Ice skating on a bridge??? // Winter vlog

Ice skating on a bridge??? // Winter vlog

We have found this place It’s so beautiful and we’re going to go and ice skate We shall see how that goes What’s it called… be right back update We found ice on bridge so we’re trying to ice skate here We have not found the real place yet So we’re on our way How is it going Sigge! Great, our skates are off and we are going to the real place And it is so beautiful here! Aaaaaa look! wooow We are here now and we found our place It’s thick ice, we were afraid that it was not going to be this ice And it’s so beautiful and you can see right through the ice and I’m so happy right now there are people over there, they’re going to kill us a train also, rip What are we doing right now? We’re walking back to Espresso House Yaaaa it’s freezing It was really fun to skate I can’t feel my thumbs and I’m going to get hot white chocolate And I’m going to get a mud cake SOOOOOO beautiful

Antonio Breitenberg

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