Ice Skating in Singapore at JCube Mall

Ice Skating in Singapore at JCube Mall

the skatin crew hey good morning guys and welcome back to the vlog we are still in Singapore I just got done with the main part of the lecture ship today so we got a few hours to hang out get some dinner what are you here to do today cool you know ice-skating today let’s check them out so cool so you just rent those guys it’s awesome so how much is it to go skating here yeah 1750 you go skating for two hours right go on Jules is over here getting her skates he’s kind of like bowling man you just rent your bowling shoes no you rent your skates how those guys fit in seven Jules is gonna do a little ice-skating as well here cool new shoes well you’re a lot taller hematite the skating crew all right let’s miss out the vending machine here it says one dollar for 500 milliliters this right here is a $1 Singapore coin looks like that guys [Music] these are some of the youth from the church here that all went ice-skating together getting all squeezed in there 18 chefs looks like we’re cruising into 18 chef with around 18 people I think we’re getting one one chef per person look at what they’ve got they’ve got tattooed punk rock chef it is really allowed in here so I’m just gonna hold the camera here next to my mouth and kind of show you around a little bit here they say guys that the people that work here are ex-cons and so this restaurant is kind of special in that way that they employ ex-cons maybe that’s why you’ve got the tattooed a punk-rock chef up there oh no so what did we get here guys we got some kind of a burger but it’s not really a burger it looks more like it’s steak and they’re like sliced up steak maybe made into a burger with potato wedges and some kind of sauce here wood looks like fresh garlic and maybe chili peppers in there Jules has got vegetables and turkey with cranberry sauce on it that sounds really Thanksgiving that’s cool looks good Wow right back where I was last night guys it is already past 9 o’clock at night whom we told you we were coming here to Singapore we told you that we were coming to go to the seminar and so that is why we are here we’re here to be with these people here and to go to the seminar and so yeah we’re not we’re not going around traveling around Singapore looking at all the cool stuff we’ve done that before if you want to see those videos then you can go ahead and just search on my channel for Singapore and you’ll find a lot of other cool videos where we go and we look at the merlion right we go to that Park with the big fake trees we go to Google headquarters what else do we do I don’t know what else we do we do a bunch of other stuff here in Singapore that was last year all right so just search my channel for Singapore and you’ll find all of those videos if that is what you’re looking for hope you guys have a really great day and keep smiling [Music] you

Antonio Breitenberg

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24 thoughts on “Ice Skating in Singapore at JCube Mall

  1. Mizu Gaming says:


  2. Rifan NR says:

    Notification squad! 😎😎😎

  3. blah blah blah says:

    i was really good in skating but since we couldnt find any snow here and my roller blade has been worn out for decades, i lost my skill :(( i think it would be really simple to start again since i was good but it was not XD

  4. Kevin A says:

    Happy Sunday Pak Martin

  5. Mbah youtube says:

    Way by juli sedang shopping

  6. Abduh Lubis74 says:

    99% warga Indonesia yg komentar…

  7. tamarazi says:

    Wow jcube thats near my place

  8. Eugenia Herkamto says:

    Skiing kind of fun but I've never done it myself, it's just scares me. Maybe need tutorial………or need a friend to hold me

  9. Rahadi Agus says:

    HAHHHHH…..Seth, burger sama Seth besar burgernya…..?????

  10. Wulan Rachmaniah says:

    Pak Martin mesra banget sama bu Julie 😍😘 haha 😄

  11. Rudy Utomo says:

    Pak Martin akan semakin lupa bahasa Indonesia

  12. Sarah Johnson says:

    Super fun!

  13. yos surya says:

    You need to try ice skating at Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta

  14. Ahmes Syahda says:

    There used to be an ice skating rink in Saphir Square here in Jogja. But the mall eventually ceased and it is now has been replaced by Lippo Mall. The rink was quite large as well. I used to go there quite often. So sad that it went away rather quickly.

  15. Hendro Hartono says:

    How I miss JCube Mall. I was living nearby there before I moved out. Wished have met with you guys for hangout

  16. Igoy Donovan Hirai says:

    Take a look at those burgers! 😍😍😍😍 aaw, now I'm hungry in middle of the night 😂

  17. Karen Kweok says:

    The rink has got some ice Hockey sessions late night sometimes

  18. Tay Javier says:

    i was there today

  19. D Kay says:

    U guys r on a frahnchise indo magazine november issue just a picture of a ayam penyet sby food truck

  20. efri andy bahar says:

    punk rock chef hahaha

  21. Mirza Huskic says:

    You should try Char kwetyeow and Chicken rice

  22. Kitsune Udon says:

    😀 i see me and my friends at the center, also the one who's sitting down with the neon blue and orange jacket.
    Hope you had a fun time at the rink, we look forward to seeing you back soon!

  23. Stephistaecated says:

    yes singapore only has 2 ice skating rinks and theyre very packed.

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