Idiot Tries To Go Sledding

Idiot Tries To Go Sledding

don’t hit the tree I remember you yucky
stop I’ve it’s wet in years and what’s hit the tree I want you that was honestly spirit am i right for
that whole dude did you kick him Paul there you see you this is kind of scary i haven’t sled
since I was like 8 or 9 Joey’s having trouble back there
I want to go down bitch this was the plan but there’s no snow but I kind of
want to try it hey fill me try this real quick there’s
no snow but I want to try it dude I hate that you turn they can’t
control it I try it yep we have quite a bit of people out here
today these people are sweating on the
foldable table and we got some people skateboarding down the hill over there put your feet on down fine hi guys
you’re going down together hi here we go down this big hill give you a little POV
view of Joey I didn’t quite make it I fell off my slide it’s scary with the camera oh man now
I’m all nasty who needs no dairy again it’s not that’s not there’s not much snow we were expecting
about four to seven inches of snow and we got about two inches and it’s all
melted now but we’re so out here having fun taking advantage of the snow we do
have we are at Maggie Park by the way this one’s a little sketchy I might end
up in the lake on this one I’m gonna aim for right in between that tree and that
hole hopefully I don’t hit one I almost hit that tree behind the trees
don’t hit the tree don’t hit I hit the tree who planted
this tree here I want to know ruin sledding for everybody look who decided
to come out and play well try for the tree I hit it twice now when you find a
bigger hill and more snow follow along or something that’s like sudden death if
you hit that was they gonna fire you no you’re not
I’ll meet you over there Jovie wants to go down that which as you can see the
trail he goes right into that all right I’m a sled down there me hurry over
there success so we just went on this with no
snow and we were going pretty fast and she wants to go down this has a little
bit more snow you can see there’s trails which someone already did this I guess
they were able to stop themselves because the trail stops here but that is
going right into a hole but there is a wall that suffers from going into the
lake but yeah that’s that’s a pretty intense here she comes
good luck oh god I stopped myself come on Adam Ryan fast I thought for sure I was going for that
wall can you all see that guy behind us right here that is a Python around his
neck we are at Lone Star skills and skill skills and tells about to go check
this place out it is a bunch of animals he’s attracting
people with his snake but let’s go inside and check this place out stinkers can show on your face how cute
it is I’m so cute it’s awesome she’s got a possum he’s the
greenness we love nubbins says Scott just animals everywhere it’s awesome on
TV he’s gonna escape you are now a wants a free well that place was freaking cool didn’t
huh that was cool

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “Idiot Tries To Go Sledding

  1. Inked Girl says:

    came running when i saw idiot, lol. you two have way to much fun. felt so bad for the coyote.

  2. Inked Girl says:

    came running when i saw idiot, lol. you two have way to much fun. felt so bad for the coyote.

  3. Kim Nunya says:

    Miss Joey has balls!!! I like her. Lmao another great video. I really liked this one a lot. Matthew and I both cringed and said ahhh when Joey was going for the tree.

  4. Rose says:

    Im still trying to look for who asked

  5. Gina Hampton says:

    Looks like y'all had alot of fun! Keep doing what you do!!

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