ice sledding *part one*

ice sledding *part one*

Here we go. I’m not going first. There goes dad. Go dad! Woo! What if he gets caught again? And there, he stops. Oh no, just kidding! Oh. He’s turned around. There he’s still going. Be prepared to turn! Oh. Get off! Alright. We’re good. Okay. So there he went. It’s pretty cold. I don’t want to go next. You go. Alright. You want to hold it then? Yes. Alright. A huge glimpse of my hand. Woah. Daniel’s turn! Was that fun? What’s that huge spot right there? Huh? I don’t know. Is there grass or something under there? There’s a big brown spot in the middle. I can’t see Daniel! You’re in the way. Woah! There he goes! Look at that! Woah! You’re turn, Caitlyn. My turn? Yep! Still going? It’s still going. Have to do some edit. Go on up there! You’re not gonna kill yourself. Okay. Put it down and sit on it. Just sit. It’ll go. Oh. This is cool! You can’t beat it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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