I’m Totally a Skating Pro

I’m Totally a Skating Pro

A couple months ago, I went to visit the college campus I planned on attending. I really liked it! Pretty scenery, good art classes :3 But the campus is really big, and the students are known to ride bikes and
skateboard to their class in order to get there
quicker. That’s when I decided I’d like to try skateboarding, since they’re easier to carry around than a bike for convenience, and I liked the idea of having a cool new
hobby. After some research I decided to go to a shop and look at them in person, and maybe talk to some experts! My mom and I drove down to the local mall and walked into the skate shop, where we were greeted by a nice employee :3 The shop was small, and you could literally have a conversation with someone on the other side of the room, but it was still a pretty cool place 🙂 As my mom talked to the employee about what we’re looking for, I decided to check out one of the
skateboards on display! There was a little rug the store provided
for the customers to stand on without slipping off the skateboard, so I used it to try out the board. It was really cool! -Until I noticed I was starting to slowly roll off the rug o_o I started silently panicking to myself… This rug was the only thing keeping me
safe from falling off that skateboard! I needed… I trusted it… and it was betraying me! STAHP IT!! People have different reactions in panic situations: For me everything, goes in slow motion.
All I could think about was the horrible ways that this could end D: x_x I felt like Mufasa when he was above the cliff with Scar “Rug! Help me! O_O” RugScar: “Long live the king/queen because technically you are of the female gender but the quote uses the male counterpaaart~”>:3 *rudely pushes off the cliff* “NOOOoooo….” WILDEBEESTS. I was having a mental breakdown in the
corner by myself, half of the board was on the tile now, and it was starting to pick up some speed ;_; I quickly glanced over at my mom to see
if she noticed the PERIL that I was in… still talking… -_- I had to do something
before I was cast away into the abyss of free space, so slowly, I started
putting my foot down toward the floor. I should be able to just step off the
board, nothing else… Oh god. Don’t do anything stupid… Don’t do anything stupid… But the thing was, as I was stepping off, the weight on the board became unbalanced which forced it the opposite way I was
getting off. This caught me so off guard, I stumbled backward… Launching this
skateboard across the floor, and watched as it slammed, VERY LOUDLY, it to the show rack that was holding
other boards :O Everyone saw, since we were basically breathing down each other’s necks, in a shop the size of a bathroom *_* *unhappy groaning of embarrassment* My initial reaction, as it is the most
things, was to just laugh it off. But it was just a
really awkward laugh that I was using to try and say “Ohh, hahah. Oops! I’m sorry, I’m such a clutz ^_^” But on the inside… In my head: “Stopp.. Don’t look at me…Noooooo @[email protected]” I’ll we left and every time I pass that store, I just cringe. I can never return there ever again ._. WILDEBEESTS. Thank you for watching! I love you :3 Lol you found a secret message! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Thank you for watching! I love you :3

Antonio Breitenberg

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  2. Fluttershy says:

    Jaiden u should have tried scootering

  3. Yuri is commiting sudoku says:

    D-d-d-dough dear (╯°□°)╯

  4. Factory Error says:

    2020? Huh? Huh?
    Yeah me neither…

  5. Jake Beaudry says:

    1:24 Lion King in a budget.

  6. Marwan Mohammed says:

    If you are watching in 2020 then……

    Are flying cars invented yet ?

  7. Keith Seah says:

    4 years ago, u feel so old

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  9. Ugne Abalikastaite says:

    Did you even get a skateboard?

  10. Amy the neko Chan says:

    Yeah, right.

  11. fokrulkhan says:

    Sometimes jaiden sounds like Steven for Stevens universe

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  14. Guy Williems says:

    My dumb arse thought the bottom lion was in a bed and top lion was sitting on top of it 🤣🤣😂😂😅😅😕😟😞😩 1.28

  15. An Anonymous user says:

    (^ w ^)
    [ ]
    | |

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  17. Miftha Sadik says:

    Electric skateboards which got 30 times the speed of a regular skateboard and a 30 timesdangerous to do kick flips and on the rug is worse crashing r.i.p Please reply

  18. Random stuff gaming And other stuff says:

    2019 any buddy

  19. Flying Table says:


  20. The mixed stuff HD says:

    Yo I’m a skater

  21. Marie Sacchitello says:

    2015: nah
    2016: nope
    2017: no way
    2018: it’s not time yet

  22. Galaxywolf 94 says:

    Ok so umm THREE MInUtes cmon your new vids are like 11 to 16 minutes LONG

  23. emo snail says:

    how she make a 3 minute video out of slipping on a skateboard

  24. BillieAnimatesAOS ;-; says:

    w i l d a b e a s t s🐂

  25. shadow cuber says:

    Who knows how to skateboard

  26. Dawn Morris says:

    I skat board to

  27. FernandezPictures #SurenJedi says:


  28. Fortnite v ROBLOX 1234 says:

    This happen in 2019 when the same thing happened but I got the skateboard and now I’m really good at it lol I’m now 10

