Ideas for Ice Skating Music #3: Casino Royale

Ideas for Ice Skating Music #3: Casino Royale

Ideas for Ice Skating Music #3:
Casino Royale by David Arnold. A music edit by the Skating Music Guy,
to give you ideas for your next skating program. #3 in a monthly series. The bursts of noise
are to deter illegal downloading. I edited this
but the original music is not mine, no claim of ownership
is made or intended, and if you like it you should
go and download it legally. The task I set myself here was
to do a feminine James Bond program. There’s a lot of beautiful music
in the 007 films, but Bond-themed skating programs rarely venture beyond a traditional Bond sound, usually with costumes that resemble
cocktail dresses and dinner jackets, and choreographed
to include finger guns. Here’s my effort to change that. David Arnold is one of my favourite
composers and he’s on top form here. Bond is still in the process of
becoming the 007 we know in this movie, and Arnold’s theme echoes that with
an unfinished version of the Bond music. It uses the first three chords
of the famous James Bond Theme but never resolves onto the fourth.
Clever and beautiful. This program starts
with sweeping, feminine themes and gradually becomes
more urgent and dramatic. The ending is huge and exciting
and gets pretty close to symphonic rock, so if you’re considering skating
to Nightwish, Within Temptation or Trans-Siberian Orchestra you might like this. You’re welcome to copy my transitions
and ideas to use in your own program, whether it’s for figure skating,
ice dance, cheerleading, cheerdance, synchronized swimming
or rhythmic gymnastics. If you do,
I’d love to see the results! Send me a video of your performance
and I’ll feature it on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to make use
of my time and skills (for example if you want to use
one of my programs as is) you’ll have to pay for them, but my flat rate for a program like this
is only 50€ ($60) so it won’t break the bank! With a club discount
it can be as little as 30€. Get in touch!
info [at]

Antonio Breitenberg

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