ICE SKATING TO MOVIE MUSIC! | Alexandra Palace Ice Rink | Emma Grace London

ICE SKATING TO MOVIE MUSIC! | Alexandra Palace Ice Rink | Emma Grace London

Hello I’m Emma Grace and this is Emma Grace London On the weekend I went ice-skating at Alexandra Palace Where they had a special themed night We just had the Oscars So they had an Oscars movie music
themed ice-skating night Spoilers – I loved it! The night was hosted by Club de Fromage
based in Islington Take a look! In North London, at Alexandra Palace there’s a permanent ice rink but this night was something a little bit different For this Oscars movies music themed night there was an actual DJ on the edge of the rink blasting out tunes # ‘Men in Black’ theme tune # # ‘Ghostbusters’ theme tune # The songs weren’t necessarily from Oscar-winning films but hey – no one was complaining! They included ‘Men in Black’,
‘Time of my Life’, the ‘Rocky’ theme and pop songs that take us back to certain films such as ‘Born Slippy’ from ‘Train Spotting’ and ‘Love Fool’ from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Follow Michelle in the red coat And watch the guy next to her, Nick Trust me… And here’s me skating elegantly towards you… And of course, in such an icy place they threw in this tune # ‘Let it Go’ from ‘Frozen’ # It was such a great hit of Nostalgia In both just the ice-skating itself like you used to as a kid and the songs too You get so long on the ice too for a really reasonable price It’s 2 1/2 hours for less than £10 There is a similar themed ice-skating night every month Coming up next is the musicals
themed ice skating night on March 25th And then April 29th is old school hip hop, soul and funk I definitely recommend going and if you do you will probably see me there cos I’m going back! Thank guys! If you want to see more vlogs about pop-ups and new events in London then do hit *Subscribe* and I’ll see you next time Bye!

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