I’m going to steal her man | MALIBU SURF Season 5 EP 3

I’m going to steal her man | MALIBU SURF Season 5 EP 3

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “I’m going to steal her man | MALIBU SURF Season 5 EP 3

  1. Heather Hildebrandt says:

    The end bit tho

  2. Demi Montes says:

    No Sarah! You’re weird!!

  3. A n g e l says:

    Can Sean and ally get together they have good chemistry off set

  4. Demi Montes says:

    I smell a Liar and his name is Joey!!

  5. Rosie_Mermaid Unicorn says:

    Why is Sarah still on the show like she so annoying and selfish

  6. Jazmin Miguel says:

    I miss Rio!

  7. Reese Penner says:

    This is so good

  8. Jessica Dixon says:


  9. Jessica Michelle says:

    Sean is showing more emotion now I love it!!!

  10. Kathleen Hwin says:

    i adore Van and Sofia the most, Courtney and Keaton are growing on me 🙂

  11. Timarya Johnieve says:

    The only couples I want together are Van and Bailey and Courtney and Keaton tbh

  12. Alysa Tittle says:

    I know that’s a Chris lake shirt on Keaton it has to be

  13. Ce Simmons says:

    Where is Rio

  14. Leticia Ochoa says:

    AND RÍO ?????

  15. Lindsay Ditlow says:

    Keaton and Van need to be protected at all costs

  16. Ola Zurike says:

    Bailey rlly out here victimising herself…yikes

  17. Elle Henri says:

    Team Ally, she needs a new man

  18. Alex Lauren Castillo says:

    I live for this drama

  19. Tahmena Ferdous says:

    Bailey didnt even get to finish. Van kept interrupting her assuming the worst

  20. claire_likes _bears says:

    Where's Rio? Shouldn't she be in the episodes?

  21. Ladiie. T says:

    I miss rio

  22. LE Brown says:

    Love this show, just the audio throws it off so much!!

  23. Stephanie Gonzalez says:

    What days do they upload now ?

  24. Taylor Croom says:

    I've never seen van mad before but I'm so glad that him and Bailey finally talked things out ☺️

  25. Serena Lopez says:

    This shit is so fake why bother trying to lie about it being real 🤦‍♀️

  26. Chloe Chandler says:

    im always late and im so sorry but why did the episode start with sarah- what was the reason😭😭

  27. Dayana Avila says:

    This tv show was way better in the beginning when rio was their it’s not that good no more

  28. davis says:

    why is Sarah a certified pyscho

  29. rach. hostetter_ says:

    ik this is a dram show but like there’s so much unnecessary drama. like van and bailey. she could’ve EASILY told him the truth but she decided not to so it looks sus. and sarah can just put a stick up her butt.

  30. Tommy Choumany says:

    Joey:Maddie came on top of me "and I push her off" me:bitchh you did not push her off u kissed her backed then push her

  31. Dora Zaragosa says:

    Ughhh another week 😭

  32. Sarahッ says:

    low-key wanna watch from season one again,just so I don't have to keep waiting or the next episode !!!

  33. Chelsie Yang says:

    Ladies and gents, the pot has officially been stirred!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  34. jackie 4o8 says:

    what happened to rio 😭

  35. Yuliani Sanchezz says:

    Why is Joey always telling everybody about emily and ally

  36. Bae Meh says:

    Joey is a big player no cap 🧢 .

  37. Zoe Johnson says:

    This TV show is a joke, lmao. Don't know why I waste my time 😂😂😂

  38. Gnite Family says:

    I like it new beef sarah vs Courtney

  39. Teresa Marie says:

    I disliked because of Sara

  40. Nefthari Becerra says:

    The real question is where is rio?

  41. Dylan Moreno says:

    Sarah thinks she all this and a bad bitch but ummm sis 99% of the comment section don’t you soooooo🤷🏼‍♂️

  42. Becca Adlin says:

    everyone get yourself a van💗

  43. Becca Adlin says:

    Sara: I just hung out with friends
    me: what friends?

  44. Emily Hughitt says:

    the only people i like on this show are van courtney and keaton

  45. SamiTunes says:

    I really don’t like Sarah I feel like she knows she lying to herself even.

  46. Nick Melton says:

    Van got very attractive

  47. Perla Ventura says:

    Joey’s hat reminds me of Papa Smurf’s hat 😂

  48. Nicole Lee says:

    where is rio

  49. Pink & Gold DIY says:

    bro where rio

  50. Julianna Crivello says:

    ALI!!!! GO TO NY

  51. Olivia Byrne says:

    Guys remember that these people are all actors, theses storylines aren’t actually true so stop hating on Sarah for playing a character. Who knows she may or may not actually be like this in real life

  52. Jasmin Hernandez says:

    You guys Sarah was doing good in the beginning but ally and her drama of a group started talking and made her crazy same with Rio also joey sucks😂😂

  53. Emily Renee says:

    Bailey looked like she was about to cry

  54. Kassandra Martinez says:

    What happened to Rio?

