Ice Skating…Outdoors In Phoenix!!! (Day 34 – 12.4.2014)

Ice Skating…Outdoors In Phoenix!!! (Day 34 – 12.4.2014)

Well, good morning. I guess it’s still technically
morning. I ended up staying up super late last night
because I was in a really, really good mood. And it was raining — which rain in Phoenix
doesn’t happen all that much. You know we get 330+ days of sunshine every year and to
have the rain and smell the rain, hear the rain, like you guys saw last night, I mean,
it was special. Plus I was catching up on some TV shows that I really enjoy and just
was in a really good mind space. So I ended up staying up until about 3:30, 4 o’clock and then
went to bed and woke up about two hours later than normal. Which, you know, I know it’s
not the best thing for me to do for my sleep schedule and my insomnia but I was just in
a really good mood. Sometimes just supporting that is super useful. You want to know why I keep going to the Pecos
Senior Center in order to upload these videos? This is why. It is a 9 minute video clip and it
is going to take 260 minutes to upload a 9 minute clip. Seriously, what the hell is going
on in my apartment that I can’t get any kind of decent upload speed? In a moment where I was a complete idiot I
plugged in my laptop thought “ok cool, I can do all this video editing.” And then I started
to watch a video back and then I started to watch another YouTube video because some friend
posted it on Facebook. I was like ok, cool. All of a sudden I, you know, get this warning
message from my laptop saying “Hey! Running on reserve power.” Why are you running on
reserve power? I plugged you in. No, dummy. The plug to the wall you unplugged yesterday,
you have to plug that back in in order for it to charge. Moron. So now after almost 3 hours of uploading
it’s still saying it had like 200 minutes to upload yesterday’s vlog. I just decided I was
going to go over to the senior center. Guess not because I have not enough power to even handle getting over there and then uploading the video. So, I plugged it in. It is charging.
Confirm that much. But, yeah, I’m going to break down these lights and get everything
cleaned up here. Probably start the dishwasher again and throw away stuff in the fridge that
won’t be good in two weeks when I get back here. Even though I’m going to be back here
for two days I’m not going to do any food shopping for that and I obviously don’t need
perishables because yeah they’ll go bad in the meantime. I’ll do that stuff in order
to kill the time and let that charge up and then I’ll move on to uploading the video and
the next work project for the day. Leaving the Pecos Community/Senior Center
and the upload is finally uploaded at four o’clock… but I got it uploaded. That’s all that matters.
So, I spoke with my father a little bit ago. Talked about the logistics of when I’m planning
on being at his place. So, that should be exciting. Hoping to miss traffic both ways. I get some of the strangest looks when I’m
walking around with the camera on a stick. It’s awesome. I do enjoy it though and just
one of the many fun things that has come along as a result of this challenge. Am I the only person who thinks that they’re
like Indiana Jones when they do this? (sings Indiana Jones theme music) Ha! Forgot to do this today. Oh man, there are a bunch of views too. Thank you. Another trip means more packing. Well this plan is rapidly falling apart. I
need to find somewhere to grab cash but the first two places that I went are now closed
and therefore their ATMs are not accessible. So, trying to find some cash so I can do the
thing I’m trying to do tonight which I’ll probably only get about an hour to do anyways.
But still, it’ll be fun. I finally found an ATM that actually accepted
my card without charging me an outrageous fee. I’ll eat the $2, whatever it is. There’s
a protest going on and a concert letting out all at the same time. I’m now gonna head back
in the direction that I was going. Hopefully, they won’t come over and do what I’m doing
so I’m getting out of the way though. I don’t want to play around with the cops or the protestors.
No thanks. Yes, ice skating is a thing in Phoenix. I
decided to come out here tonight and do it. They just let everyone back out so it’s still
a little messy. Once again, getting awesome looks from people
as I vlog out here. Awesome. Some people just don’t know what to make of me. One of the biggest disadvantages with a rink
this small though is the the fact that everyone gets bunched up. So something happens, somebody
goes real slow and all of a sudden everyone’s in a cluster again. It’s best to kinda come
to the side, wait a couple minutes and find a spot get some space and then get things going again. My battery’s going to die. So I’m actually
going to skate for another 10-15 minutes. Hopefully I’ll have enough battery to record
something as I walk back to the car. Well I will admit that that was a lot more
fun than I was expecting to have. Once the crowds really died down and a lot of the people
who — two things happened simultaneously. First was that I figured out who knew how
to skate and who didn’t. So I knew who didn’t so I could safely travel 6 or 10 feet behind. And the people who I wouldn’t travel 6-10 feet of. And secondarily was that a lot of people left right around 10 o’clock. So that last 40 minutes
it was really quite nice away from just the fact that the ice conditions sucked. My knees
are going to hurt tomorrow I have no question about that. But, you know what, it was a good
time and I’m happy that I did it. Now for the next bit, finding my car. I’m not exactly
sure where I parked. Think that’s him. Check it. Yep, that’s my car. Alright well I’m gonna call it a night here. I’m gonna just kinda do the final little things that I need to before
I go to bed. Probably watch a couple YouTube videos and then I’ll go to sleep because tomorrow
is an eventful day. I get to see my dad and my stepmom and I get to see their puppies.
Which I am super excited about hanging out with little dogs again. I like Penny and Ginger
a lot. They’re cool dogs. They’re a little neurotic but that’s like my parents. Um, yea,
that’s it, bye for now.

Antonio Breitenberg

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