Ice Skating In A c. 1887 Victorian Attire

Ice Skating In A c. 1887 Victorian Attire

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Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Ice Skating In A c. 1887 Victorian Attire

  1. Annie Jassan says:

    You look amazing 😍
    But the face at the final second was the best xD

  2. im a thug mom a rebellious child says:

    she is beauty she is grace

  3. Jordan Panics says:

    crush: i like girls who dress vintage.

  4. May Star says:

    I’m Kinda jealous tbh

  5. allisonforfornsed says:

    Wow, Karolina, you look so beautiful!

  6. Adrian Haustveit says:

    Quality content on its finest.

  7. jola 123 456 says:

    This reminds me of a scene from Anna Karenina (or was it Oniegin? 😂) where they ice skate 😊

  8. Олена Петришин says:

    Aren't you cold in this outfit?.. I mean, you don't even have a scarf on 🤔

  9. Meows Red says:

    Imagine just….living in a country with ice & snow. like, there's just ice. Just there. Just outside. And you can skate on it….its so foreign to me that once time i watched a video of a man making a diy ice rink in his backyard using water in the middle of winter and it was the first time i ever thought about snow like, in peoples backyards. Just Like most people have never thought of it snowing on the ocean untill that viral video, i never really thought about snow outside of the context of people travelling to mountains to see it and go skkiing, you know? Im so jealous. Imagine just going outside to ice skate. How cool. The only time ive ever seen snow was when i travelled 140 minutes via train to my states heritage themed little amusement town/learning park thing & they had a tiny snow machine set up in the park for toddlers to make mini snow men. And even then it was all melting almost right away

  10. Ms NaturalFibers says:

    The outlines of your legs have outraged me to such an extent that I need some snow of my own to cool down.

  11. The NYC ndn says:

    Excellent job sewing that dress!

  12. Earl says:

    Must have grace young lady!

  13. Fronneily Tadena says:

    When i was six and i saw ladies in attires like these…i thought they were people with big butts

  14. Azeezah Patel says:

    When the bio said: “my nudes” I was really really hoping for ankle pics. Smh women these days

  15. E says:

    how did u do that, I can’t even skate in normal attire lmao

  16. Brynn L says:

    What song is this and is it by Eddie Morton?

  17. Mariah Jo says:

    Oh my goodness! What kind of skates did you use? I seriously love this video and I’m very tempted to try it out being a reenactor and figure skater but period skates are downright scary. (Well and I have big man feet 😉)

    Edit: also trying to put skates on with a corset, whew lads
    You’re taking it to the next level Karolina 👏

  18. dell googele says:


  19. Rollax says:

    Please watch in 144p for a True Victorian Experience thank you.

  20. Nathália Calado says:

    I love you.

  21. Hali ku says:

    God this is life goals

  22. Kuri Su says:

    ExCuSE mE wE cAn sEE yOuR aNkLes

  23. Regina George says:

    This kinda reminds me of River Song, when she says that the Doctor took her ice skating and she was dressed like you omg

  24. Ana Zelaya says:

    this video is my aesthetic tbh

  25. LugerNut says:

    Curiously I was on ebay a month or so back, and a set of Edwardian Boots with ice skate attachments popped up, they looked gorgeous, but I couldn't justify myself for buying them, even at the price, mostly cos they were a set of womens boots XD

  26. Sea Biscuit says:

    Nice video Karolina ^^

  27. fourni says:

    Karolina got thicc

  28. Cringe Fest says:

    She thicc tho 😂😂 boOtiful 👌

  29. nuezza says:

    Hey, what's the song used here? I can't find it anywhere!

  30. Ooqa Booka says:

    My screensaver is old painting of two ladys skating and this made me really happy. 😁

  31. Brittany O'Reilly says:

    Such a lovely caramel shade, hope it was a cosy fabric for the weather! <3

  32. Retro Playground says:

    I literally thought this was a colorized clip from the turn of the 20th century. Sit down and rest beautiful weary time traveler.

  33. A L Costa says:

    that’s classy

  34. Milana King says:

    Rollin up in my heelys

  35. Lauraa says:


  36. Brigitte Franyo says:

    You are adorable!

  37. CIEMniak™ says:

    Girl, you are wild! 😍

  38. Marco Total says:

    Ugh. I love this

  39. Lmystery Dmystery says:

    Lovely! I adore period clothing! Late 1800 seems to be a favorite. And of course you look perfectly lovely while wearing it; when the sun hit your eyes head on, they were a brilliant red mahogany! Is that real rabbit on your hand warmer?

  40. Eyeless Pati says:

    Kocham ❤️

  41. It's Lisa long leg Lisa YEETUS says:

    She kinda looks like Anne Hathaway

  42. Imran A. Iskandar says:

    Can you make behind the scenes? xD

  43. bealuxe says:

    skate on em h8ers ya thicctorian queen

  44. Carolina Pinglo says:

    Love this

  45. Sofia Permjakova says:

    sis better try a quad lutz or I'm suing

  46. Valeria T says:

    I'm hitting myself really hard because I've missed you there. My family lives around the corner and I've worked at Weissensee for 2 months so I'm like a homie in that area. I could have met you ugh ugh guhghghugu you're my senpai I'm so sad

  47. Alicja Krużycka says:

    Podałabyś proszę piosenkę?