  55. Airin’s World says:

    Joey needs a hair cut real quick

  56. Georgia Karta says:

    Ok Courtney is growing on me and Sarah needs to stop bringing her friends on the show she’s turned even crazier

  57. Rose Kathryn says:

    Can someone pls explain if this is a reality tv show or scripted or wat

  58. Pauline Laguardia says:

    I miss Rio😔😢

  59. Alejandra Escobar Mexicano says:


  60. Anna Volp says:

    I decided to make this the first show I watch with them and I am having a hard time figuring out who’s who

  61. Mohamed54 NINJA says:

    I love it New season

  62. Mohamed54 NINJA says:

    That's Goood I love Malibu surf

  63. Alyssa Arenibas says:

    i want joey gone and rio back. joey is just annoying and weird now especially when he talks w that voice lmao

  64. Luiza Ok says:

    Where the hell is rio

  65. Mirjeta Durmishi says:

    6:49 she looks like cynthia parker

  66. Baybm says:

    Does anyone still think about Rio or is it just me??

  67. Yajaira Miranda says:

    “y-y- yes yes yes crazy sarah i know her”💀💀

  68. Daisy Diaz says:

    These chicks and their lip fillers

  69. toumy says:


  70. cass Ogoe18 says:

    Seriously I do not need Joey to flirt with another girl because doesn't he have a girlfriend already what I tell you cheater 😒

  71. cass Ogoe18 says:

    Well I'm glad that Bailey and van talked things out unlike some of the couples on this show they never talk things out 😊

  72. Narmina says:

    Keaton is my fav 😂😂 so chill , no drama

  73. Sxrenity says:

    I watched this video cuz it was in my recommended then i watched season 1 and im back to this video and i finally understand it

  74. Kaycee Louise says:

    I hate Sarah

  75. Alyssa hardin says:

    Sarah is physco

  76. Ayat Sadden says:

    Where is rio

  77. Elizabeth Golino says:

    Why can't sarah get the hint no one likes her on the show

  78. Puros _bailesss says:

    When is rio coming back

  79. Elena Leaton says:

    I agree with Joey , he wasn’t hooking up with other girls when he was dating Ally . I don’t know why she thinks he is.

  80. sheentheexplorer says:

    I hate to say this coz we have the same name… but omg… Sarah annoys me. I actually like Courtney and Sam

  81. Shreya Supergirl says:

    Courtney seems sensible to me. Others are just crazy.

  82. Madison Rocker says:

    Van and bailey scene sounds so rehearsed

  83. ssujey s says:

    Joey is gonna play emily with Alessandra, and I’m here for it

  84. Camryn Campbell says:

    just because rio left does not mean we need SARAH

  85. Hayley Burgos says:

    when are new episodes ?

  86. Emma Dutson says:

    they bleeped “shit” but not “fucking” ??? 😂😂

  87. Bobbi Miers says:

    anyone gonna comment about rio just, ya know left🤷🏻‍♀️💀

  88. KeyKeepers says:

    I love how Courtney just tells it like it is when she's talking to Sam

  89. KeyKeepers says:


  90. funkyfreshflavor4u says:

    Music dude is hella old trying to get Ally to stay with him super creepy. More Sarah Please

  91. Kate Lomboy says:

    Honestly glad that Ally has moved on from joey cause joey isnt worth anyone’s time

  92. miraclehearts2 says:

    Please bring RIO back ..miss her!

  93. Dawn Marie D says:

    I love how this is on PlutoTV too!

  94. Carlos Arnaldo Castillo Rodriguez says:

    What's the name of the guy Ally talks to in the video call?

  95. Sammy Hernan says:

    awe poor van 🙁

  96. rae hour! says:

    okay but keaton and joeys convo made me smile aw

  97. Samantha Nicole says:

    Bring Rio back Sara needs to be Cancelled ❌

  98. JOANIE Adeshina says:

    I dunno y I just burst out laughing when can abruptly got up and left wat a mood definitely something I would do 😂

  99. Yaneli's Diary says:

    i dont even understand how there are any arguments about what happened….i’d just be like “lets watch the episode for the truth” lmaoooo

  100. TayTay Swift says:

    Feel like the acting is better this season.

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