Illegal to Surf the Deep Web? – Lawyers Plus

Illegal to Surf the Deep Web? – Lawyers Plus

Hi my name is Zach Parry. Today I am going to be answering the
question, “Is it legal to surf the deep web?” To answer that questions let’s first get an understand what deep web is. Because, when you get on Google on run a research and you’re looking for information you’re actually surfing the shallow web,
if you will. The index web. Index meaning, Google has it in their algorithm and it could be a potential search result. The deep web is the unindexed portion of the internet. It’s all that information
that people put online that doesn’t run through Google or that Google or other search engines cannot see. In fact, the vast majority of information online is in the deep web. And a lot of it is pretty benign. Just because the
information is uncharted or unmapped down’t mean there is anything illegal about it. For example, if you were to get on the
Clark County recorders website and you want to search recorded
documents associated with a certain parcel number,
or were you to get on a Clark County assessor’s site or the Clark County District Court
website and you wanted to search different cases, none of that is indexed. In order to find that, you can’t go through
Google, you have to go through the portal on respective web sites. So all that
public information is unindexed and therefore as part of
the deep web. Yet, there’s nothing wrong with
searching for that information. So, the question really is, what is it that
you’re looking for on the deep web, because certainly there are illegal
activities going on beneath the radar of what is indexed. So, yes it is legal to surf the web. In and of itself, searching
this information, and looking at information that is not indexed is not illegal. There is nothing wrong
with that. The question is, what is it that you’re
doing because some of the activities on there, if you were looking for a contract killer, for
example, that would be illegal. So the answer depends on what the actual behavior is. But surfing the deep web in and of itself is perfectly
legal. Lawyers Plus, We Earn Your Trust. Do you need to speak with a lawyer? If so, call one you’ll actually like!

Antonio Breitenberg

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8 thoughts on “Illegal to Surf the Deep Web? – Lawyers Plus

  1. Hijiku Brynjar says:

    im glad this is here, I wanted to see what kinda websites were there, without actually downloading/buying/doing anything on said websites. Morbid curiosity i suppose..

  2. Joey Hendricks says:

    So even if you accidentally click on a link that brings you to a site serving content that's illegal , its still legal ?

  3. KamD450 says:

    This was an awesome video that answered my question about the deep web. Another question I had was that I heard there are many links that lead to something else. how do you protect yourself from breaking the law if you accidentally click on an illegal website?

  4. ATR2400 says:

    Really so that means if I don't do anything bad I can surf the deep web

  5. John Doe says:

    How do I stay safe on the deep web?

  6. Jaffar says:

    I understand the obvious, trying to hire hit-men, attempting to buy drugs and paying for disgusting inappropriate acts on the "deep web" would be illegal. However, if you are an author and wanted to write about a few sites without participating in these things, could that put someone in jeopardy with the law?

  7. 02SplinterCell02 says:

    When browsing the deep web, the least of your worries should be getting caught by law enforcement. Having your computer infected by a virus is much worse and much more likely to occur than getting caught for performing illegal activities. Hackers are rampant on the deep web and can hack your computer in order to find out everything about you including where you live – there are true stories of people's computers being hacked and then being murdered by the hacker.

    As long as you do not download any illegal files (child porn, classified military documents, etc.) or attempt to purchase illegal goods (drugs, automatic weapons, etc.), nothing about browsing the deep web is illegal. Just make sure you have very good antivirus software installed on your computer, have javascript disabled, have your browser minimized, webcam unplugged, and a VPN installed on your computer. Doing all of the above will make it practically impossible for you to be tracked by hackers.

    One more thing…if you do accidentally stumble upon seemingly illegal sites, please contact your local law enforcement agency. Not only will law enforcement be able to possibly track the individuals involved in those sites and shut them down, but it will also make you appear more innocent if any legal action would ever be brought against you for going to those sites (very difficult to get in trouble unless you download/purchase anything, though).

  8. Josh Ru says:

    simple yet very informative, one suggestion though is to normalize the mic level with that short intro's sound. You're voice is too soft! otherwise very good quality.

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