Ice Skating: Forward and Backward Crossovers. Beginner Tutorial

Ice Skating: Forward and Backward Crossovers. Beginner Tutorial

Hey guys. After so many requests I decided to do a favor
for the beginner ice skaters. This is a tutorial about forward, backward
crossover, also mentioning how to skate backwards. Let’s go! The reason why people struggle with crossovers
is because they overlook something fundamental about their ice skates. Since the blades are not paper thin materials,
they actually have 2 edges. And of course they are not even flat, but
I already covered sharpening in another video. The point is: You only use one edge on each
foot to push yourself and to stop. Namely the inside edges. Now guess what. Crossover is performed on the outside edges. Well at least on one. And that’s why you as a beginner haven’t met
with this feeling so far. If you turn left, your left leg will be using
its outside edge. Turning right… the opposite. So how to gain confidence on this edge? The other leg isn’t there to help you in case
you slip or fall. Step zero is to have sharp blades, otherwise
you risk slipping, which isn’t good for anybody. Next, go with a normal or higher speed and
do a sharper kind of a turn where you actually lean in a bit. To keep equal weight on your skates you need
to move either one to the front. With this you can finally use that outer edge. Let’s say you want to learn crossover to the
left. It comes naturally to put your left leg to
the front, right? Forget it. Put your right leg there, maybe even line
them up. And realise you already did a half crossover. Now you just need to convert it into steps. Don’t think too much of it. If you really can’t feel the balance, just
drag your left leg instead of lifting it up. You have two goals. First is to maintain a balanced position during
stepping. To do this, get some experience on that outer
edge and keep the stepping time and speed equal for both legs, and continuous of course. The second goal is to push yourself a little
bit with each of the legs to generate momentum. As you increase the speed, your balance can
shift towards the front. Otherwise the angular momentum will throw you around, this is what I always see from beginners: It really shouldn’t be more difficult than running sideways, just learn to use that outer edge. Backwards:
It only gets difficult a tiny bit as going backwards is even more unusual at first. It helps if you can already skate backwards,
but it doesn’t really matter because you can start the crossover from stationary as well. Skating backwards by the way is nothing else,
just pushing yourself using the same inside edges, as in forwards. As for the crossover the same learning technique
can be applied here as well, except I guess you can’t reach that much speed for an initial
sharp turn. No worries, just trust your outside edge and
believe that it will keep you on the ice till you take a step with the other foot. And by stepping I mean you have to push yourself
with your feet. Maybe harder than it seems at first. Expect to gain some speed during the crossovers,
so consider lengthening the steps, decreasing the leaning angle if needed, or just do a
hockey stop on one leg, on the inside edge if it gets uncontrollable for you. I have tutorials for different stops too,
including the basic ones of course. There is really not much to add except to
take your time. Even if I wanted, I couldn’t distinguish the
basic pillars of ice skating from each other, they all just mean one thing to me and that
is stability in all 4 edges. So just keep building your muscle memory and
you’ll get there in no time. That’s it guys, I’ll link 2 beginner tutorials
so you can go forward after learning the crossovers. And of course I have much more stuff already. Have a nice icy day. See you.

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “Ice Skating: Forward and Backward Crossovers. Beginner Tutorial

  1. Pau lius says:

    Could you make a video on different drills for stability and increasing confidence on ice? Would be great if you would include drills for different levels of skaters (beginners, intermediate…)

  2. Abster - CookiesRuleMC says:

    0 dislikes that’s what we love to see 🙂

  3. Nrt Yokhtanij says:

    Very nice to see you post again, this was helpful bc I don't do as much backwards

  4. John Daltrocanto says:

    Forward crossover i do no problem, backwards still needs a lot of practice

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