Ideal Turns & Filming On A Snowboard

Ideal Turns & Filming On A Snowboard

The improve your riding tutorials are all related to body position. If you can get your body position correct, you’ll snowboard way better! You’re gonna feel more comfortable riding at speed, jumping and hitting all types of features. Ideal intermediate turns on a snowboard should look like this. Each turn has a smooth, consistent radius with your speed being controlled throughout the turn. Your knees should be be bent with your hips pushed forward and a straight upright back. Your whole body should be making each turn together in unison with your upper body and lower body aligned through your turns and your hips located centrally between your feet. It should look and feel effortless. The reality is, many bad habits can creep into your riding. Nearly all rider encounter the same problems with snowboard technique. However, most people do not know they have any issues going on until you’ve seen it on video. I’d highly recommend for you to get out there and film your riding. Everyone has access to a video camera on their phone. Go up with a buddy, take a lap out of each day and film each other so you can see how your riding looks. This is going to do wonders for your progression! You’ll pick up so much stuff that you did not realize was happening. Compare your riding to mine or other pros who you want to ride like to see what changes you need to make. The next few tutorials focus on some common problems with body position and what you can do to kick the bad habits. This is Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your riding!

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9 thoughts on “Ideal Turns & Filming On A Snowboard

  1. K.D. Dabrowski says:


  2. ZiggyPro1 says:

    1:24 lol

  3. Yu Chen says:

    what's your jacket??

  4. Dope New Name says:

    Very useful, thanks

  5. Stefano Fiorani says:

    Doing god's work…

  6. FIFTYmil says:

    To be fair, the "correct" turns highlighted in your video had significantly slower transitions and more travel distance as compared to the "incorrect" turns. This begs the question: Are these actually incorrect turns as you have labelled them or different types of turns for different scenarios? For example, you wouldn't want to be using the "correct" turns in this video to handle black diamond moguls? Please let me know your opinion on this subject!

  7. Rayyan Ghandour says:

    Can you do a getting over fear in the park tutorial?

  8. Iskander says:

    My friend riding like that incorrect

  9. arrrfow says:

    I see you are turning wide s turns, how can you still ride correctly but decreasing the turns size so you are more in a straight line down the mountain?

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