Ice Skating / My Husband almost punched me….

Ice Skating / My Husband almost punched me….

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Johnny And we are too they start to another blog in the car again in the car game Yeah, so today Oh funny story So we are looking for a place to eat and we are Like always yeah, we never actually know we just wander around until we find something but we have restrictions this time So that’s making it a little bit harder a lot harder. Yeah this time. We are trying to a vegan place we’re not vegan, but we we’re doing this faster Church and Its most basically you’re vegan So a lot of things we cannot eat, so we’re trying to look for this vegan but it’s not a really good place and we called them and They’re closed. So Well fail, so we found one. Well actually didn’t find it. We stopped here and we’re going to come inside and just At least salad they would have so we’re gonna have a lunch first salad for lunch We have lunch for salad. Oh, we’re gonna be back. Okay, so We don’t need Fun fact the restaurant we went to was the restaurant that we went to the day that we got engaged So that was pretty fun Our server was super super nice and super helpful with all her suggestions And she told us a couple of places. We should check out that have really good food too. We can do Go later and try some some different things But the funniest story was the only had one thing this actually wasn’t even thinking it was like vegetarian but it took the cheese out and became a vegan it was like a flatbread Pizza kind of without sauce. So it was just like flatbread wasn’t bad. It wasn’t bad, but it was good It was just it was different But it was good Now we are going to go ice-skating. Yeah ready? It’s cool. I must have been ice skating in Maybe two years last time we got the ice as keywords when Leo is here in 2016 our first Valentine’s first Valentine’s Day and then when you wanna do cancel one time no this time the first time and he came in and That would be funny phone So cute We made it we got here the ice is getting the place but we think That we’re gonna be really busy there It’s a lot of cars here. And I think they were having some training or turning me into something. I Don’t know if we’re gonna be able to do it But we’re gonna check out if you’re not I’m gonna figure out what you’re doing. Let’s go if you ferment here or ssouri accessories whatever You know what I mean they know what I mean either so we need two gloves because it would be cold in our hands on the fridge and I’m gonna drop the camera there. I hope Alright, let’s go inside see what’s going on, and I hope it’s available to do it It’s really beautiful I’m gonna simply have a secret service. It’s busy with Let’s go see they have to Ten Having trouble Interesting Well, let’s go Again fuck Experience this month. She can’t get out the corners go I’m getting there Come on, babe Thomas made One in one I for one and you Know I did not Right there, let’s go Oh, yeah, thank you And we were back whoa, that was very I fell I fell once really bad and I catch myself Yeah My wrist is a little sore not bad Yes, maybe I think we going need to go or be we still going to start doing new year yeah positive so Yeah, and keep it positive Yeah, we’re not we’re not New Year’s resolution and then Failing afterlife. No, I’m depressed and up. Let’s go. Let’s get it So that was fun. Thank you for watching. We met a couple of people they remit crazy I Yeah, something like that again, yeah, you guys need to check it out big I 94 Yeah That’s the one in the visitor. He’s on the video doing some some the one that can’t really yeah So crazy Catholic you’re watching this. Yeah, he’s subscribe on our channel. I think for support and he was showing you some Instagram videos he do it. He’s yeah, that’s crazy Check out this we’re back at home So, yeah, we made it back home we’re going to tell you the story why the video is titled the way it is so basically You’re gonna have to tell it from your perspective to maybe you should start. Okay, so it was like 4:00 in the morning or something last night and I woke up for some weird reason and I just woke up and Johnny was laying behind me and I rolled over and I went to like touch him and when I touched him His entire body like jerk and he started like hitting out with his hands Like I’m just going to touch you right up. What’s wrong? you know like when you’re watching movies or something in this person’s laying there and they sit up and like this and then they’re like All crazy that’s how you work Well, actually I Wake up really scary. And I I apologize. I was like, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, but I was dreaming that Somebody was trying to me Yeah kidnap you. Yeah, I don’t know like I was in the car and I open the door and try to grab me and At the same time you touch me and I was like My first reaction was like horny because of my dream. I was punching this guy So I was like he tried holding me from my neck So I try to get all the current punch again, and that was the same time. She thought to me But that was actually the first time I Know there was one of their time it happened the exact same way like you like merely hit me when you were sleeping Yeah, I always hated but that’s the thing I wake up really really easy and fast so any noise and movement I wake up and I was in the middle of the dream and she talked to me in my I didn’t like actually cut you like I went to like I barely touch you you’re like wow Oh, maybe you’re moving there that night. I was hopefully scary baby was Not are you actually one time you album me in the face? He woke up the next morning and he was mad because she’s torn it like she talked to me an elbow me in the face really bad Sleeping together you know and like I’m not used I wasn’t used to being cuddled because I Mean, I have a lot of brothers and sisters But I usually slept by myself and like you really Craig help me all the way up get off. He was like Give, you know and then I wake up in her Albert arms in my face like this and then I turn take it off but That was that was the case. So I almost punched her. I actually wake up I was dreaming anyway, only really fast and I was trying to punch and I made some noise and That was the story so The good thing is any punch is so well Alright, thank you guys for watching this video. So if you like and if you like her vlog or Things we’ve been doing so make sure you like this video subscribe on our Channel and we’re gonna keep trying to entertain you. Oh This video is dedicated to Roxane and Dino. Yeah, they’re always watching Yeah, we love it in thanks for watching that’s it see you next one

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