Ice Skating at Chicken N Pickle

Ice Skating at Chicken N Pickle

Hey everyone! This is Sam. And it’s Jessa! And we’re going to be going iceskating
at Chicken N Pickle today. So, we’re at the iceskating rink. It’s pretty right now just because
it’s two p.m. on a week day but that’s good because Sam
here has never been iceskating before, so he probably
needs a lot of room. I do. I don’t have very good
balance either so we’ll have to see how
this goes. Yeah. So, let’s get our skates. So Sam has successfully Sam: Ready to go!
got his skates on. Sam: Alright, we’re gonna enter.
Jessa: So I think… we’re uhhh ready to try
this thing out! Alright Let’s start Ope, I’m not very graceful. Alright Ooooo Oh. I don’t. Whaaaa? Jessa: Thankfully there’s a guard
rail here but apparently Sam is just gonna Sam: This is hard! Oh my god. Oh! Oh!!! Jessa: Now Sam has uhhhhh travelled away from the only uh
Sam: I don’t know how to go back! Jessa: the only thing that will
help him return. Sam: We’re turning Jessa: He hasn’t fallen yet though. Get to the wall. Sam: I don’t…okay. Oh my god! So right now we are at
Chicken N Pickle. And in the winter they turn
the outside into an ice skating rink. But during the summer they
have all kinds of fun yard games and it’s a huge area.
They have lots of food, drinks, games. We’ll go past her.
Jessa: He’s doing really good! Sam: Ooooooh It was Jessa’s turn to fall! Jessa: Oh jeez Sam: Can you get up?
Jessa: How do you get up? Sam: It’s really hard.
Getting up is the hardest part. Jessa: Oh no. It’s really wet
over here. Sam: Yeah, it’s getting really wet. It’ll ah make you even colder. Jessa: Ow, my tooshie. Sam: Oh no! Don’t fall again. How was it? Jessa: I deserved it.
I got too confident. For sure. Sam: Yeah. Well One each!

Antonio Breitenberg

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