Ice Skating | MMS | Adobe Animate Cartoon

Ice Skating | MMS | Adobe Animate Cartoon

What? Hey! Can’t you read? The sign says “WET FLOOR”, so stop goofing off! Okay? Yeah, right. Wet floor. This is ice- How many signs do I need to put up? Maybe a few.

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “Ice Skating | MMS | Adobe Animate Cartoon

  1. Nutshell Studios says:

    you’re super good with the artwork, excellent stuff I really enjoyed this! Whens tour next vid coming?

  2. Iffy Studios says:

    hello, found you from scratch! Enjoying your cartoons so far!

  3. LogabeTCK says:

    Who was that guy in the background?

  4. Airplane Food says:

    Great job, keep up the good work!!! 👍👍👍👍

  5. Jack T says:

    Do you even make your own music?

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