hi guys thank you so much for watching a welcome back to my channel how are you what about your December today’s December 5th and I love how this December has started for me it was so busy till now but productive and between a lot of other things we have four days of amazing activities [Music] someone fell down they to Wars and since really we try but we had some problem simply because if not more available in Mexico and I don’t understand why because for me is the perfect Christmas movie but apparently I’m alone if you’re a person that think that the Nutcracker is the perfect Christmas movie – now please write it down below and I will not feel alone we entered by scene Ralph breaks the internet and my husband and I were literally crying or laughing it’s amazing if you have not seen yet I recommend it I recommend it they three the activity walls like so [Music] these are my top Sikhs but I put more of course please let me know in the comments down below what’s your favorite Christmas stuff and I for was a quick and super festive DIY [Music] first of all take a cinnamon stick and put some hot glue on the side and stick it up together with another cinnamon stick then take a third stick and glue it on the top cut a piece of twine wrap it around the cinnamon stick and fix it with some glue on the base then make a little bow on the top and create as much as you want depending on the size of your breath for aspyn for me now take your red and separate the leaves to give it more volume at this point start to wrap the red ribbon all around the red and turning on the back of the red I am fixing the ribbon with the hot glue now settle the pinecones on the breath and when you’re satisfied with the look fix them with the hot glue do the same for the cinnamon sticks the Heron Geist and the star anise in the description box you will find how I dried my orange slices and this is the final result I really love it and the smell is absolutely amazing so now we’re on day five I will see you here on Sunday I decided I decided that till the 23rd of December I will put each Wednesday and Sunday and maybe some big applause so I hope that you are having a wonderful and positive day thank you so much for watching guys bye [Music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “ICE SKATING + CHRISTMAS WREATH DIY | Vlogmas

  1. Ilaria Vensi says:

    Jorge non era felice dei pantaloni bagnati… Canino invece siii <3
    Bellissima la ghirlanda deve sprigionare un buonissimo profumo.

  2. Ivan Bececco says:

    mashes the like button

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