Giang says:

    oh yeah oh yeah. and then? thanks for putting me down.

  17. gsotoaz says:

    What brand of skates are your black skates in the video?

  18. Richard D'LanCast says:

    Wow, this is the worst explanation I've ever heard jajaja "Rollerblade basics: learn how to do it" XD

  19. darrendelong says:

    Worst instructions without even providing any demo.

  20. Lilla Cross says:


  21. Richard van Tricht says:

    Pretty bad instruction

  22. Elena Elena says:

    why am I even here? lol I've been skating since I was 5 so it's 10 years and I'm still here hahahaha

  23. Vitor Maia says:

    Video Summary: "Hey, you're a begginer? Learn how to jump obstacles and to go backwards. End."

  24. Mon Anthony Era says:

    Thank you very much for this channel. I learn the Inline Skating. I also download this kindle book about Inline Skating / Rollerblading. I also learn about its benefits. Please check it here:

  25. Niels Willemse says:

    What about stopping? When you an go forward and backward, sometime you need to stop.

  26. Rosalba Hernandez says:

    so you said mustly nothing.

  27. Mei- says:

    For some reason the moment I got on inlines I was already good at it. And this was when I was 8!

  28. Mei- says:

    And I've been ice skating since I was 3 or 2 so…

  29. Arin Gokdemir says:

    It's really odd to see a video about the skatepark behind my house, I feel like I know every inch of that park

  30. vaidehi pandya says:

    How about you teach me how to turn and go forwards and go backwards

  31. YourMomsButthole says:

    "Simple grinds" I can't barley jump on my roller blades

  32. FIVEMIRACLES says:

    Basic for beginners?? Ehhh… Right… Better change your title because this is NOT basic… at all….

  33. Angel says:

    Skating basics:
    Learn how to stand

  34. WarringtonSkater akaPaulConlon says:

    I don't normally put anything negative as youtube comments, but I have to agree with all the other comments – this video sucks. Please take it down!!

  35. Marigold Rose says:


  36. Kumba Hutt says:

    What’s the point of just telling us what we can do. How are you supposed to do this stuff if you don’t know how to skate? Weirdest “lesson” I’ve ever seen.

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