  29. CeeJae/CJ 2019 says:

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  30. Odina da Silva says:

    1:26 scarpet

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    *as in scarred for life where you cant forget something not I have a scar

  32. WCFFFDWMP hybrid Devil goddess says:

    I won’t ride both

  33. Flipo says:

    No one:

    Jaiden: Wildabeasts

  34. Sami Loiacono says:

    This video was really wildabeasts cool

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  38. Aliceevee S.H says:

    Long live the skating pro

  39. Apa says:

    Fukin zoomies

  40. toast toons says:


  41. Andrea zamudio says:

    Then why didn't you get off the board when it was slowly rolling off the rug

  42. Robotic Egg says:

    Fortnite sucks
    Minecraft is awesome

  43. Kiriyo Sama says:

    Do a kickflip!

  44. Sakura Dark says:

    I'd rather rollerskating

  45. DiamondSt says:


  46. darkgriefer ! says:

    The rug realy scared (is that how you write down the verb of a traumatizing act) you for life

  47. sxty_ says:

    oh hey it’s baby jaiden

  48. Johnny C says:

    I’m in 2019 anyone else

  49. ItsAtreyu says:

    love you too

  50. little pup says:


  51. HeyItsKarma says:

    2019 anyone?

  52. Gabby Gamer says:

    Hey do you have an Instagram, if so what is it???

    Also I love your channel you’re my favorite!❤️❤️

  53. Tracker HSYT says:

    At the Passion shop they have the decks with9ut the wheels so yiu can stand on the floor withiut the wheels to see how the beard fits you, thenyou can pick out your wheels, trucks, screw colors, and then you can buy some stickers for it

  54. Aseel Aldajani says:

    I was playing on my sckating board

  55. alex meyer says:

    2019 woop woop

  56. Spade of all Trades says:

    She needs a unicycle

  57. Andy Young says:


  58. shan chen says:

    just put ur foot in the middle of the board and take one foot off the board

  59. samiul rayhan says:


  60. Jessie Villanes says:

    I skateboard too 😁

  61. Queenie says:

    Scar killed Mufasa for the soul stone.

    I watch too much Marvel.

  62. David angel Reyna says:

    I |

  63. David angel Reyna says:

    I love your videos👩🏼‍💻😀🏆

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    Turn on captions on 3:22

  65. Silly Galaxy Gamer says:

    Put on captions at 3:02 there is a secret message

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  69. jack craber says:


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    Her old animations were soo cute

  72. Hi I play roblox says:

    Skateboarding is so fun and easy

  73. Robinson (Robi) Iliev says:


  74. Jose P. Iyer says:

    Old jaiden is so funny. I mean i prefer her sense of humor then.

  75. Gacha_ Kay says:

    Wilda beasts

  76. Cristofer Luna says:

    When you want to get a skateboard to get around your campus but you can't even step off it while it's rolling 1 inch and hour in a mini skate shop

  77. -K O K O- bean says:

    Huh, I remember this was the first JaidenAnimations video I ever saw, and I believe my sister showed it to me. She's a lot like Jaiden when I think about it.

  78. odd1 lilpoi says:

    Have you considered finger boarding

  79. Berra Defiend says:

    She walked into a zumiez

  80. II KingKaos II says:

    You wanna know jaidens final words?

    W I L D E B E E S T S

  81. emily Castillo says:


  82. just gio says:

    You should have used a longbord its easier

  83. Razan Mohammad says:

    x watches this becuase you saw scar and your upssested with him x 🙂

  84. Alexis Jean says:

    R u sick

  85. lun1x :3 says:

    Ur really good drawing mice :>

  86. AverEEJoe says:


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    2019 anyone?

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    Recording on a toaster

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    I blackout….. is that okay?

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  95. CocoaTnT ;P says:

    I once called my friend on the phone coz I lost her coz she ran away with my jacket as a “joke”. Anyway I called and she wouldn’t pick up. I called a second time and somebody answered, I was mad. So I start yelling coz my jacket is the only reason I have to live in this cruel cruel world. Then I hear
    “Hello, who is this?”
    I freeze. That ain’t my friends voice. My friend came back laughing and I took back my jacket. Then I said:
    “Uh hey, was that u answering ur phone?”
    Then she said.
    “My phone is at home.”
    Then I asked:
    “Is ur mother possibly situated in ur house at this current moment?”
    “……yes, why?”
    She then explained to her mum the whole story.
    I can never show my face to the lady again. Unfortunately she and her daughter think my awkwardness around her is quite humorous, so they r always teasing me about it.
    TuT………gee this comment is awfully long

  96. MightyEagleGaming says:

    I dare you to return

  97. miranda gulewitsch says:

    do they have revive

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