  48. Frenigonda says:

    It was painful to look at your ears

  49. Muhd Wahid says:

    What a foxy,classy lady. 😉

  50. Nicole Crussell says:

    Isn't that fur hand warmee dangerous if you fall, like yow are you meant to stop yourself if you fall face first lol

  51. froggy9191 says:

    This is so romantically gorgeous ❤️

  52. Chrissi says:

    I hate these bustles. I don't get why they were ever in fashion

  53. Romilo Arabowsko says:


  54. Olivia A. Lastrê says:

    ♡So elegant! i love it♡.

  55. ZHANELV says:

    You are so pretty

  56. Clive Chiam says:

    Anna karenina has left the chat.

  57. Sayori says:

    Oh Yes S i s t e r

  58. Serena L says:

    I adore you ♥️

  59. Sophie Halton says:

    Wait— why is everybody bowing around me right now? OH, right BECAUSE WE ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF A QUEEN. Sleigh, girrrl. Sleigh.

  60. Elricgurl says:

    I have a need for that dress in forest green lol.

  61. Danica Alba says:

    she is beauty
    she is grace
    she ice skates in a lake

  62. paranormal lazivity says:

    When your time machine is broke and you're stuck in the north pole

  63. Suzuya Juuzou says:


  64. SigilSignals says:

    Only 1887 kids will remember this

  65. Jaxon Garside says:

    Only 13 dislikes? Wow…

  66. Katherine Spencer-Howard says:

    What fabric did you use for the dress? A nice fine woollen cloth would drape nicely and be warm; dare I say, this looks as if it might be synthetic? (Forgive me, I'm new to your channel, I'm talking off-the-cuff, and don't know your views on authenticity, or indeed, much about types of fabric and their availability in 1885!) But you do look so graceful and elegant! I shall be exploring your channel and reading more of your blogs 😊

  67. dvorahisdancing Dvorah Hooper says:


  68. spicy milk says:

    My one brain cell trying to find a good idea

  69. Isabella says:

    As the millennials like to say "you have a bright future behind you ma'am."

  70. Tone Marie Antonsen says:

    I think you would love one of Queen Victorias grandchildren Queen Maud of Norway fashion sense. She was a avid corset user, yiiks i say . If i remember correct her wast was tiny just around 35 cm .I really like that you educated us correctly and not from assumptions. ☺👠👗💄

  71. ReachSkyla says:

    Weird flex but ok

  72. OH HELL N0 says:


  73. Ennareth says:

    1889 anyone?

  74. Lili Crow says:

    I don't even know how to skate in a c.2019 outfit

  75. Ilove Corpseparty says:

    Why do I suddenly not exist anymore?

  76. Ilove Corpseparty says:

    Also, kk Nanny McPhee

  77. Alice Jump says:

    Absolutely gorgeous,

  78. Göatman says:

    Wow le Prince’s quality is great these days

  79. Michael Heath says:

    This reminds me of a well-known photo of people ice-skating in Central Park in the 1880's with the newly-built Dakota apartment building looming in the background. Do you know which one I mean?
    The lake is beautiful- I like ice-skating, but in my lifetime (b.1981) there is only one winter in my memory where the lake near my house (or any other around) froze deep enough to skate on, and that was back in the early 90s. I hate global warming.

  80. Justyna says:

    Watched in 144p and I must say it looks like it's cut from some old movie

  81. Blue Girl says:

    Love it! So pretty, girl. You can rock it!

  82. saddie sinclaire says:

    Ive never seen snow before irl, it looks so beautiful 😍

    From Australia btw 🇦🇺

  83. Mirrissa Purnell says:

    That song tho… 😮😐😐

  84. Abalone Waters says:

    I love this channel 🙂

  85. A white singing puppy says:

    Me when I see someone I know on the street

  86. theamazingdiscworld says:

    This suits you so perfectly and you look absolutely lovely.

  87. Friesen Polina says:

    Who is watching in 1887

  88. Kumamon Satan :3 says:

    Damn it looks hella uncomfortable

  89. ᴘᴀᴘᴀʏᴀ says:

    I like watching these kinds of videos in 360p or 240p, really makes it feel like it's a recording from the time even if cameras didn't exist.

  90. beachwriter8 says:

    Spectacular video

  91. Lizeee says:

    Anyone ever tell you you look like Marie Curie

  92. Distant Prince says:

    Fuck, that dress is beautiful

  93. Pol Wijnen says:

    How wonderful! You look so lovely, Karolina! I'm itching to put on my ice skates, overcoat, top hat and join you ;p

  94. julianto triwijaya says:

    You look like that iconic victorian icecating on the lake/park painting, i forgot the name of it.

  95. Alecca says:


  96. thomas spicer says:

    Beautiful dress love the 1880s silhouette 👌🏻

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